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Suresh MJ

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Years of Mentoring Experience : 12

Years of Professional Experience : 30

Industries : Services , Technology

Occupation : Business owner / Director

Skill : - Operations and Enterprise Customer Support Leadership. - People development - Leadership development - Coaching and Mentoring for Professional and Personal growth

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Areas of Expertise : Career , Leadership

Areas of Interest : Coaching , Communications , Project Management , Software Development , Spiritual Practice , Teams / Team-building

Values : Authenticity , Gratitude , Inspiring Others , Making a Difference , Trust

My Life Goals and Objectives : Empower people, leverage technology and lead spiritually fulfilled life.

Short Bio : Suresh MJ is a leadership professional, mentor and ICF certified coach with 30 years of corporate experience. He has coached individuals at all levels uplifting their professional aspirations and personal dreams. His engaged motivational encouragement brings out the inner potentials of individuals enabling them to achieve their goals. His leadership success in the technology, financial, education, travel, government and telco sectors has been accomplished with his focus at people development, people success and people excellence. His “present to listen” approach builds a personal space for the clients to feel the conversational comfort. Suresh employs various approaches and methodologies in supporting, influencing and guiding his clients. Rapid Planning Method, 7-level purposing and QUICK model are just a few to mention. Suresh is skilled in Personal Growth, Leadership, Transformational, and Career Coaching with the vision to empower individuals, organizations and teams to succeed in their goals.