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SAFRAN ED Services Asia, Matthieu PERE

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Years of Professional Experience : 21

Industries : Aviation / Space

Occupation : Business owner / Director

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Areas of Expertise : Career , Leadership

Areas of Interest : Business Development , Coaching , Partnerships , Project Management , Supply Chain Management

Values : Achievement , Authenticity , Continuous Learning , Courage , Creativity , Determination , Empathy , Excellence , Generosity , Honesty , Inspiring Others , Kindness , Optimism , Passion , Resilience , Respect , Responsibility , Trust

My Life Goals and Objectives : After more than 20 years in the business, i would like to spend sometimes now to give back, and share my experience to any one, who is ready to learn, look for different perspectives etc.

Short Bio : I m graduated from Aerospace and Finance, with a Bachelor, and a Master degrees. i have been working in FRANCE for 10 years and moved to Singapore more than 10 years ago. I spent much more time overseas than in FRANCE, and has a career path in the Company, up to a CEO position, where i a m now. All along the journey, i have been careful to have sponsors, mentors, who could/can help me toward the experiences, and i m happy now if I can give back more with the youngest generations, and especially nowadays, with the COVID-19 has revamped many businesses, careers etc. I also consider that supporting mentee, will help to improve myself.