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Mentoring is about the focus on helping another to improve performance and productivity, enhance learning and growth, to achieve deep human potential. By becoming an effective mentor, you can enhance self-awareness, managerial and leadership skills while improving your individual and team effectiveness.  We are building on the  5 (+2) Pillars of Mentoring:  Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Career Resilience, Parenting Personal Well-Being (+ Sustainability and AI & Humanity) .

It is our mission to create this Asia-based mentoring movement and spread the benefits of mentoring everywhere and at scale. With a structured mentor training and certification program, membership benefits bringing members along a journey of discovery, learning and development, sharing and paying it forward, a strong support system, and a holistic inside-out approach to life and to work that addresses the Heart, Mind, Spirit with Self-Awareness and Self-Mastery as the foundation for mentoring, AIM has something unique and special to offer to Asia and the world.  

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We are living in an increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) World. The pandemic that is sweeping the globe is just the latest example of the new normal.  What started out as a health crisis has metamorphosed into a financial crisis. For many it is now a crisis of livelihood and with that, mental health. The future seems more uncertain than ever.  

To better secure the future, we are building on the  5 (+2) Pillars of Mentoring : Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Career Resilience, Parenting,  Personal Well-Being (+ Sustainability and AI & Humanity) These 5 (+2) pillars are mutually supportive and reinforcing.


The leadership challenges of our time have been vividly exposed and accentuated by the current pandemic sweeping the globe. The volatile and challenging world we live in requires experience and wisdom at every stage. Those who are well mentored today will become the great leaders and mentors of tomorrow. 


Entrepreneurship has been touted as a career of choice, and now one of the most pursued career choices globally.  Social entrepreneurship is also on the rise, as the world moves to solve some of the most urgent challenges faced by our planet and the human race in sustainability - to confront our collective existential threats  from increasing inequality, environmental degradation, and global warming. 

 Career Resilience 

Career professionals across many sectors are facing major disruptions in their careers from globalization, global competition, technological disruption, the rise of AI, and a new normal for work that is only just taking shape. Career resilience has become the new normal.


We live in a highly VUCA world. The issues we face as parents have become ever-more complicated, volatile and multi-faceted—social media, climate anxiety, divisive geo-political situation, the pervasiveness of technology and the rapid encroachment of AI in every facet of our lives—that parenting is becoming an increasingly more challenging task is a major understatement. Yet with the rate of youth mental health issues and youth suicides rising rapidly, more and more parents are at a loss of what they need to do as their children grow into teenagers and young adults. Parents want to be the first line of support for their children to help them navigate the myriad of issues growing up in this day and age, yet most feel ill-equipped or under-equipped to do so. 

The need to provide parents with right tools, resources and support is ever-more relevant, and more urgent.

Personal Well-Being

Mental health is at the core of our humanity.” - António Guterres, UN Secretary General.  With the pandemic, mental health and wellbeing has taken on a new priority. Mental health is a clear and urgent issue  it is the next major epidemic. Stress, anxiety, and depression have become the defining health issues of our time. For many life increasingly seems like a treadmill that they can’t get off, while others experience a growing sense of loneliness, isolation and disconnect despite living in an age of digital super-connectivity.  It’s high time that we rethink – reimagine – a new strategy for our mental health and wellbeing, individually and collectively.


Sustainability is vital for the well-being and survival of our planet and future generations. It is a holistic approach that embraces environmental, economic, and social dimensions, aiming at preserving natural resources, encouraging economic growth, and promoting social equity. By adopting sustainable practices, we can mitigate environmental issues like climate change and deforestation, drive economic efficiency and innovation, and foster fair societies with improved quality of life. Essentially, sustainability ensures we live responsibly and conscientiously, balancing our current needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations  to meet their own. S ustainability isn't just an optional practice but a necessary approach to ensure the long-term survival and wellness of our planet and its inhabitants.

AI & Humanity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in shaping the future of humanity. As a transformative technology, it influences various aspects of our lives, from mundane tasks like managing calendars to complex processes in healthcare, education, and transportation. AI enhances efficiency, decision-making, and problem-solving, driving innovation across industries. At the same time, it raises important ethical and societal questions, such as privacy concerns and job displacement. Therefore, understanding and navigating AI is critical for leveraging its benefits, addressing its challenges, and ensuring it serves humanity's best interests.

We aim to grow and expand the mentoring ecosystem in Singapore and the region, providing a network for both mentors and mentees to find the right resources - by forging partnerships and co-creating events and programs to advance the mentoring agenda, attract and retain membership, and inspire continuous learning and peer sharing.

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