Social Collider , Lim Wei Da

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 Social Collider , Lim Wei Da

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Years of Professional Experience : 5

Industries : Media , Other , Social Service , Wholesale

Occupation : Entrepreneur

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Areas of Expertise : Entrepreneurship

Areas of Interest : Business Development

Values : Compassion , Continuous Learning , Generosity , Gratitude , Kindness

My Life Goals and Objectives : 1. To modernise traditional culture 2. to hack the present system's way of doing things 3.To create more social impacts through awareness, education and support 4. To create a path and provide guidance to troubled people

Short Bio : I'm Lionel. I'm 25 yrs old this year. I have entered workforce since the age of 14 years old and started my first venture at 19 years old. Born in a well to do family, where most of my relatives and family's members ran their own businesses, i came to wonder whether money is the root of all evil? as everybody working hard to provide the best education, flaunting their status and spending unwisely with money. In my career options, i only soon to found out that my actual purpose was never about wealth, i found my true elixir of happiness was to provide guidance to people and engage in social enterprise. In my voluntary experiences, i have participate weekly meet-the-people session, welfare manager in Covid-19 isolation zone and Google online marketing challenge where i be running free ads campaign for non profit organization.