Why Do Organizations Adopt Mentoring Programs? 

of Fortune 500 organizations have a formal mentoring program

94% of employees say they would stay longer at a company if they were offered opportunities to learn & grow 

of CEO's being mentored said their Mentors helped them avoid costly mistakes & become proficient in their roles

Our Train-The-Mentor (TTM) Program

What is TTM?  

The TTM Program is AIM's signature 2-day, 4-module intensive and highly interactive mentor training for corporate organizations. It can be customized according to the needs of each organization, and conducted live or online.

A hands-on interactive program which uses various learning formats for required core skills practice: 

  • Facilitation and knowledge skills transfer through blended learning
  • Skills acquisition and practise
  • Role plays, interactive group simulations, discussions and presentations
  • Case studies, pre-work and post-work
  • Post-on-the-job-assessment and grading; mentorship program assessment and evaluation

Who is TTM for?

Leaders, managers, supervisors, current and aspiring mentors who wish to upgrade their mentoring skills. 

Training Modules

  • All About Mentoring 

  • Skills and Strategies for the Mentoring Journey 

  • Mentoring Inside Out  

  • Mentoring in Action: All Your Tools 
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Key Learning Outcomes

Learn about the key concepts and benefits of mentoring - and why mentor?

Become more aware of your own intention, motivation and aspiration

Understand the differences between mentoring and coaching; acquire requisite skills, knowledge and mindset to better develop others

Hear from the experts - those who have walked this path before

Access to tool, models, techniques and frameworks to enhance mentoring performance

Maximize mentoring in play - in all aspects of life; mentor with greater confidence and purpose

Beyond Training - Our One-Stop Mentoring Solution 

AIM-appointed Mentoring Program Manager (MPM) to work with the organization to set up a structure, process, and evaluation methodology for the mentorship

AIM-facilitated mentors and mentees onboarding session to help kick-off a mentoring engagement cycle and using a simple web-based Mentoring Engagement Tool

AIM-facilitated community-of-practice where the evaluation results are collated, and where successes, challenges, and best practices are shared and collective learning takes place

Tap into the collective intelligence of our community of 5000 members with over 350 mentors across nearly 30 industry sectors