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Andrew Koh GBA Singapore
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Non-Profit / Philanthropy
Notable thought leader, keynote speaker, industry trendsetter, finance & tech champion with three decades of professional experience in audit, banking, capital markets, payment, portfolio risk mgmt, industry representative working with regulators, government bodies on regulatory policies, industry best practices, investment & trade standards.

Georgina Chang Georgina Chang Communications
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Media
Georgina is a well-known radio and television personality recognized across South
East Asia, India and the Middle East as a presenter on Mediacorp, Channel V and ESPN Star Sports.
Her senior roles as Vice President of Singapore's #1 rated English radio stations
and Head of The Celebrity Agency focused on promoting radio and television celebrities. That honed her corporate leadership skills and business acumen, and developed her intuitive flair for transforming personalities into stars.
With a proven track record of coaching top talents to sharpen their competitive
edge, Georgina has found a new purpose in empowering people by building their public speaking confidence to present to their audience online and on stage.
She also advises business owners on elevating their brand, giving polished media interviews, and presenting videos.

Gokul Jayaram
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Aviation / Space , Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Technology
Founder, Self-starter, Doer - I believe these three words aptly describe who I am. With an assorted background spanning banking, finance, HR and tech, I am the ultimate generalist. Leveraging on my corporate and entrepreneurial experience, I believe I can mentor and add value to early-stage entrepreneurs, SME business owners or social enterprises to help them solidify their business and operations model and achieve their goals. As a believer in purpose ahead of business, I would also like to help people understand their "why" and how they can attract others who believe in the same ideology. Having mentored aspiring entrepreneurs for a brief period of time, I have realised that I enjoy it and would like to do more of it.
Programs : UNACOV 1

Nigel Teo Goodhood.sg
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Technology
Serial entrepreneur who understands the challenges of running a startup
Programs : UNACOV 2

Daniel Le Google
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Advertising , Technology
Partnerships Lead at Google, Coach and Startup Mentor based in Singapore with experiences across 5 countries in start-up, consulting and technology with a focus on business development and partnerships, sales and digital marketing. I'm passionate about building things, helping people grow through coaching, technology, emerging markets, digital business model and storytelling.
Programs : UNACOV 2

Sandeep Khanna
Has had a very diverse career spanning advertising, marketing, consulting, coaching and learning. He has build communications for global brands like Adidas, Dulux, FedEx, Nestle, Oral B to name a few and has driven marketing for ICI Paints, Nokia and LG in APAC. He has also been a part of digital & people transformation programs in tech savvy companies like Facebook and Grab.
His differentiation is in the fact that he was a business and brand leader to begin with and uses that understanding to deliver more meaningful programs driven by behavior change and a clear business impact.
Sandeep is an ENFJ on the MBTI scale and has the following strengths as his Top 5 as per Gallup: Maximizer, Strategic, Connectedness, Ideation and Relator He is a trained coach from the Neuroleadership Institute and has a few key important certifications as well.
His mantra for life is captured in his blood group "Be Positive!"

Thibaut Briere Growth Marketing Studio
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Education , Learning & Development , Marketing , Media , Retail , Services , Technology
I help technology companies - from startups to corporates - launch new products worldwide, introduce new technologies on the market and grow using all aspects of digital.

I had the chance to work internationally for both 3 people startups as well as big brands such as Cisco or Nokia. I've launch many products in areas ranging from Cloud and Internet of Things, Cybersecurity to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence or Collaboration.

My specialties include: digital strategy, product launch, inbound marketing, growth marketing, content strategy, social media, Saas, agile marketing.
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 1

Piyush Tewari GTL
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Piyush Tewari is a digital learning specialist who drives transformation of the talent practice across South-East Asia. He enables businesses to use game design and gamification techniques to create better products and services that drive engagement and loyalty with their customers. Harnessing the power of gaming and digital he works on solutions that induce behavioural change and drive retention. A certified Blue Ocean Strategy practitioner, he helps firms design new products/services that create new demand. A raconteur at heart he loves to engage with communities and share his experiences to enable a better future.
Programs : UNACOV 2

Isabelle Sumarli Hashstacs Pte Ltd
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Sustainability , Technology
Isabelle manages business development and partnerships in a Fintech firm, Hashstacs Pte Ltd. Hashstacs is a blockchain firm for the financial industry which is involved in Central Bank MAS’ blockchain initiative, Project Ubin. Isabelle is experienced in the banking and funds industry, formerly from a Private Equity and Hedge Fund Administrator, BNP Paribas Wealth Management and Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group. Her prior experiences included overseeing a portfolio of alternative funds of USD 2.6 Billion AUM and providing business requirements with 200+ hours in cost-savings. She is a Finance graduate, Institute of Banking and Finance (IB) Qualified, Honour Roll International Compliance Association (ICA) Member.
Programs : UNACOV 3

Hazel Low
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Human Resource , Other , Services
I have been with the company for more than 37 years. In those years I had moved into different roles in the corporation. Such as Marketing Admin, Customer Fulfilment Support, Education coordinator cum instructor, System and Process Analyst, Business Control manager and finally now Real Estate and Site operation manager. I am a certified ICF Professional Coach, helping individual to add value to their physical and mental well being.

Helena Lim
Occupation : Business owner / Director
15-ish years in Corporate Finance, 15-ish running my own business in F&B, 2-ish years as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. I received a lot of help and guidance along the way, and I would like to give back. I want to get deeper into coaching/counselling; my interest is in self-awareness, helping people suffering from emotional pain of their own creation, helping people who use food and alcohol to "solve" emotional problems. If I don't have the "qualifications" to be a mentor, I gladly welcome any suggestions of how I get started doing this. Thank you!

Helen Han
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Consulting , Marketing , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Business postgraduate from University of St. Andrews, UK. High engagement with European startup ecosystem by sourcing, mentoring and investing in high-potential tech startups. 7-year hands-on experience in market research, go-to-market strategy planning, agile product development, business operation, team building and marketing activities & analysis alongside the startup development life cycle. 5-year researching and writing experience as columnist in tech business, with a broad interest in various sectors including marketplace, E-commerce, SaaS, IoT, Robotics, 3D printing, smart manufacturing etc. as well as in-depth knowledge of different startup ecosystems in Europe, Asia and US.

Henri Tan
Make organisations an awesome place for stakeholders ♦ HR Trainer & Consultant in Employment Laws & Performance Mangement
Support the company in becoming a choice employer with meaningfully engaged, highly competent and well motivated employees contributing to business profitability and organizational growth.
Programs : UNACOV 1

Gaetan De Dietrich Hmlet
A passionate believer in integrated operating models that put people at the centre of everything business does. Currently Hmlet's Product Manager for Community, focused on scaling member experience across APAC and resolved to putting our communities and relatedness at the centre of how we solve the greatest problems of our times.

Ian Maxwell
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Engineering , Other , Services
Originally from the UK, Ian has lived and worked in Asia since 2001. With a successful career in the automotive industry, ranging from dealer service and retail to design engineering and business management, Ian has experience from workshop floor through to senior management positions in Bentley Motors and Group Lotus.
Ian currently runs his own business consultancy based in Singapore where he is also indulging his passion as a private chef, offering home dining experiences and private cookery classes. Ian also recently embarked on delivering a weight management and wellness program and now considers himself to be an emerging Entrepreneur.
Married with a Singaporean wife, Ian is a Singapore PR with four grown up children, two dogs and interests in photography, music and home improvements.
Programs : UNACOV 5

Suman Balani
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Construction , Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Government , Healthcare , Learning & Development , Manufacturing , Marketing , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Services , Technology
See linked in profile
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 3 , UNACOV 2 , UNACOV 1 , AIM-21 1 , AIM-21 1

Amarit Charoenphan Impact Collective
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education , Media , Sustainability , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Amarit is the ASEAN Director of Impact Collective (IC), a community-driven investment and acceleration project for impact-driven startups focusing on opportunities in Asia. IC invests in, supports, and connect startups that are solving global challenges to accelerate the positive impact in the world.

He is best known as the Co-founder and Former CEO of HUBBA, Thailand’s first coworking space and community that is the only Google for Startups Partner Hub in Thailand. He is also Chief International Officer and Cofounder of Techsauce, one of Southeast Asia's leading technology media and events company. His passion for the startup community and to help entrepreneurs grow has led him to angel invest in many of the top Thai startups and actively coaches over 1000+ different startups founders over the past decade. He is also a Fellow of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF), and has been named as one of Forbes Asia 30 Under 30: Enterprise Technology, and Thailand Startup Enabler of The Year 2016.
Programs : UNACOV 2

Cheng Ming Hui Independent
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Manufacturing , Oil & Gas
“Nourish to Flourish”
Driven by a strong personal desire to see individuals flourish and with equipped with extensive (~20years) corporate experience in business management, regional supply chain, finance, HR and the oil & gas industry, I help clients harness their internal strengths and potentials with leadership trainings and mindfulness-based coaching, empowering individuals to be the person they can be.

Leadership, Team and Individual Effectiveness programs I deliver cover mindfulness and resilience at work, effective mentoring, leadership with emotional intelligence and team performance elevation.
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 3

YONG Weng Hong Individual
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Food & Beverage , Manufacturing
A knowledgeable and strategic finance leader with 27 years of diverse working experience in listed companies and MNCs. Held board positions in listed and joint venture companies within APAC FMCG industry. As part of senior management, I have been involved in M&A, strategic reviews of operating companies, change management, cost management and board interaction.

I am passionate believer in people development, was instrumental in mentoring and raising up talents into
successful professionals. Volunteered in mentoring startups and NUS undergraduates.

My current purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s life by shaping and influencing their thinking, through active listening, appropriate questioning and sharing past experiences.

Digvijay Madamae Inno-Vest Advisors
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Food & Beverage , Manufacturing , Sustainability , Venture Capital / Private Equity
An entrepreneur, advisor, and deal maker (ex military), looking forward to making a positive impact to needy enthusiastic professionals., maturing entrepreneurs etc.

Irene Teh
Occupation : Professional
Mentored and coached/nurtured youth, young adults and adults in the past twenty years in educational institution, workplace, and voluntary settings on career matters, self-discovery, self-help guidance, and motivational context. I invite you to visit my LinkedIn Profile.
Programs : UNACOV 2

Isuru Liyanage
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Learning & Development , Media
I’m a UK Qualified Animation graduate and social entrepreneur from Srilanka. I have completed MA, BA Computer Animation UK, Diploma in multimedia, Certificate in film, Certificate in TV Production. Apart from that I learned leadership +management, Enterprise certificate from the UK. In my spare time I have learned product design, Creative thinking, analytical thinking, project management and psychology. I have used 3D max 10 years, Adobe Photoshop 10 years, , Adobe After effects 10 years, Adobe Audition 10 years, Adobe premiere 10 years and adobe illustrator 3 years.
I have 5 years of work experience and 3 years of voluntary experience and 2 years of teaching including UKBA Animation.
I like your organization and job .So I’m positively confident that I can do it with a bit of training.
I’m ready work remote from srilanka .I got one year online working experience for UK animation.

Izwan Zakaria Izwan & Partners
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Government , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Other , Services , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Izwan Zakaria is a corporate/commercial and technology lawyer focusing on advising technology companies and early stage startups. He is the managing partner of Izwan & Partners, a corporate and technology law firm based in Kuala Lumpur.

An avid debater during his law school days, Izwan has been involved in a wide variety of technologies businesses. has direct experience ranges from the formation of new startup companies through venture capital financings and acquisitions. Izwan also represents venture capital funds and investee companies in investment transactions.

His portfolio of corporate work also encompasses advising on corporate governance, regulatory compliance and corporate and commercial matters.

Izwan is a member of the Fintech Association of Malaysia and a committee member of the Universiti Teknologi MARA Law Alumni Society for 2019/2020 team.

In addition, Izwan also acts as a mentor at ScaleUp Malaysia (an accelerator for Malaysian companies looking to scale and grow), Closing The Gap (a nonprofit seeking to improve access to higher education for young people), legal counsel and mentor of Founders Institute (a pre-seed start-up accelerator with a presence in over 180 cities worldwide) and Mentor For Hope, a Singapore based mentoring programme targeted for companies affected by the Covid-19 crisis in South East Asia.
Programs : UNACOV 4

Jeff Nah
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Consulting , Education , Finance/Insurance , Learning & Development , Marketing , Services , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Jeff is former banker turned entrepreneur and investor with 40-years business experience across Asia Pacific.

He is a Venture Builder and Investor in technology, education, healthcare, security and media startups and venture capital funds.

Jeff mentor startups at:
• Action Community for Entrepreneurs (ACE)
• NTU ideasync
• NUS Entrepreneurship Society

Jeff lectures part-time on topics relating to entrepreneurship and innovation at:
• Nanyang Technological University
• Singapore Management University
• National University of Singapore

He is a judge at the following competitions:
• SMU Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition 2019/2020
• Techfest Vietnam 2018/2019, hosted by the Vietnam Ministry of Science & Technology

Massive disruption from exponential technologies like AI, 3D-printing, “artificial meat”, autonomous vehicles, robotics, virtual & augmented reality, nanotechnology will change profoundly the way we work, live & play.

Jeff is passionate about helping Singapore and the next generation transform and grow through technology, education, healthcare, food security and sustainability.

Jenny Sutton
Investor | Non-executive Director | Management Consultant | Asia-capable | GAICD
Consulting and executive positions in the COO, CDO and CIO domains.
Deep insurance industry experience across geographies and business functions.
Expertise at the intersection of technology and business operations.
Working in Asia for 20 years.

Jerome Ah-Soon
Occupation : Professional
As managing virtual teams for my job, i got interested into developing people coaching skills that have helped me being more efficient in my interactions with people, but also to discover further about myself and extend my possibilities. as i continue developing the practice, i am open to volunteer and coach people in need for free.

Anil Das JTC Corp
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Government , Healthcare , Logistics
General management senior executive with significant experience in strategic planning, workforce development and fostering innovation. Portfolio career in both private and public sectors:

Eddy Chong Just Cause Pte Ltd
Occupation : Professional
My experience in mentoring started in early 2000 when i was involved with the Yellow Ribbon Project in SIngapore Prisons. Specifically my job was to interview bursary applications by current and former inmates. I also worked with university and polytechnic students with the Youth For Cause program, the Youth Expedition Project and recently, the Halogen Foundation with their youth entrepreneurship program. With my experience, i hope to be of some value and worth in helping someone be better.
Programs : UNACOV 2 , CPM

Karen Tan Yu Xiu
Activity Assistant at Singapore Association for Mental Health

Kelvin Wee
Occupation : Senior Management
Professionally, I am the head of IT for Contract Logistics in a German MNC. Been here for over 22 years and lead a team of more than 150 IT professionals across APAC. Was in a Singapore GLC for 10 years prior and left as Head of IT for one of their SBAs. Both roles had mentoring as well as coaching responsibilities. I am currently mentor to 5 senior managers in the company.

I have also been involved in non-work coaching for a number of years and am accredited by International Coaching Federation (ACC) via NLI's Brain Based Coaching Certification. I was also a mentor with Boys' Town's Youth at Risk program and was Mentor of the Year in 2016.

I would be keen to assist if given the opportunity.

Kent Choi
Occupation : Professional
Kent is a finance professional in the wealth management space. After progressing through various roles in banking, he presently leads a team of diverse and high performing bankers. Trained as an engineer, he started his career in the semiconductor industry and is thankful for the exposure, experiences and perspectives that his professional journey has afforded him. He believes in the importance of gaining greater self-awareness and to have a growth mindset. He finds purpose to help others to have a more considered, purpose-led and fulfilled life.

Kent graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also has Masters degrees in Applied Finance and Wealth Management from the Singapore Management University. Kent is also a trained coach. If he weren’t a banker he would have been a photographer with National Geographic.
Programs : UNACOV 3

Kit Lim
Occupation : Executive
I am a pro-active and commercially-driven business development professional who has spent the last decade consulting senior lawyers in AmLaw 100 law firms, developing strategies to achieve their business objectives.

Passionate about helping individuals channel their inner positive best, I enjoy coaching people to help them find solutions to their problem and leveraging the power of an inclusive culture to enhance capability, engagement and performance for the organisation.

I am also passionate about personal well-being and mindfulness at the workplace and have been actively involved in these causes.
Programs : UNACOV 2

Kristabel Quek
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Kristabel specializes in innovation management and entrepreneurship. She believes in creating value, virtuous communities and ecosystems. With background in materials engineering, Kristabel ventured into technology transfer, focusing on using technopreneurship, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship to bring ideas to commercial market.

Laletha Nithiyanandan
Managing Director, Behavioural Consulting Group; Co-Founder, Made of Brilliance, Catalyst, Gastro-geography of Singapore; serial entrepreneur, a strong advocate for business with a heart; more than 30 years in talent solutions and HR consulting in Asia. She has held senior leadership roles within Kelly Services, Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Services in the Asia Pacific region and is the founder of Business Trends.
She is passionate about growing local edible plants, educating on the application of local produce.

Lee Jin Hwui
Senior business leader and change driver with proven track record in public service, higher education, packaging, supply chain and transport logistics across regional markets.

More than 20 years of deep cross-industry HR business partnering, talent/organisational development, talent acquisition, employee engagement, industrial relations, compensation and benefits expertise in leadership roles amplifying employer brands, supporting growth and building teams.

Collaborative team player, creative problem solver with high empathy skills. Possess breadth and depth of experience harnessing synergies in large and complex cross-cultural organisations and ecosystems.
Programs : UNACOV 1

Lee Junior
Occupation : Business owner / Director
A VC, Business Owner and Entrepreneur-in-Residence by profession, a mentor, teacher and loving father & husband by passion, who seeks to become a better man every day.