ACI Worldwide, Juliana Rahmad


ACI Worldwide, Juliana Rahmad

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Years of Professional Experience : 26

Industries : Other , Services , Technology

Occupation : Professional

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Areas of Expertise : Career , Leadership , Personal Wellbeing

Areas of Interest : Communications , Partnerships , Teams / Team-building

Values : Authenticity , Commitment , Continuous Learning , Creativity , Determination

My Life Goals and Objectives : Lifelong learning, adapting and adopting creative ways of thinking and living are the mantra that I aim to follow religiously. Enjoy and appreciate every aspects of life.

Short Bio : When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Not that I had major adversity or misfortune but there had been times where I had to make decisions or got thrown into situations that were less than desirable. In every scenario, I stick to my career resiliency framework – take a leap of faith, pick up new knowledge and skills even if it was the most boring role ever while at the same time looking out for better opportunities through my network. Throughout my 26-year career, there were several inflections points that shaped how I grow personally and professionally. I hope to share these experiences with others and at the same time learn from others. I am based in Singapore, currently working as Operations Director for the sales organization in ACI Worldwide, a payments software company. In this role, there are 3 main responsibilities - Partner Operations, Market Expansion and Risk Officer Delegate with a common denominator of ensuring governance and compliance against corruption and bribery practices. As my role is global, I work from home and my nights are busier due to meetings with people in the US and Europe. Prior to ACI, I worked in Hewlett Packard for 11 years doing various roles in customer service and support. HP was the place where my career bloomed and ACI is the place where my career flourished thanks to investment I made getting mentors, coaches, and sponsors. When I am not working, I enjoy cooking and baking, a skill that I picked up while working and living in the UK last 4 years. I am constantly looking for recipes that are not only easy to make but delicious and beautifully plated. I also try to exercise regularly, an area where I have low discipline and hired a trainer to keep my commitment!