AIM Membership

Membership has its privileges!

As a Member of AIM, you are are a valued contributor and co-creator of our community. You can enjoy membership benefits all year round, with access to activities such as training programs, special electives, events and workshops and mentoring opportunities. You will also accumulate Learning Credits thru your participation in these activities.  

Membership with the Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM) is available to anyone who wishes to explore the opportunity to learn more about mentoring and for those who wish to give back to community through mentoring. We welcome members who want to be actively involved in AIM’s vision of creating a kindler, gentler and more just society through mentoring. 

We offer two levels of membership:

1. Member (Annual Membership Fee : $200)

As a member, you become a part of a community of mentors who openly share and support each other to become better mentors. Our members are generally quite experienced professionals and individuals who are motivated to add to society. Membership benefits include invitations to talks and events related to mentoring, you will also enjoy a 20% discount on all our Learning Circle events, public events and workshops. Member events provide networking opportunities with like minded individuals.

2. Student (Annual Membership Fee : $50)

If you 18-24 years old and wish to embark on a mentoring journey, you can join AIM as a student member as we are committed to nurturing talent. We believe that mentoring is a two way street and as such experienced mentors can also learn from student mentors too. Besides being updated on AIM events through our newsletters, you can get to interact with AIM mentors at events and learn from them. Student members can also apply to be mentored by one of our expert mentors.