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Three Guys Event Solutions PTE. LTD., Chen Weixiang Kenny

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Short Bio : I believe the best way to grow is to grow together with people around you. I have had the opportunity to be mentored by several individuals which helped nurture me into who I am today. As an advocate of paying it forward, I am looking to pass on the kindness and sharing to others through mentoring. I am a graduating electrical engineering student from the National University of Singapore who is absolutely thrilled to begin my journey towards fulfilling my aspiration of becoming an engineering leader in the power and energy industry. My dream role is to be a solution provider as well as a team leader who with a global reach, providing both technical and commercial expertise. When I think about my love for engineering, I think of it as the past, the present, and the future. I see the work that engineers before me have put into the various creations around us. I also see how people and communities benefits now, as a result of our past work. Last but not least, I see the opportunities for growth and the betterment of our future as an aspiring engineering leader.