Acorn Training, Elmer Lau


Acorn Training, Elmer Lau

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Years of Professional Experience : 16

Industries : Education , Learning & Development

Occupation : Business owner / Director

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Areas of Expertise : Career , Parenting , Personal Wellbeing

Areas of Interest : Design Thinking , Public Speaking , Teaching , Training

Values : Commitment , Family , Inspiring Others , Respect , Wisdom

My Life Goals and Objectives : To have continual personal transformation and inspiring others to do likewise.

Short Bio : One word to describe my work is growth. I gain great satisfaction seeing people grow in their skill set and get transformed in their mindset. Shortly after graduation, it was a choice between a good paying banking career and a start up focusing on youth development. I chose the latter. But looking back, I've never regretted the choice. It means I can wake up each day knowing that I do what I believe in. This work has enabled me to inspire youths of different age group, background and culture; and engaging fellow educators and parents in their roles.