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Low Shin Yi
Low Shin Yi
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Technology
Experienced in strategic consulting, project management, problem solving, change management, process improvements & leadership. I've done informal mentoring to junior colleagues and is passionate about influencing others positively.

Lynn Tan
Lynn Tan
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Retail
In my mid 40s with 22 years experience working in corporate companies locally and overseas. Out of the rat race recently and started working on my passion.

Malathi C K
Malathi C K
Software professional with 10 years of experience in web development. Proficient in gathering requirement, developing project plans, designing prototypes, user interface development. A travel lover who loves to learn interesting things.

Maniyadeth Narayanan
Maniyadeth Narayanan
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Consulting , Learning & Development , Other , Technology
I am an experienced Executive Coach specializing in Career Coaching, Leadership Development and business skills training. I have successfully coached 600+ senior and mid-level executives in multiple industries. I also have held 200+ training and facilitation sessions. Prior to this, I have held senior leadership positions in Fortune 500 multinational companies.

Marcus Tan
Marcus Tan
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Business Builder and Leader with extensive experience in delivering strategically significant end to end solutions in industries relating to Digital Marketing Strategy and Partnerships, Advertising Programmatic Ad Ecosystems, Social Media and Social Network Platform strategy, Digital Analytic with Deep Machine Learning Methodology and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence sectors. Diverse experience in international settings across Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, USA, Europe including Germany, Britain, Spain & Russia.
Excellent Business and Commercial Acumen with an outstanding record in achieving or out-performing revenue targets and notable successes in Sales Management Systems, Business Development & Marketing Strategies. Proven ability to manage and work with large, cross-functional & multicultural teams in the delivery of multiple concurrent projects.
A persuasive communicator with excellent presentation skills and ability to build high-performance teams that have served as a growth catalyst and infuse productive energy into the working environment. Excellent ability in engaging clients, corporate partners, internal and external stakeholders at all levels to bring business growth and achieve organizational KPIs.

Marriott International , uday
uday Marriott International
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Human Resource , Learning & Development
I have been working in the L&D and HR domain for the last 10 years. Been with Marriott International for the last 16 years and have grown through the ranks - absolutely love what we do and what inspires me the most is how we can develop our associates as they grow into better human beings in their lives and step into leadership roles in the organization.

Marvin Lew Shen Kai
Marvin Lew Shen Kai
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education , Food & Beverage , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Retail , Services
Strategic, agile, and innovative professional with more than 25 years corporate experience across start-ups, joint ventures, and high-growth organizations and 8 years of SOX/internal audit experience. Ability to translate business vision into commercial, finance and HR initiatives that improve performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement. A leader who supports companies and top executives in strategic decision making, launching programs to build high performance workforce, and sharing impactful insights of data to position the business for the future. Collaborate cross-functionally across organizational levels to build consensus, track benchmark achievement, and troubleshoot emerging issues. - Core Competencies - Risk management, Effective persuasion, Leadership development, Corporate performance improvement, Policy, process & systems design, Change management
Programs : AIM-22-3

Md Hazril Rosle
Md Hazril Rosle
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Consulting , Education , Government , Learning & Development
With more than 10 years of coaching and training advisory experience in both public and private sector. Mr Md Hazril is an experienced facilitator in empowering individuals to be aware of their own values, strengths and personalities so that they can maximise their potential. His experience in diverse engagements with participants of different profiles such as back to work mothers, students, NS men’s, seniors, in mates etc allows him to be able to understand and address the varying needs of his participants.

His professional certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GDCF), Advanced Certificate in Career Development Facilitation and Advanced Diploma in Psychology, further equips him to conduct various personality and skills profiling which gives him a competitive edge as a career facilitator. 

Me2We Pte Ltd, Lyn Wong
Lyn Wong Me2We Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Learning & Development , Marketing , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Property , Social Service
An internationally accredited facilitator & coach, Lyn is passionate about organizational learning and development. Every individual, team or organization is a system. Lyn believes that when we take a systemic approach to look at individuals, teams and organizations, we can better engage, align and integrate all parts of the system and tap into the collective wisdom to achieve strategic objectives. As such, be it coaching or facilitation work, she uses a facilitative and collaborative approach, holding space for a safe environment where clients share openly and explore collectively to co-create the future they envision. She has worked with clients across various industries in the private, public and non-profit sectors, supporting them in co-creating and aligning visions with strategic directions and outcomes; aligning and engaging teams towards better collaboration and high performance; and supporting leaders in building leadership agility to flex and adapt in this complex and fast-changing world. Clients describe her as engaging, supportive, patient & positive. They are appreciative of her style in engaging the participants, harnessing the voices of the participants, & creating a safe environment for group learning & group ownership of the learning experience.
Programs : AIM-21 2

Meero, Sumit Jasoria
Sumit Jasoria Meero
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Marketing , Media , Services , Technology , Telecom , Venture Capital / Private Equity
I head the India business of Meero, the AI photography company. Prior to this I was working with Rocket Internet in building an e-commerce platform in South East Asia which was acquired by Alibaba in 2018.

Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Aviation / Space , Food & Beverage , Learning & Development , Technology
Experienced mentor who is active in Nottingham university as an alumni mentor, as well as in 3 other NPO in Singapore who is keen to inspire and empower youths to spend their time in a productive and pragmatic manner.

Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Manufacturing , Marketing
BakChai Tan grew up in Malaysia and has worked and live internationally - in the US, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia - in industries such as building and air-conditioning services, equipment design and integration and electronic manufacturing services.

His experience ranges over a number of areas of operational leadership including training, application and coaching in the elements of inspirational leadership and skill development. He partners Senior Executives as they navigate the growing complexity of today's business environment and balance the paradoxical demands that affect leaders.

BakChai has many years of operational leadership experience at the executive level and the nature of his assignments have included turnaround for underperforming teams with coaching-style leadership, coaching and grooming senior individuals around business skills and preparing them to assume their next leadership roles, interpersonal skills and the full spectrum covered by leadership and management competency.

BakChai’s inter-cultural and wide-ranging background adds diversity and depth to his executive coaching practice. His approach is designed to support the growth of leaders in building and sustaining their organisation’s value creation capacity. BakChai focuses on developing executives to ensure their growth is aligned with the Vision, Values, and Strategy of the organisation in which they work. He helps executives leverage their strengths while developing new leadership behaviours that support the organisation. His work delivers long-term, positive results. He has helped his clients make better decisions, form stronger alliances, develop more coherent strategies, crystallise their intent, clarify their thinking, and motivated them to be their best.
BakChai’s management experience includes the position of Marketing Manager for the Asia Pacific region for a US-based multinational company and General Manager, managing multiple manufacturing sites in China.
Programs : AIM-21 2 , AIM-21 3 , AIM-21 4

Metropolitan YMCA, Ryan Steven Neo Hongliang
Ryan Steven Neo Hongliang Metropolitan YMCA
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Consulting , Education , Learning & Development , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Social Service , Sports
Programs : MY.AIM-22

Metta School for special needs studentd, Pritam Kaur
Pritam Kaur Metta School for special needs studentd
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education
I am teaching students with special needs for the past 16 years. I had worked fews years at Mnistry of Defence and as a Teacher Aide at British International school (Tanglin Trust). I stayed in Canada for a few years.

Mindful Coaching Academy, Thy-Diep Ta
Thy-Diep Ta Mindful Coaching Academy
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Education , Finance/Insurance , Technology
Yip is entrepreneur, executive coach, certified mindfulness trainer and former Management Consultant in project lead role at McKinsey & Co. She holds an MBA from INSEAD business school and is the author of the book "Beautiful Brains change tomorrow... today". Her expertise is in supporting fellow humans become better listeners (to themselves, and to others) through mindful coaching.

MINDGEN PTE  LTD, Divya Nagarajan
Divya Nagarajan MINDGEN PTE LTD
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Food & Beverage , Marketing

I am a passionate, driven , entrepreneurial leader enabling agile innovation through real-time consumer insights. I have worked both in the B2B and B2C sectors leading teams with diversity in organisations like Givaudan, Starcom, Lotte confectionery and in Henkel. I have a wide range of experience in marketing, consumer insights, business development, impacting product design & business. I believe in empowering people to reach their aspirations & goals. My motto is "Carpe Diem - Seize the day".

-, Minh VU HONG
Minh VU HONG -
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Construction , Consulting , Engineering , Finance/Insurance , Logistics , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
12 years of experience including 6 in investment (tech venture and mid/large cap PE) and 8 in business strategy. Startup advisor and investor, ex-founder and ex-consultant, background in science and engineering.

Ministry of Education, Anupma Tiwary
Anupma Tiwary Ministry of Education
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education , Government , Learning & Development , Other
I am committed to being in the helping profession and to develop the young. I see myself in multiple roles as a guide, a confidante, a de facto parent at times and a friend to my clients and stakeholders. I believe by doing so I can contribute to building the community. The way forward is to pay it forward and life is a cycle and an ecosystem.
Programs : AIM-21 1 , AIM-21 3 , MY.AIM-22 , AIM-22-2

Mintable Pte Ltd, Mukund Vijayaraghavan
Mukund Vijayaraghavan Mintable Pte Ltd
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Human Resource , Technology
I am a HR Professional with about 23 years of experience primarily in Information Technology. I am a "People's Man" and love to interact and build relationships.

MK Consulting , MK Liew
MK Liew MK Consulting
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Over 40 years in HR in both local and MNCs throughout the Asia Pacific region in managing and setting up operations. Currently with TADM in providing advisory to employers and employees on employment matters

Monica Menon
Monica Menon
Founder of RITE Preschool, Medan Indonesia, Founder of Words Worth T & L and Education and Adjunct Lecturer/Tutor and Practicum Supervisor with National Institute of Education, Pedagogy expert, Curriculum Designer and Regional Teacher Trainer for Cambridge Assessments and Hodder Education (UK).

Moody's Corporation, Matthias Ong
Matthias Ong Moody's Corporation
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Engineering , Government , Learning & Development , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Services , Social Service , Sustainability , Technology
Matthias is a bona fide impact strategist who wants to make a positive and lasting impact to people around the world by helping through disaster and crisis, managing adverse risks, conserving nature, advocating and contributing to sustainable social / infrastructure development and sharing God's love with others.

Matthias is known as an excellent team player with multi-disciplinary and cross-sector skills and knowledge. He has a penchant for thinking out of the box and making innovative solutions work all the way from policy to implementation.

An expert in climate risk and adaptation planning, having sat on expert panels, running complex initiatives and contributing to national climate plans for Singapore and other countries, he also has experience in strategic social programmes that promote social justice and poverty alleviation.

Most importantly of all, Matthias is a devoted follower of Christ. He swims against the currents with conviction. He can't help everyone but he knows that Jesus can.

Moonlake  Lee
Moonlake Lee
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Healthcare , Marketing
Moonlake is a multi-hyphenate: lawyer, healthcare marketer, investor, mentor, runner and community builder. She also has ADHD.

In the past two years, Moonlake has pulled out all the stops to support her daughter and learn more about ADHD to manage the condition both for herself and her daughter. Moved by the stories of individuals and families she knows with ADHD, Moonlake has been journeying with them to support them. She has recently launched a Facebook page and support group for ADHDers in Singapore and is in the process of developing a portal for ADHD in Singapore. Moonlake believes that every individual is precious, and her purpose is Uncovering Diamonds – to give each person with ADHD hope for a brighter future. Moonlake’s vision is to make ADHD information and treatment accessible, affordable, scalable and sustainable.
Programs : AIM-21 1 , MY.AIM

Muthu Ramanathan
Muthu Ramanathan
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Construction , Consulting , Education , Learning & Development
Starting out in F & B, Building & Civil Construction, Technology Consulting, Teaching, Mentoring to Post Graduate Degree in Law, I can say with conviction that I'm a life-long learner and a passionate people developer. Singaporean by citizenship but a Global Citizen in mindset. I'm a true believer that every individual is endowed with talent and it is a question of whether we are looking and paying enough attention to seek out talent. "Seek, you'll find", I'm a seeker, and a spiritual practitioner for 2 decades who marvel at the human potential and value the human connection and care to share. I give more than I can take.

NA, Rajeev Krishnan
Rajeev Krishnan NA
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education , Engineering , Manufacturing , Other , Technology , Telecom
20+ years of Progressive Experience in India/SWA & MEA market working with Engineering, Scientific & Industrial Business providing solutions in the field of Test, Measurement, Simulation, Control & Automation. I have worked with a wide range of Industries from Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, R&D to Manufacturing. Responsible for Growing Revenues, Scaling Operations, Building Customers, People & Partners with a Complete understanding of the P/L

na, Shakilah
Shakilah na
Occupation : Technical
Industries : Healthcare , Services
I have spent most of my working life in the pharmaceutical industry firstly in a marketing role and then mostly in the area of regulatory affairs in several pharmaceutical munltinational companies ( Leo, BMS, Invida, Takeda) in a regional position . I have worked as an individual contributor as well as a manager with staff reporting to me either directly or by dotted line.
I left my full time permanent job in March 2015 .

I chose to switch to part-time work to have more time on volunteering , to study for a Masters degree in Gerontology and more time with the family

During this time I continued to work part time in regulatory affairs and related field . In 2018 I helped support the roll out of a company wide IT solution in the region and acted as the intermediary to coordinate between the subject matter experts in the countries with the IT department in HQ.

I have volunteered at IMH . Ling Kwang Home , Sunlove , EHA’s Active Neighbours and with the Silver Generation office . During my internship for my Geronoltogy degree I was attached to the YIshun Community hospital and helped out with community actitvies I have been studying Gerontology and did some volunteering..

My educational background includes a science degree from NUS, post graduate certificate in regulatory affairs and an MBA by distance learning. My interest in social sciences and personal development only began after I personally encountered individuals with depression.

I am in my 60’s , married and have two adult children.
Programs : CPM

Natalia Tuson
Natalia Tuson
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Other
Have been living and working in Singapore for almost 10 years and prior to this lived and worked in London also for 10 years. Am Russian by origin, grew up in Algeria and Ukraine. Have international outlook. Am well travelled - visited 87 countries. Interested in culture, history, heritage. Would like to offer to be mentor and to help and inspire mentee to view the world and problems from different perspective and to help mentee to find solution to make the situation better.

National Youth Council, Mandy Lim
Mandy Lim National Youth Council
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Government , Social Service
Mandy is currently a Manager (Somerset Belt Office) at the National Youth Council, where she works towards developing Somerset as an inclusive, vibrant youth precinct that reflects youth identity and aspirations. In her personal capacity, she enjoys learning about universal access and inclusive practices for diverse communities, particularly in museums, arts and cultural settings. Her areas of interest include the intersectionality of arts and health, including mental well-being and how the arts may positively impact the lives of people.
Programs : CPM , MY.AIM-22

Naturopathic Therapies Clinic Pte Ltd, Saravanan
Saravanan Naturopathic Therapies Clinic Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Speaker Profile

Saravanan provides remedial solutions to illness, and disruptive emotions. He is a Professional Naturopathic physician trained in Sydney Australia. Montreal and India.
He is the founder of Accelerated Healing Methods (AHM). Accelerated healing methods are therapy methods that brings spontaneous or quick relieve at emotional, mental and physical level. BioFINity technology, Meridian Pulse therapy, Wave technique, are some of his techniques he created. CTC and Wealth Manifestation are other techniques that has been recognised as Accelerated Healing Methods.
He is also a psychotherapist and he uses Systemic Family Constellation Therapy, Creative Trauma Clearance (CTC), Body Talk, Solution Focus, Life Line Therapy and more. He is a board certified hypnotherapist.
He is an energy medicine scientist; he has used his engineering background to create energy tool which is now being used widely for wellness and therapy. He created the technology, which he has termed as BioFINity is revolutionising the energy medicine industry. He is also a Reiki Master of Tera Mai and Usui methods.
At his Naturopathic Therapies Clinic Pte Ltd, he helps to care for and support
Diabetes, Cholesterol, Hypertension (Metabolic Disorders)
Skin Challenges
Thank you

Saravanan ND, CH, DMD, D. Nutrition, TCTC
Naturopathic Physician

Neste , Christina Lu Maxwell
Christina Lu Maxwell Neste
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Engineering , Human Resource , Oil & Gas , Sustainability
Christina is a strategic HR leader with extensive experience in culture transformation & organisation development in start-ups, new businesses, merger & acquisition and joint ventures. She is respected for coaching senior leaders, spotting talents and delivering business results through successful human capital strategies.
Programs : AIM-21 3

Nextwave Partners, Vinny Chan
Vinny Chan Nextwave Partners
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Consulting , Human Resource
Vinny is an AI specialist headhunter and is currently leading the technology recruitment division at Nextwave Partners. She’s passionate about the tech industry and believes in contributing back to the community. Beyond recruitment, she’s co-managing Girls In Tech, Singapore Chapter. Girls in Tech is a Global Non- Profit organisation that aim to empower, inspire, educate and impart new and valuable skill sets to the young generation, while providing tech industry exposure and showcasing female role models.
Programs : MY.AIM

Ngee Ann Poly, Cassandra How
Cassandra How Ngee Ann Poly
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education , Media , Other
I believe that all human beings are intrinsically good and empathetic but circumstances change as conditions evolve. Now is the time I share my life experiences with others who are willing to listen and I thrive on being able to help. My keen interest in most sports, lifestyle issues, world events and even Singapore’s current affairs should be good talking points to begin with. I love travelling, tennis and golf, culinary discoveries and mahjong!

Nil, Mehboob
Mehboob Nil
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Healthcare , Marketing
Seasoned Corporate person with a mission to touch lives, improve communities and create individuals who are able to add value to the community.

Nil, Sufian Jumahri
Sufian Jumahri Nil
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education , Learning & Development , Media , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Property
Sufian Jumahri, a Singaporean, holds a Bachelor of Communication Studies (2nd Class Upper Honours), Nanyang Technological University, 1999, Singapore.

He brings 20 years of professional experience which include almost 10 years as an Educator with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and currently, an Adjunct Lecturer with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and DigiPen Institute of Technology. He has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, 2011, Singapore. He has also attained professional qualification in Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP), Institute of Adult Learning, 2020, Singapore.

In SP, he is currently delivering Life Skills modules to young adults such as Communication for Personal and Team Effectiveness and Conversational Malay. Previously, he lectured on General Education which focused on Research Skills, Global Issues and Oral Presentation and Defense. In DigiPen, he is guiding undergraduates in their Career Search Preparation.

As an MOE teacher, he won the Outstanding Contribution Award 3 times in 2013, 2015 and 2018, an achievement testimony to his hard work, resilience and commitment to success. He also contributed to the growth of others. As an experienced educator, he mentored trainee teachers and beginning teachers, who have shared that they appreciated his structured and systematic approach.

He is also dedicated to transforming the lives of his learners and had stepped forward to give back to society by spending a year teaching at Tanah Merah Prison School. Under his pastoral care, academic and career guidance, several inmates under his care went on successfully to polytechnic and university upon their release.

Before switching to be a trainer and educator, he spent almost 6 years in the media field which included a prestigious stint at CNN International. He next ventured into the real estate industry in Singapore for almost 4 years, specialising in sales and consultancy. Earlier in his profession, he seized the opportunity to work in major global hubs such as London and Sydney, collaborating with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

none, Karen Tok
Karen Tok none
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Human Resource , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Services , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Karen is an Inspirational Speaker, Thought Leader on A New Way to Win, and Founder of award-winning biotechnology recruitment firm, ScienTec Consulting Pte Ltd. A highly dynamic individual and forward-thinking business leader, Karen was nominated for the Great Woman of Our Times Award 2018 by Woman’s Weekly Magazine and a recipient of the merit award for Shell LiveWire Young Business Start-up Award 2005.

Karen is a visionary self-starter who attained outstanding entrepreneurial success despite being written off as an academic no-hoper with a learning disability. With a seed capital of S$10,000, she built a thriving business valued at S$10 million dollars at the time of trade sales some 12 years later. Under her helm, ScienTec won over 20 prestigious industry awards and expanded its Biotech and Pharmaceutical headhunting services to other verticals and related services.

A pioneer in the biotechnology recruitment industry, Karen quickly became a much sought-after opinion leader for the industry and was often quoted in Singapore’s mainstream media on the pulse of the industry. Her entrepreneurial success story was featured in many media outlets including The Straits Times, Her World, Forward – Shell LiveWire’s book on entrepreneurship, 938Live! Money FM 89.3, to name a few. Her thought leadership articles have also been extensively published in The Sunday Times, and industry publications such as Human Resource, HRM and BioSpectrum.

Karen is an avid lifelong learner and a firm-believer in personal transformation. She believes that with the right tools, anyone can achieve their life goals. Based on the many triumphs, challenges, peaks and troughs of her business and personal experiences, Karen developed a winning formula on A New Way to Win – one that is designed to help people overcome their setbacks and fear of failure, to reinvent a life they truly desire. She is passionate about sharing this formula to positively impact as many people as possible through speaking engagements, coaching and mentoring.
Programs : AIM-22-1

NTT, Ashish Thapar
Ashish Thapar NTT
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Technology
Ashish Thapar is the Vice President & Head for Security Consulting Services – Asia Pacific at NTT Ltd. Ashish brings nearly 2 decades of Information Security experience to his role at NTT Security. He has been leading and managing security consulting teams across APJ region; spanning across multiple security practices including: Security Strategy; Threat & Vulnerability management; Governance, Risk and Compliance; Payment Security; Incident Response; Digital Forensics; and Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Along with his vast leadership experience, he also accomplished a number of global domain certifications including CISSP, CISM, CISA, SANS GCFA, CCSK, ISO 27001 LI and CDCP. In addition, he has also been an accredited PCI QSA, PFI and PA QSA for several years.

He is an active speaker at numerous security industry events/seminars throughout Asia, including coverage on live TV programmes and radio/podcast interviews.

He is also a mentor for cybersecurity start-ups in ICE71/CSA Singapore supported programs and at Asia Institute of Mentoring.

NUSS, Faith Hung
Faith Hung NUSS
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education
Faith Hung is an education specialist who has involved in moulding the future of the nation for close to 2 decades. She graduated with a master of education (curriculum & teaching) from renowned Nanyang Technological University-National Institute of Education. She customises lessons through differentiated teaching to cater to students' individual needs, while building on their character to better prepare them for the future. Her students include local and international adults and children, such as former Dean of the School of Arts, National Institute of Education, and children with special needs.

Ms Faith Hung had been interviewed and featured in a number of international magazines as inspiring figure. She had also been invited as speaker for a number of topics, including inter-faith harmony, fashion, leadership and pageant winning experience. She had involved in charity work locally and internationally.

Below are her various titles:
Goodwill Ambassador for Singapore - SUNFO Diplomat
Humanitarian Ambassador of the Year
Sustainable Development International Women Day Award Winner
Candidate for Women of the Year
Conference Head (Asia Continent - International Youth Day 2020)
M.S Charity
M.S Singapore International Beautiful Eyes, jointly conferred by pageant organisor and sponsor
4 times top winner for Best Dressed competition

Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education , Finance/Insurance , Learning & Development
MD of a corporate training business. An appointed Startup Mentor with Temasek Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic. A regular speaker and trainer on Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship. A regular pitch judge in many hackathons and a pitch coach to many startups.
Programs : MY.AIM-22

OPPO Asia Pacific Region Headquarters, Christopher Almazan
Christopher Almazan OPPO Asia Pacific Region Headquarters
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Manufacturing , Marketing , Retail , Technology
An accomplished and visionary leader with over 18 years of strong and diverse experience in consumer electronics and FMCG and a deep knowledge of the Southeast Asia & Oceania region (having been based in at least seven countries: Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines).
Proven expertise in retail & consumer strategy development, retail marketing & brand store operations, sales & distribution management and training & sales development in both emerging and developed markets in APAC. Dedicated to delivering best-in-class customer experience through data-driven and results-oriented strategies.
Agile planner with an entrepreneurial mindset. Spirited coach & motivator, building and keeping teams that achieve superior performance.
Graduated from the Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford.