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Stream Global, KS Chak
Chak is a Managing Partner of Stream Global Pte Ltd and was the President of the Singapore Computer Society, a professional body with 40,000-strong membership. He has been in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry for more than 30 years. His passion in building and nurturing organisations led him to collaborate with several prominent individuals to start Stream Global Pte. Ltd. Stream Global is a local “Venture Catalyst” who’s main objective is to invest in and partner with entrepreneurs and assist them in realising their potential
Suresh MJ
Suresh MJ is a leadership professional, mentor and ICF certified coach with 30 years of corporate experience. He has coached individuals at all levels uplifting their professional aspirations and personal dreams. His engaged motivational encouragement brings out the inner potentials of individuals enabling them to achieve their goals. His leadership success in the technology, financial, education, travel, government and telco sectors has been accomplished with his focus at people development, people success and people excellence. His “present to listen” approach builds a personal space for the clients to feel the conversational comfort.

Suresh employs various approaches and methodologies in supporting, influencing and guiding his clients. Rapid Planning Method, 7-level purposing and QUICK model are just a few to mention.

Suresh is skilled in Personal Growth, Leadership, Transformational, and Career Coaching with the vision to empower individuals, organizations and teams to succeed in their goals.
The Kind Friend, Jamie Lee
I'm the co-founder of The Kind Friend, a wellness company that aims to help people live a more purposeful life by offering uplifting content and well-being journals. We partner up with movements like The Kindness Movement Singapore and leaders across the globe to promote mental well-being and self-care.

Previously, I was the regional partnerships lead at Carousell and founded two education businesses in Australia. Throughout my professional journey, I’m honoured that I have been bestowed with accolades like 30Under30 Anthill Young Entrepreneur Award, WYSE Global Youth Best Work Experience Provider, Australia's Favourite EduTech Startup and ASG Inspirational Teaching Award.

In the notion of giving back to society, I hope to continue to have the opportunity to mentor the younger generation and do advocacy work for women.
Top Luxe Consultants Pte Ltd, Navtej Singh (“Naffi”)
Naffi, Co-Founder & Director of Tagit, started Tagit Mobile to bring innovative applications to traditional consumer businesses such as banking, travel and entertainment. He is a serial entrepreneur with over forty years of experience in building new brick and mortar and IT businesses and has mentored budding entrepreneurs at INSEAD business school, where he was Entrepreneur-in-Residence for ten years.
Transformational Lenses, Sebastien Baert
After more than 15 years in finance, in France and Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei), I specialized in coaching executives and their team.

I started my career as a legal manager at Sanofi before joining BNP Paribas as an investment banker. In 2010, I decided to settle in Singapore, where I pursued activities in M&A, and I sponsored in several startups in the field of health and technologies (Efficentres, Mindfi).

Since 2017, with my business experience and excellent academic training (INSEAD, Churchill College), I have dedicated myself to supporting leaders who wish to develop a systemic approach to their role as decision-makers and their organization. Alongside being a business partner to my clients, I aim at building up a reflective partnership to support them in becoming more self-aware and impactful team leaders or managers.
Vanda Phua
I am keen to help others in their personal growth and journey. I believe if one has access to guidance and objective perspectives from various people, they can achieve their goals and so much more. I have worked in financial services throughout my career, a predominantly male- dominated environment as an Asian female. I have a seven year old boy.
VoiceFoundry, John Camp
I'm from a working class background in Manchester and left the UK and a large family when I finished university and move to Australia. From a work perspective I spent most of my time working in and our technology and outsourcing in lots of different roles. These ranged from a business analyst, project manager, consultant, pre-sales consultant, partner director (in the US) and then responsible for market expansion into ASEAN. This role was via a startup that was launch approximately 5 years ago. Most of my experience is around contact centre technology/AI/ML and I'm not so much a technologist as CX person focused on technology. I'm now living in Singapore and have been here for two and a half years. I love the food, the melting pot of cultures and the food (did I mention the food?)