Gerard Tan

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Years of Mentoring Experience : 35

Years of Professional Experience : 40

Industries : Education , Learning & Development , Marketing , Oil & Gas

Occupation : Professional

LinkedIN Profile : I have keen interest in developing young minds to become more insightful and to identify/evaluate key opportunities. I will leverage my 3+ decades as a business and marketing practitioner to facilitate understanding of business and marketing principles and theories.

Areas of Expertise : Entrepreneurship , Leadership

Areas of Interest : Business Development , Coaching , Communication , Teaching , Training

Values : Continuous Learning , Empathy , Inspiring Others , Making a Difference , Responsibility

My Life Goals and Objectives : To impart experience and knowledge accumulated. At the same time, to understand and learn different perspectives from others, particularly younger people.

Short Bio : PROFILE OF GERARD TAN The last four years have been particularly rewarding for me. I began teaching in a polytechnic in Singapore not long after retirement from corporate life in 2015. The specific areas I have taught are Communications in a Global Workplace, Marketing and Organizational Behavior. I have also found time for volunteer work in Singapore and other countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia and Ethopia. Thirty-six years in corporate roles provided me many opportunities to experience and appreciate nuances in the concepts and theories of business and people management that are taught in academia. Consequently, I make every effort to illustrate and “bring to life” these concepts to those I teach, in order to make practical sense of them. In addition, I had the benefit of working in 5 different locations across Asia and North America, 12 years of which were outside of Singapore. The experience of interacting and working with people from many cultures and managing global teams were invaluable. Admittedly, I continue to have a passion for business endeavors and for sharing knowledge on business management I have acquired. My journey over several business cycles and especially during challenging periods, such as the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the 2008 Global financial crisis, left indelible lessons for me. I will be happy to provide a more detailed CV if required.