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Grab, Sandeep Khanna
Sandeep Khanna
Has had a very diverse career spanning advertising, marketing, consulting, coaching and learning. He has build communications for global brands like Adidas, Dulux, FedEx, Nestle, Oral B to name a few and has driven marketing for ICI Paints, Nokia and LG in APAC. He has also been a part of digital & people transformation programs in tech savvy companies like Facebook and Grab.
His differentiation is in the fact that he was a business and brand leader to begin with and uses that understanding to deliver more meaningful programs driven by behavior change and a clear business impact.
Sandeep is an ENFJ on the MBTI scale and has the following strengths as his Top 5 as per Gallup: Maximizer, Strategic, Connectedness, Ideation and Relator He is a trained coach from the Neuroleadership Institute and has a few key important certifications as well.
His mantra for life is captured in his blood group "Be Positive!"

Gracesinlife.com , Helena Choo
Helena Choo Gracesinlife.com
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education , Media , Sustainability
A servant leader of God without guile, unabashed in fulfilling God’s Will and living Christian values. Led by God to be certified by Massachusetts Institute of Technologies in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain solutions, I’ve come to realise that board advisors and supposed tech talent experts have little experience and knowledge in Web 3 and blockchain. For Singapore to advance as the Global Cryptocurrency hub, we need fresh pairs of eyes and creative solutions and am open to Board positions to serve in Blockchain solutions and Cryptocurrency.

Green Park Content, Ninda Aldila
Ninda Aldila Green Park Content
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Advertising , Marketing , Media
I’m a seasoned digital marketer turned entrepreneur that has 10++ professional experience

Growth Marketing Studio, Thibaut Briere
Thibaut Briere Growth Marketing Studio
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Education , Learning & Development , Marketing , Media , Retail , Services , Technology
I help technology companies - from startups to corporates - launch new products worldwide, introduce new technologies on the market and grow using all aspects of digital.

I had the chance to work internationally for both 3 people startups as well as big brands such as Cisco or Nokia. I've launch many products in areas ranging from Cloud and Internet of Things, Cybersecurity to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence or Collaboration.

My specialties include: digital strategy, product launch, inbound marketing, growth marketing, content strategy, social media, Saas, agile marketing.
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 1 , AIM-23-2

GTL, Piyush Tewari
Piyush Tewari GTL
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Piyush Tewari is a digital learning specialist who drives transformation of the talent practice across South-East Asia. He enables businesses to use game design and gamification techniques to create better products and services that drive engagement and loyalty with their customers. Harnessing the power of gaming and digital he works on solutions that induce behavioural change and drive retention. A certified Blue Ocean Strategy practitioner, he helps firms design new products/services that create new demand. A raconteur at heart he loves to engage with communities and share his experiences to enable a better future.
Programs : UNACOV 2

Hashstacs Pte Ltd, Isabelle Sumarli
Isabelle Sumarli Hashstacs Pte Ltd
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Sustainability , Technology
Isabelle manages business development and partnerships in a Fintech firm, Hashstacs Pte Ltd. Hashstacs is a blockchain firm for the financial industry which is involved in Central Bank MAS’ blockchain initiative, Project Ubin. Isabelle is experienced in the banking and funds industry, formerly from a Private Equity and Hedge Fund Administrator, BNP Paribas Wealth Management and Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group. Her prior experiences included overseeing a portfolio of alternative funds of USD 2.6 Billion AUM and providing business requirements with 200+ hours in cost-savings. She is a Finance graduate, Institute of Banking and Finance (IB) Qualified, Honour Roll International Compliance Association (ICA) Member.
Programs : UNACOV 3

Hazel Low
Hazel Low
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Human Resource , Other , Services
I have been with the company for more than 37 years. In those years I had moved into different roles in the corporation. Such as Marketing Admin, Customer Fulfilment Support, Education coordinator cum instructor, System and Process Analyst, Business Control manager and finally now Real Estate and Site operation manager. I am a certified ICF Professional Coach, helping individual to add value to their physical and mental well being.

Helena Lim
Helena Lim
Occupation : Business owner / Director
15-ish years in Corporate Finance, 15-ish running my own business in F&B, 2-ish years as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. I received a lot of help and guidance along the way, and I would like to give back. I want to get deeper into coaching/counselling; my interest is in self-awareness, helping people suffering from emotional pain of their own creation, helping people who use food and alcohol to "solve" emotional problems. If I don't have the "qualifications" to be a mentor, I gladly welcome any suggestions of how I get started doing this. Thank you!

Helen Han
Helen Han
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Consulting , Marketing , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Business postgraduate from University of St. Andrews, UK. High engagement with European startup ecosystem by sourcing, mentoring and investing in high-potential tech startups. 7-year hands-on experience in market research, go-to-market strategy planning, agile product development, business operation, team building and marketing activities & analysis alongside the startup development life cycle. 5-year researching and writing experience as columnist in tech business, with a broad interest in various sectors including marketplace, E-commerce, SaaS, IoT, Robotics, 3D printing, smart manufacturing etc. as well as in-depth knowledge of different startup ecosystems in Europe, Asia and US.

Henri Tan
Henri Tan
Make organisations an awesome place for stakeholders ♦ HR Trainer & Consultant in Employment Laws & Performance Mangement
Support the company in becoming a choice employer with meaningfully engaged, highly competent and well motivated employees contributing to business profitability and organizational growth.
Programs : UNACOV 1

Her_Rise_Above, Dimple Sanghi
Dimple Sanghi Her_Rise_Above
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Consulting
Check from linked in
Programs : AIM-22-1

Hinrich Alumni, Thang Sawm Lian Tuang
Thang Sawm Lian Tuang Hinrich Alumni
Occupation : Technical
Industries : Engineering
Thang Sawm Lian Tuang is an experienced supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in the shoe manufacturing industry and plant management. He is currently Production Technical Specialist in Myanmar for Geox Asia Pacific Ltd.

He earned his Master of Science in Global Production Engineering and Management from the Vietnamese-German University in 2017.
Programs : CPM

Hinrich Foundation, Celeste Zeng
Celeste Zeng Hinrich Foundation
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Technology
Working in Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Corporate innovation teams, I enjoyed horizontal learning from different fields and will continue to sign up for new challenges. I also believe the best leaders think strategically and execute resiliently; I treasure opportunities in school or at work to observe and model different styles to form my own understanding of leadership.

I aspire to be a true global entrepreneur and I never stop preparing myself for it. Maybe I will never be as successful as I thought, but we call a dream a dream because it keeps you motivated and excited about the possibilities regardless of the reality. In the end, it’s the journey that matters.

All in all, I believe integrity, humility, empathy and curiosity is the winning recipe of leadership.
Programs : CPM

Hinrich Foundation, Md Shafiar Rahman Rana
Md Shafiar Rahman Rana Hinrich Foundation
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Sustainability
Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Shafiar is the Manager of Factory Compliance Program (APAC) at VF Corp, one of the world’s largest apparel producers with more than 20 footwear and accessories brands including Vans, The North Face, Timberland and Dickies. He works closely with regional teams to ensure the successful implementation of VF’s Factory Compliance Program.Shafiar has extensive experience in compliance and auditing within the textile, apparel, and financial industries. Prior to VF Asia, he was a Responsible Sourcing Specialist at The Children’s Place and a Senior Auditor at Intertek Bangladesh.
Programs : CPM

Hinrich Foundation, Xing Cai (Eddie)
Xing Cai (Eddie) Hinrich Foundation
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Retail
Xing “Eddie” Cai has a proven track record of leadership, marketing and sales in the retail and eCommerce industry. He was a recipient of Forbes 2019 “30 under 30 Asia” award for retail and ecommerce. He is a Partner Development Manager in the cross-border ecommerce Amazon Web Service Shanghai. Eddie earned his Master in Business Administration from INSEAD in Singapore in 2020 through the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship.
Programs : CPM

Hmlet, Gaetan De Dietrich
Gaetan De Dietrich Hmlet
A passionate believer in integrated operating models that put people at the centre of everything business does. Currently Hmlet's Product Manager for Community, focused on scaling member experience across APAC and resolved to putting our communities and relatedness at the centre of how we solve the greatest problems of our times.

Hong Consulting, Chuahongleong@yahoo.com
Chuahongleong@yahoo.com Hong Consulting
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Education , Learning & Development , Technology
An international holistic teacher and healer with over 30 years of experience, Hong was trained in meditation, QiGong and Acupressure since young. In 2008, he completed 2 diplomas in Australia – Diploma in Remedial Massage and Diploma in Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies. In addition, Hong had over 15 years of Management Consultant experience with the top global firms.

Drawing inspiration from both worlds, Hong Leong established School of Holistic Arts to teach a holistic framework of wellness incorporating the philosophy of yoga, the practices of traditional chinese medicince and the science of modern medicine.

Howard Chao
Howard Chao Programs : CPM

Ian Maxwell
Ian Maxwell
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Engineering , Other , Services
Originally from the UK, Ian has lived and worked in Asia since 2001. With a successful career in the automotive industry, ranging from dealer service and retail to design engineering and business management, Ian has experience from workshop floor through to senior management positions in Bentley Motors and Group Lotus.
Ian currently runs his own business consultancy based in Singapore where he is also indulging his passion as a private chef, offering home dining experiences and private cookery classes. Ian also recently embarked on delivering a weight management and wellness program and now considers himself to be an emerging Entrepreneur.
Married with a Singaporean wife, Ian is a Singapore PR with four grown up children, two dogs and interests in photography, music and home improvements.
Programs : UNACOV 5

ICF Singapore Chapter, Suman Balani
Suman Balani
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Construction , Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Government , Healthcare , Learning & Development , Manufacturing , Marketing , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Services , Technology
See linked in profile
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 3 , UNACOV 2 , UNACOV 1 , AIM-21 1 , MY.AIM , AIM-21 4 , AIM-23-1 , AIM-23-3

IDEAPACT, Nicole Yong
Nicole Yong IDEAPACT
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Marketing , Media , Property , Retail , Technology
An Action Taker and Business Strategist | ENTJ
I spent most of my career working in digital agencies and retail technology solution providers – managing business strategy and customer success in the areas of websites, mobile apps, social media and connected touchpoints including wearable devices, retail POS systems, facilities management solutions.
Programs : AIM-21 1 , MY.AIM , AIM-23-3

IdeasWorthDoing .org, Dave Lim
Dave Lim IdeasWorthDoing .org
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education , Learning & Development , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Dave is a global citizen. soul, and humanist.
Dave is a polymath, provocateur, possibilist, and pioneer.
Dave’s purpose and passion is : Ideas + Dream + Share + Grow.

Since 1999, Dave has co-created, launched, financed, and grown new ideas into ventures, started movements, pioneered and built local, regional and global communities.
Programs : CPM

Impact Collective, Amarit Charoenphan
Amarit Charoenphan Impact Collective
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education , Media , Sustainability , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Amarit is the ASEAN Director of Impact Collective (IC), a community-driven investment and acceleration project for impact-driven startups focusing on opportunities in Asia. IC invests in, supports, and connect startups that are solving global challenges to accelerate the positive impact in the world.

He is best known as the Co-founder and Former CEO of HUBBA, Thailand’s first coworking space and community that is the only Google for Startups Partner Hub in Thailand. He is also Chief International Officer and Cofounder of Techsauce, one of Southeast Asia's leading technology media and events company. His passion for the startup community and to help entrepreneurs grow has led him to angel invest in many of the top Thai startups and actively coaches over 1000+ different startups founders over the past decade. He is also a Fellow of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF), and has been named as one of Forbes Asia 30 Under 30: Enterprise Technology, and Thailand Startup Enabler of The Year 2016.
Programs : UNACOV 2

Independent, Cheng Ming Hui
Cheng Ming Hui Independent
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Manufacturing , Oil & Gas
“Nourish to Flourish”
Driven by a strong personal desire to see individuals flourish and with equipped with extensive (~20years) corporate experience in business management, regional supply chain, finance, HR and the oil & gas industry, I help clients harness their internal strengths and potentials with leadership trainings and mindfulness-based coaching, empowering individuals to be the person they can be.

Leadership, Team and Individual Effectiveness programs I deliver cover mindfulness and resilience at work, effective mentoring, leadership with emotional intelligence and team performance elevation.
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 3

Independent, NG Yee Lin
NG Yee Lin Independent
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Marketing , Other
“ I strongly believe and embrace courage, humility and resilience as a path forward in life. These values also enable me to be a positive resource to organisations.”

In her former roles as APAX Group, VP of Greater China - Events, overseeing 8 project teams and 2 studio teams based in Shanghai, and VP of Global Strategic Planning, including managing APAX overseas offices in Paris, Milan and India, Yee Lin acquired deep knowledge and insight in accounts servicing and management processes to create international events and drive strategic partnerships with global brands in Asia and Europe.
Yee Lin has had the privilege of acquiring special expertise in managing large-scale projects that involved icons such as Sandy Lam, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Stephen Curry over the 15 years of work as an expatriate in Hong Kong and China.

Yee Lin is a Solution Focused Coach ICF ACC and an events management consultant.
Programs : MY.AIM

Individual , YONG Weng Hong
YONG Weng Hong Individual
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Food & Beverage , Manufacturing
A knowledgeable and strategic finance leader with 27 years of diverse working experience in listed companies and MNCs. Held board positions in listed and joint venture companies within APAC FMCG industry. As part of senior management, I have been involved in M&A, strategic reviews of operating companies, change management, cost management and board interaction.

I am passionate believer in people development, was instrumental in mentoring and raising up talents into
successful professionals. Volunteered in mentoring startups and NUS undergraduates.

My current purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s life by shaping and influencing their thinking, through active listening, appropriate questioning and sharing past experiences.

Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific, Lorena Owen Roma
Lorena Owen Roma Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Engineering
Strategic and driven leader with an impressive career background in Project Management, Product, Test, and Manufacturing Engineering in semiconductor and technology industries. Adept skills in analyzing and identifying opportunities to deliver strategic options for efficiency improvements and cost reductions. Goal focused, entrepreneurial driven professional with proven record of success coupled with MBA degree
Programs : CPM

InnerDynamics Map Pte Ltd, Antoinette Biehlmeier
Antoinette Biehlmeier InnerDynamics Map Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Healthcare
Early 90's I worked as a deputy manager in a Deutsche Bank branch. 1997 we moved to Hong Kong, where I took care of our kids and began to get interested in holistic health.
In 2001, we moved to Singapore where I then started to attend a variety of trainings in complementary health, for example Jin Shin Jyutsu, Nutripuncture, Regression- and Hypnotherapy, NLP as well as a coaching training with New Ventures West. I set up my own company InnerDynamics Map in 2006 to help others find answers to their emotional and physical challenges.
Programs : CPM

Inno-Vest Advisors, Digvijay Madamae
Digvijay Madamae Inno-Vest Advisors
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Food & Beverage , Manufacturing , Sustainability , Venture Capital / Private Equity
An entrepreneur, advisor, and deal maker (ex military), looking forward to making a positive impact to needy enthusiastic professionals., maturing entrepreneurs etc.

Inspired Life International Sdn Bhd, Angeline
Angeline Inspired Life International Sdn Bhd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Manufacturing , Property , Services
Passionate in people development, and an advocate in creating
Sustainable Real Transformation from within, Angeline is favored with more than 20 years of coaching experience. As the RTT Pioneer Practitioner in Asia Pacific since 2016, she is blessed with international clients from 13 countries over 4 continents - Asia, North America, South America, and Europe, addressing mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges.
Exceptionally unconventional than mainstream medical and common therapies, Angeline is a master when it comes to relieving her clients from their challenges. Empathetic and angelic, her proven, powerful hybrid neuroscience framework helps struggling clients to overcome their pain, failure and disastrous life effectively, quickly, and sustainably.
Also a creator of six (6) signature trade-marked programs in Malaysia, Angeline transforms individuals and organisation leaders to inject excitement, energy and enthusiasm in their lives so that they can they can have a meaningful and purposeful life. Angeline has been featured in the various Malaysia and international media such as US Podcast ASIAN Women in Power, Channel W, Bernama, BFM 89.9, Utusan Malaysia, Harian Metro, and China Press

Institute of Blockchain Singapore , Manoj Thacker
Manoj Thacker Institute of Blockchain Singapore
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Technology
I am a Singaporean national with four decades of business experience and residences in Singapore, the UK, India, and the UAE. As a well-travelled Singaporean polyglot with Gujarati roots, I am a unique presence among business leaders.

As a Certified Chair with access to a diverse pool of advisors, I bring value to the decisionmakers – Boards, Management Teams, CEOs, and others.
Programs : CPM

International  Coach Federation, Bernadette Cenzon
Bernadette Cenzon International Coach Federation
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Education , Learning & Development
Career profile: includes a specialization in trade and commodity finance having worked for Dutch and French banks in Shanghai, Hongkong, Singapore establishing commodity finance desks including staff training. Lecturer in Singapore Management University and co created an Executive Course for Trade & Commodity Finance attended by over 100 participants in a span of 7 years; founded 2 enterprises one in consultancy for trade and commodity finance and the other a high end boutique for hand crafted leather products; became a coach in 2015 with the International Coach Federation (PCC) credentialed to the present as a life and career transition coach; mentors as a life coach with a Singaporean based entity, BilberriesBlue which specializes in youth character formation and enterpreneurism and The Economics of Universal Well Being. Youth includes from Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong and Philippines. Taught in the Education University of Hongkong on Work/Life Balance ; created an initiative for professionals on Creativity; Well being, family orientation for Hong Kong professionals pre-covid; Creativity skills include pottery and ceramics ; water colour painting; hand crafted leather products; semi precious stones jewelry craft and design, photography and classical guitar

ION Mobility Pte Ltd, Chan Lianghong James
Chan Lianghong James ION Mobility Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Sustainability , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
James is founder and CEO of ION Mobility, an electric mobility and new energy company focused on Southeast Asia with teams across Singapore, Jakarta and Shenzhen. ION's products combine advanced hardware and software technology with human-centred design to deliver smart electric motorbikes and energy storage solutions that are for everyone to use. The company has raised over US$6.8 million in funding from venture funds and angels since its founding in late 2019 and recently unveiled its EV motorbike, the ION Mobius, to be launched for sale in Indonesia in 2022.

Irene Teh
Irene Teh
Occupation : Professional
Mentored and coached/nurtured youth, young adults and adults in the past twenty years in educational institution, workplace, and voluntary settings on career matters, self-discovery, self-help guidance, and motivational context. I invite you to visit my LinkedIn Profile.
Programs : UNACOV 2

Isuru Liyanage
Isuru Liyanage
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Learning & Development , Media
I’m a UK Qualified Animation graduate and social entrepreneur from Srilanka. I have completed MA, BA Computer Animation UK, Diploma in multimedia, Certificate in film, Certificate in TV Production. Apart from that I learned leadership +management, Enterprise certificate from the UK. In my spare time I have learned product design, Creative thinking, analytical thinking, project management and psychology. I have used 3D max 10 years, Adobe Photoshop 10 years, , Adobe After effects 10 years, Adobe Audition 10 years, Adobe premiere 10 years and adobe illustrator 3 years.
I have 5 years of work experience and 3 years of voluntary experience and 2 years of teaching including UKBA Animation.
I like your organization and job .So I’m positively confident that I can do it with a bit of training.
I’m ready work remote from srilanka .I got one year online working experience for UK animation.

IUIGA, Chan Pui Yee, Jaslyn
Chan Pui Yee, Jaslyn IUIGA
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Marketing , Retail
Jaslyn Chan is the co-founder of IUIGA, a direct-to-consumer brand selling luxury-quality home and lifestyle goods at completely transparent prices.
She is inspired by risk-takers and innovators of all kinds, and is passionate about creating new efficient business models that can deliver high quality products at lower price points than traditional competitors.
Programs : MY.AIM

Izwan & Partners, Izwan Zakaria
Izwan Zakaria Izwan & Partners
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Government , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Other , Services , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Izwan Zakaria is a corporate/commercial and technology lawyer focusing on advising technology companies and early stage startups. He is the managing partner of Izwan & Partners, a corporate and technology law firm based in Kuala Lumpur.

An avid debater during his law school days, Izwan has been involved in a wide variety of technologies businesses. has direct experience ranges from the formation of new startup companies through venture capital financings and acquisitions. Izwan also represents venture capital funds and investee companies in investment transactions.

His portfolio of corporate work also encompasses advising on corporate governance, regulatory compliance and corporate and commercial matters.

Izwan is a member of the Fintech Association of Malaysia and a committee member of the Universiti Teknologi MARA Law Alumni Society for 2019/2020 team.

In addition, Izwan also acts as a mentor at ScaleUp Malaysia (an accelerator for Malaysian companies looking to scale and grow), Closing The Gap (a nonprofit seeking to improve access to higher education for young people), legal counsel and mentor of Founders Institute (a pre-seed start-up accelerator with a presence in over 180 cities worldwide) and Mentor For Hope, a Singapore based mentoring programme targeted for companies affected by the Covid-19 crisis in South East Asia.
Programs : UNACOV 4

Jag Sekhon Arora
Jag Sekhon Arora
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Construction , Consulting , Education , Human Resource , Manufacturing , Non-Profit / Philanthropy
Contributing in various capacities within Not for Profit, Jag has dedicated this phase of her journey to the empowerment of marginalised communities within civil society. Previously, Jag held various positions of leadership within For Profit spanning the Energy and Manufacturing sector globally.
Programs : CPM , AIM-24-2

Jane Foo (SPARK)
Jane Foo (SPARK)
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Engineering
I'm a parent to a ADHD teenager, as well as a working single parent.
Programs : AIM-21 3