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Suresh MJ
Suresh MJ
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Services , Technology
Suresh MJ is a leadership professional, mentor and ICF certified coach with 30 years of corporate experience. He has coached individuals at all levels uplifting their professional aspirations and personal dreams. His engaged motivational encouragement brings out the inner potentials of individuals enabling them to achieve their goals. His leadership success in the technology, financial, education, travel, government and telco sectors has been accomplished with his focus at people development, people success and people excellence. His “present to listen” approach builds a personal space for the clients to feel the conversational comfort.

Suresh employs various approaches and methodologies in supporting, influencing and guiding his clients. Rapid Planning Method, 7-level purposing and QUICK model are just a few to mention.

Suresh is skilled in Personal Growth, Leadership, Transformational, and Career Coaching with the vision to empower individuals, organizations and teams to succeed in their goals.
Programs : UNACOV 5 , UNACOV 3 , UNACOV 2 , CPM , AIM-21 1 , MY.AIM , AIM-21 2 , MY.AIM-22 , AIM-22-1

Tan Beng Hong
Tan Beng Hong
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Finance/Insurance
There is more than just work and money. I want to embark on a more sustainable journey now that I’m in my forties.
Programs : CPM

Telkom Indonesia, Agus Riyanto
Agus Riyanto Telkom Indonesia
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Telecom
I am a Professional Coaches and Leadership Competence Leaders in charge in developing Leadership capability of Telkom Group Leaders
Programs : CPM

Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd, Raymond yap
Raymond yap Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Education , Government , Learning & Development
Raymond has served in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) for 27 years. Some of the significant appointments he held include Battalion Commander, Brigade Operations Officer, Staff Officer in MINDEF, Wing Commander and Deputy Commander of the Air Force School (AFS). His vast experience with the RSAF covers the areas of operations, training, human resource planning and management, budget control and strategic planning. These experiences set the foundation for him to becoming an active, experienced and professional trainer, consultant and executive coach.

Raymond Yap is an established TetraMap® Master Facilitator certified by Yoshimi and Jon Brett, who are the founders of the TetraMap®. He is also a certified facilitator for Points of You®, MBTI® and SDI® profiling tools. In addition, he is a certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.

Raymond has designed and facilitated many leadership and team building programmes since 2007. Some of the clients include Singapore Armed Forces, Defence Academy Royal Brunei Academy Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) (Brunei), Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) (Malaysia), Banyan Tree Management Academy (BTMA) (Thailand), Vietnam Taxi Limited (Ho Chin Min City) (Vietnam), Sterling Bank of Asia (Philippines), NTT APEC, Oxford University Press (OUP), Boehringer Ingelheim (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (S) Pte Ltd, SkinLab Medical Spa Pte Ltd, Eu Yan Sang Ltd, and ST Electronics (e-Services) Pte Ltd.

Raymond is also an experienced certified Executive Coach and has serves as Executive Coach for SAF since Nov 2007. He has since then coaches more than 50 senior officers. Raymond has certified as qualified coach with Stolmack Group Pte Ltd (Australia), University of Lancaster (UK) and Erickson Coaching International (Canada).
Programs : CPM

Three Guys Event Solutions PTE. LTD., Chen Weixiang Kenny
Chen Weixiang Kenny Three Guys Event Solutions PTE. LTD.
I believe the best way to grow is to grow together with people around you. I have had the opportunity to be mentored by several individuals which helped nurture me into who I am today. As an advocate of paying it forward, I am looking to pass on the kindness and sharing to others through mentoring.

I am a graduating electrical engineering student from the National University of Singapore who is absolutely thrilled to begin my journey towards fulfilling my aspiration of becoming an engineering leader in the power and energy industry.

My dream role is to be a solution provider as well as a team leader who with a global reach, providing both technical and commercial expertise.

When I think about my love for engineering, I think of it as the past, the present, and the future. I see the work that engineers before me have put into the various creations around us. I also see how people and communities benefits now, as a result of our past work. Last but not least, I see the opportunities for growth and the betterment of our future as an aspiring engineering leader.
Programs : CPM , MY.AIM

TJ Education Consultancy, Josephine Tan
Josephine Tan TJ Education Consultancy
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education
A Singaporean based in Indonesia
Programs : CPM

Transit Link Pte Ltd, Ho Chee  Keong @ Chui Chee Keong
Ho Chee Keong @ Chui Chee Keong Transit Link Pte Ltd
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Government
Programs : CPM

UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd, Josephine Wong
Josephine Wong UEMS Solutions Pte Ltd
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Healthcare , Property , Services
I have held very diverse jobs in my career and have thoroughly enjoyed the breath and depth of these experiences. I started my career in the public service and as a school counsellor. Subsequently, I moved on to specialise in healthcare operations and management, which led to healthcare consulting. I now manage the business in ancillary healthcare services for my company.
Programs : CPM , AIM-21 1 , AIM-23-2

Virginie Pontruche
Virginie Pontruche
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Education , Learning & Development , Marketing , Technology
Technology, Leadership, Innovation and Diversity:
With a product and program management background in startups and tech consultancy, I specialise in the technology and human aspect of digital business transformation with a passion for D&I in innovation. I inspire teams and organisations to be brave and transform their business.
I’m an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, IamRemarkable trained facilitator and the SheSaysSG mentorship program director.
With 20 years of international experience in Paris, London, Singapore (covering J/APAC), I lead cross-cultural and distributed cross-functional teams in matrix organisations and fast-pace environment, promoting diversity of thought and inclusion.
My expertise includes data-driven innovation at scale, business agility and empowering aligned autonomous teams (using design thinking, lean startup) to drive customer success and create value by delivering human-centred products, services and business impact.
Outcome oriented, I build strategic, long-term partnerships with C-suite stakeholders as a trusted advisor and own multi-million P&L.
My leadership signature includes bias for action, big picture visioning with strategic sense making: I’m an Energizer, Inspirer and Curious lifelong learner. I’m a servant and facilitative leader, adapting to situations and thrive in a VUCA environment. I publish thought leadership and my connected thinking on virginie.pontruche.fr and @vigotsocial
Programs : CPM

VLEO Communications, Michael P A Tan
Michael P A Tan VLEO Communications
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education , Learning & Development
Started career in aviation after NS. Given the opportunity to train aviation personnel from third world countries in aviation subjects, I had positive reviews after each class. Also, I prepared working adults in their academic studies and had consistently encouraging feedback after each intake. Decided to pursue training full time as I'm able to make a positive difference in another person's life.
Programs : CPM

Wee Mei-Yi
Wee Mei-Yi
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Marketing , Media
Strong career todate, and now taking a career break to focus on improving myself holistically.
Programs : CPM

Wellington Primary School (left), Muhammad Hafiz Bin Jamal
Muhammad Hafiz Bin Jamal Wellington Primary School (left)
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education
Hafiz graduated with a MA in Applied Linguistics from Nanyang Technological University. He is currently a School Staff Developer in Wellington Primary School, looking into the learning and development of staff.
Programs : CPM

Yoga Bijaa Pte Ltd, Yinuo Tian
Yinuo Tian Yoga Bijaa Pte Ltd
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education , Healthcare
Yinuo is a compassionate, humble and spiritual healer who believes that wellness is a holistic integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. She believes that when one manages to bring the body and mind into energetic and spiritual balance, innate healing happens naturally.
Since 2006, Yinuo has been exploring and studying therapy and healing all over the world. She mastered various healing modalities, developed effective ways to bring wellness and vitality back to life. During the past 16 years, Yinuo has successfully empowered hundreds and thousands students and clients in their growth through energy and body work.
Yinuo is incredibly generous in sharing her knowledge in therapy and healing, and willing to inspire her students and clients to realise their full potential.
Programs : CPM

Yoga Nesadurai
Yoga Nesadurai
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Consulting , Learning & Development
A professional turned entrepreneur (solopreneur) in the Leadership and Change space - facilitation, consulting, mentoring & coaching.
My aim is to help executives adapt for the future. My tagline is 'future-proofing you'.
I love the outdoors and spend quite a bit of time on my mountain bike.
My website has more about me: www.yoganesadurai.com
Programs : CPM , AIM-22-1


10:10 Media Productions Pte Ltd, Edmund Low
Edmund Low 10:10 Media Productions Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Learning & Development , Marketing , Media , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Social Service
I have great empathy for people, especially youths, because they are the future and leaders of the next generation. A keen learner of lifeskills, I have brought a few of my hobbies up to professional instructor level, such as photography, yoga, freediving, scuba diving etc. In teaching, I learn more. With close to 20 years' of experience in the travel, leisure and media industries, I would like to share my experiences and mistakes with the next generation of professionals in these industries. In 2020, I have founded 10:10 Media Productions Pte Ltd as a non-profit media production social enterprise to train ex-offenders into media professionals and technical crew on film production sets. With IHL volunteers in my social enterprise, I hope to guide them better in their path of life and early career development.
Programs : AIM-22-2 , AIM-23-1

Aaron hung
Aaron hung
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Marketing , Media , Services , Technology
Building businesses and brands in multiple markets with lean resources and in challenging environments. Media spokesperson and university faculty.

Abhilash Ramachandran
Abhilash Ramachandran
Professional with 20+ years of overall experience in the IT industry (10+ years at IBM), performing Sales Operations/Sales Enablement, Strategy, Business Analysis, Program Management and Resource management.

Achilles Systems Pte Ltd, Francois-Guillaume Lutton
Francois-Guillaume Lutton Achilles Systems Pte Ltd
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
I am a Finance and Legal Head with over 10 years’ experience in financial management, risk management, budgetary control & forecasting, compliance, and auditing, at start-up and established companies within Tech (SaaS), Banking, Auditing, and Oil & Gas industries across markets in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and France.

I’ve always enjoyed tackling complex puzzles and challenges. This passion is what first drew me to Finance, where I was able to use critical thinking, data analysis, and strategy to take on any problems. From there, I branched into corporate development and start-up scaling, as well as investor and client relationship management, which allowed me the opportunity to drive tangible, meaningful results, and spearhead change first-hand.

I’ve now been fortunate enough to lead business cycles (regional expansion, launching new business verticals, M&A, restructuring, etc.) across multiple regions, develop deep expertise in business risk management (especially for start-ups), and come to specialise in devising strategy, penetrating new markets, and introducing new product lines.

ACI Worldwide, Juliana Rahmad
Juliana Rahmad ACI Worldwide
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Other , Services , Technology
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Not that I had major adversity or misfortune but there had been times where I had to make decisions or got thrown into situations that were less than desirable. In every scenario, I stick to my career resiliency framework – take a leap of faith, pick up new knowledge and skills even if it was the most boring role ever while at the same time looking out for better opportunities through my network. Throughout my 26-year career, there were several inflections points that shaped how I grow personally and professionally. I hope to share these experiences with others and at the same time learn from others.

I am based in Singapore, currently working as Operations Director for the sales organization in ACI Worldwide, a payments software company. In this role, there are 3 main responsibilities - Partner Operations, Market Expansion and Risk Officer Delegate with a common denominator of ensuring governance and compliance against corruption and bribery practices. As my role is global, I work from home and my nights are busier due to meetings with people in the US and Europe. Prior to ACI, I worked in Hewlett Packard for 11 years doing various roles in customer service and support. HP was the place where my career bloomed and ACI is the place where my career flourished thanks to investment I made getting mentors, coaches, and sponsors.

When I am not working, I enjoy cooking and baking, a skill that I picked up while working and living in the UK last 4 years. I am constantly looking for recipes that are not only easy to make but delicious and beautifully plated. I also try to exercise regularly, an area where I have low discipline and hired a trainer to keep my commitment!

Acorn Training, Elmer Lau
Elmer Lau Acorn Training
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education , Learning & Development
One word to describe my work is growth. I gain great satisfaction seeing people grow in their skill set and get transformed in their mindset. Shortly after graduation, it was a choice between a good paying banking career and a start up focusing on youth development. I chose the latter.
But looking back, I've never regretted the choice. It means I can wake up each day knowing that I do what I believe in. This work has enabled me to inspire youths of different age group, background and culture; and engaging fellow educators and parents in their roles.
Programs : MY.AIM

Actavia, Marie-Agathe de Place
Marie-Agathe de Place Actavia
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Food & Beverage , Marketing , Services , Technology
Marie-Agathe has 17 years of experience in the B2B service industry with Sodexo, focusing on B2B marketing, strategy, and innovation projects. After a career start in industrial R&D, Marie-Agathe joined Sodexo in 2003 and held various positions within the Benefits and Rewards division of Sodexo Group including:
- Global Strategic Plan Director
- Sales, Marketing and Strategy Director Asia, overseeing China, India and South-east Asia
In 2015, she launched the Singapore subsidiary of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards and set up the business as CEO.
Over the last 2 years, she focused on forward-looking R&D projects as Project Director for Robotics Integration in Sodexo Group. She led innovation projects and worked closely with local tech start-ups.
Since 2018, Marie-Agathe is a Senior partner at Actavia, a boutique consulting firm.
She holds a Polytechnicien engineering degree (Master of Engineering) at Ecole Polytechnique (X93), France, as well as a Master of Applied Sciences in microelectronics at Polythechnique Montreal, Canada

Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Technology
I am a former Fortune500 enterprise sales who had a career spanning ANZ (6 years) and Singapore/APAC (5 years) - I "retired" and now trade my own capital in financial markets. I could probably add the most value to new entrants to the tech sector wanting career guidance from someone outside of their business. Please view LinkedIn account for more details

Adnan bin Abdul Karim
Adnan bin Abdul Karim
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Logistics
Experienced and highly motivated trainer specializing in Supply Chain Management and Behavioral modules Warehouse Operations and Organizational Behavior. Skilled in Public Speaking, Curriculum Development, and Basic Counselling and Author.

Agape Group, Peter Mang
Peter Mang Agape Group
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Education , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Services
I am a visionary strategist, catalyst, discipler, entrepreneur, counselor, coach, mentor, consultant, trainer, and facilitator for holistic transformational development. I love working with individuals, families, and organizations in accelerating personal and professional development, spiritual and moral formation, children and youth development, family health and wellbeing, leadership and team development, education transformation, organizational development, entrepreneurship and business development, and community development. For more information, please visit our website at www.petermang.com

Agilis HR Consulting Pte Ltd, Ivy Ang
Ivy Ang Agilis HR Consulting Pte Ltd

Aiclouds aero LLP , Kanmuri s raju
Kanmuri s raju Aiclouds aero LLP
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Government , Marketing , Media , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Services , Sustainability , Technology , Telecom
More than 35 yrs experience in ict consulting , policy making , ngo , education ,, climate change , working on technologies to seve humanity

AIM, Yen-Lu Chow (AIM)
Yen-Lu Chow (AIM) AIM
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education , Media
In a fast-paced world where the only constant is change, I believe there is an urgent need for us to draw on our strengths and creative potential as human beings, to connect with our higher self and our deeper purpose to contribute towards humanity in a positive and impactful way. As an entrepreneur, social change-maker, angel investor, venture catalyst, and a seeker of Truth, I enjoy building ecosystems and mobilising the community to create positive social change. As an early pioneer in AI, I also have a strong base in the tech space. I spend much of my time and energy these days working on my family foundation, the WholeTree Foundation, building the foundation for the Asia Institute of Mentoring and the Deep Human Movement in order to impact a million lives, to help bring about a kinder, gentler, more inclusive, more just and sustainable world for all.

AKIN by Techlyon, Arvin Tang
Arvin Tang AKIN by Techlyon
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Education , Finance/Insurance , Food & Beverage , Government , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Marketing , Media , Services , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Arvin is the person responsible for growth strategy and demand generation at AKÏN. As the Managing Director, he champions brand storytelling, inbound marketing strategies, and technological innovation for both internal and external stakeholders. Through AKÏN, he has delivered digital transformation interventions for government bodies, regional enterprises, and global software companies.
Aside from his role at AKÏN, Arvin is also an advisor to digital identity authenticator AI start-up GTRIIP, a certified associate of Emergenetics®, an Executive Committee Member of SAFRA Punggol and Singapore Computing Society New Media Council, and volunteers at Quartz Initiative (QZI), a social enterprise based in Singapore that aims to redefine social change by inspiring and empowering tomorrow's leaders.
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 3 , AIM-23-1

Akshay Gehlot
Akshay Gehlot
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Food & Beverage , Learning & Development , Retail
I'm a Sales & Digital Marketing, Business Development enthusiast who believes in creating a strong value for customer hence converting into meaningful win win situation to help reach their fullest potentials.
I have been associated with Bose for more than 4 years, deeply inclined towards constant learning and being better through process optimisation.

Alexius Yeo
Alexius Yeo
Guided by his childhood passion for nature and garden landscapes, Alexius Yeo graduated from The National University of Singapore and The University of North Carolina with an Honours degree in Geography. He later went on to attain the Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014 from The Permaculture Research Institute.

Alexius began his career with NParks as a Streetscape Manager. After gaining 3 fruitful years of experience and amazing memories, he left NParks and Singapore for the Philippines to work with the poor at the country’s first Farm University and Social Enterprise Incubator. There, he quickly fell in love with the joys of farming and landscaping edible gardens that are both beautiful and productive. Returning to Singapore, he worked with local social enterprise, Edible Garden City, to continue to build urban edible landscapes and champion Singapore’s grow-your-own-food movement.

Today, he is the Director of Carbon InQ Pte Ltd - a local company that teaches Agriculture-based experiential learning programmes at schools and corporate firms. Furthermore, he is also the founder of Project 33 - a family initiated farming movement that aims to unite neighbourhoods through community farming, cooking, educational activities and the practice of sharing first.

Traveling down an unusual career path as an urban farmer, Alexius is driven by the mission to help fellow urbanites reconnect with Nature and with one another. He strongly believes that everyone can have green fingers. And that it is never to late, or frivolous, to strive for food quality, purity and self-sufficiency.

Alive Consultancy Pte Ltd , Daniel Yeo
Daniel Yeo Alive Consultancy Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Healthcare , Non-Profit / Philanthropy
Daniel Yeo has 26 years of extensive corporate experiences in the medical technology businesses in American and German multi-national companies in the Asia Pacific region. Trained as an engineer and later moved into the areas of: a) Business development, channel management, sales performance enablement training.
a) Working with middle and senior managers in Asia and Europe to develop their people skills, growth mindsets and competencies to accelerate and sustain their level of performance.
He is currently the Director (Asia Pacific) of EQ Asia and founder of the Mindful LeadershipTM Program at Alive Consultancy (Pte. Ltd) with strategic partners in Indonesia and China. Daniel work with individuals and leaders in Asia to develop their resilient/growth mindsets in order to adapt and thrive in this ever- changing world. Some of his clients included, Dyson, DELL, Telenor Group, Agilent Technologies, Singapore Ministry of Education, Keppel Land China, Geely Auto, School of Management, Fudan University (Shanghai).
Daniel is active in International key note speaking, change consultancy and facilitating workshops in Asia and Germany. He has spoken at several high-level Human Resources summits in China and at the Fudan University, School of Management in China. Daniel is also a mentor at the Asia Institute of Mentoring.
He is also deeply concern with the high level of stress teenagers are experiencing today. Therefore, he partners International Schools and Singapore Ministry of Education in helping children and teens to build their resilience muscles through the “Resilience for Teens Program”. Link to student testimony of Daniel’s “Resilience for Teens Program”
Programs : UNACOV 2 , AIM-22-2 , AIM-22-4 , AIM-23-1

Amanda Yap
Amanda Yap
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Aviation / Space , Education , Engineering , Government , Human Resource , Learning & Development
A dedicated and self-driven L&D professional adept and experienced in organization learning and performance, particularly in leading change in strategic digital transformation initiatives in the L&D space.

Key career highlights in my last 15 + years of experience working in both the public and the private sector include high-profile digital learning transformation projects with the Home Team Academy and the Changi Airport Group that I personally spearheaded. The unprecedented scope and scale of such projects were immense and their far-reaching outcomes in touching every single soul in the respective organizations has no doubt, brought about tremendous joy to me. Other stints I have had the privilege to be part of the action include leading human capital development efforts, particularly in the set-up of the RWS Academy and heading the L&OD team over at the Singapore Institute of Technology.
Programs : AIM-22-1

AMITY GLOBAL INSTITUTE PTE LTD, Easwaramoorthy Rangaswamy
Easwaramoorthy Rangaswamy AMITY GLOBAL INSTITUTE PTE LTD
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Education
Dr Easwaramoorthy Rangaswamy, Principal & Provost of Amity Global Institute, Singapore, is distinguished management professional. He holds a PhD in Management and has degrees in Master of Business Administration, Master of Commerce Master of Philosophy in International Business, Bachelor of Commerce and Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning and Teaching from Republic Polytechnic, Singapore. Embracing Lifelong Learning, he has recently graduated from Cardiff University, UK, with MSc Skills & Workforce Development. With nearly 22 years of experience, he has taught management courses from University of Northampton, Anglia Ruskin University, University of London, London School of Economics, UK and Victoria University, Australia.

AngelCentral, Teck Moh
Teck Moh AngelCentral
Occupation : Business owner / Director
"Phey Teck Moh is a mentor and angel investor in the Singapore entrepreneur ecosystem. He cofounded AngelCentral, to build a community of angel investors; offering education workshops and curate startups for angel investments.

He had retired as Asia President, Motorola Solutions."
Programs : UNACOV 1

Antler, Markus Bruderer
Markus Bruderer Antler
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Retail , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Markus is an Associate Partner at Antler, a global startup generator and early-stage VC.
Programs : UNACOV 3

ANZ, Shanti Sharma
Shanti Sharma ANZ
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Education , Human Resource , Learning & Development
am Shanti Sharma and Developing and Growing people is my passion. I am very fortunate to live my passion both at work and off work.

I am Learning and Organizational Development professional with 24+ years of work experience out of which 22+ years have been dedicated to Learning and Development (L&D). Experience ranges from end to end management of the L&D function to supporting organizational development initiatives.

I am an ICF ACC certified coach, working towards PCC certification. To nurture my coaching skills I am also pursuing Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) certification and Transactional Analysis (TA). Applying coaching and NLP in my day to day life has helped me become a better, happier, and more composed person. My intent is able to use these tools and techniques to transform as many lives as possible.

Have a breadth of experiences across various industries such as IT, BPO, and Banking. Managed small, medium sized to very large multi-location, cross-disciplinary complex projects, I can strike a great balance between big-picture planning and daily operational management. Have lead several lead initiatives around social learning, innovation and content curation. I enjoy solving real time organizational issues through customer centric mindset in a fast-paced landscape with ambiguous outcomes.

I am motivated, task-oriented, and efficient. My knowledge of the Learning industry is comprehensive and current.

You can view my complete profile at: www.linkedin.com/in/shantisharma
Programs : AIM-21 2 , AIM-21 3

Apis Partners, Nicholas Smalle
Nicholas Smalle Apis Partners
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Technology
Nicholas Smalle is a Partner at Apis Partners. Apis Partners is a private equity firm focused on investments in the Financial Services (FS) sector, including Credit, Insurance, Payments, Asset Management and FS-Focused BPO’s. We invest growth equity in the range of US$20-70m in companies looking to expand into new geographies, complementary product verticals or across their value chain.

Prior to joining Apis, I was at Old Mutual (JSE:OMU) were I was responsible for their Strategic Investment Fund, an on-balance sheet investment vehicle that focused on the expansion of Old Mutual's operations into key Emerging Markets via controlling and minority investments in the Financial Services sector. Preceding OMU I was an Associate Director at Standard Chartered (LON:STAN) and part of the Wholesale Banking Strategy team based in Singapore. The majority of my projects covered the development of SCB's Emerging Market franchise through both organic and inorganic means.

I started my career with McKinsey and Company in London as a Business Analyst. Over the course of the two-year program, I worked largely for Mckinsey's Finance practice. Projects covered the breadth of financial services, as well as spanning clients across four continents.

Finally, I completed my MBA at INSEAD, and was a Shell Scholar at Cambridge University. I am a Belgian & South African citizen.

Aries Yeo, Aries Yeo
Aries Yeo Aries Yeo
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Learning & Development
An ex-banking executive with 20+ years across investment and private wealth in operations, finance and project management turned certified coach in 2019.
Trained in multiple disciplines from performance coaching to Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), Clean Language (use of metaphors), & Mental Fitness where the industry called Positive Intelligence. Today, I helped my client to embrace their true essence (authenticity) in their leadership calling.
I am also a strong Diversity Advocate where I was the executive committee member serving as the Partnership and Mentoring chair over the 7 years with Financial Women Association of Singapore (FWA).
I continue my volunteering capacity as a solution coach supporting health and care workers (NHS) in the UK and Junior Achiever in Singapore
Programs : CPM , AIM-22-2

A-Scent Beauty , Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee A-Scent Beauty
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Healthcare

Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM) Ltd, Laletha Nithiyanandan
Laletha Nithiyanandan
Managing Director, Behavioural Consulting Group; Co-Founder, Made of Brilliance, Catalyst, Gastro-geography of Singapore; serial entrepreneur, a strong advocate for business with a heart; more than 30 years in talent solutions and HR consulting in Asia. She has held senior leadership roles within Kelly Services, Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Services in the Asia Pacific region and is the founder of Business Trends.
She is passionate about growing local edible plants, educating on the application of local produce.