Our Team

Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM) is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring mentoring to the forefront in Asia - and to all facets of the society. Raising a community of qualified mentors would allow the impact to be scaled quickly to see a positive outcome. With a holistic approach, grounded in Asian values, wisdom, and philosophy, we are polishing and optimizing the gems of our heritage.

Meet the Team

Yen-Lu Chow

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Executive Chairman, WholeTree Foundation

Hock Lye Chan

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Phan

Director, Marketing

Karen Tok


Laura Hall 

Director, Operations

John Camp

Director, Operations

Jasper Lim

Mentoring Program Manager

Jabish Gohlyan

Digital Marketing

Pathmah A B


Donna Daritan


Meet the Advisors

Dilip Shankar

Executive Advisor, Strategy

Kam Weng Goh

  • Executive Advisor, Tech

Lita Nithyanandan

Executive Advisor, Programs

Monica Menon

Executive Advisor, Education 

Suman Balani

Executive Advisor, Career & Leadership

Sarah Lal

Advisor, Career & Leadership

  • Leon Toh               

Advisor, Entrepreneurship

Honorary Members

Lord John Bittleston

Honorary Member

Founder Mentor & Executive Chairman, Terrific Mentors International