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Stephanie Radcliff

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Years of Mentoring Experience : 10

Years of Professional Experience : 30

Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Food & Beverage , Learning & Development , Marketing , Property , Services , Technology , Telecom

Occupation : Business owner / Director

LinkedIN Profile : n/a

Areas of Expertise : Career , Entrepreneurship , Leadership , Personal Wellbeing

Areas of Interest : Business Development , Communications , Cyber Security , Data Analytics , e-Commerce , Financial Investments , Health & Wellness , Legal , Software Development , Supply Chain Management , Teaching , Teams / Team-building , Training

Values : Achievement , Continuous Learning , Excellence , Gratitude , Honesty

My Life Goals and Objectives : Continuous personal development, being the best i can be in all i do and with others. Remaining consciously accountable. With a passion for living to be the best you can, i have experienced deep and broad knowledge in multiple subjects and industries and try to always works consistently in supporting another human in their journey to be their best and optimize their dreams and lives. We are all only given time ... what we do with it is up to us :)

Short Bio : Stephanie has worked in senior and executive roles throughout global and regional teams in the IT industry for the past 30 years. Her experience includes 5 successful startups where she has worked in multiple countries. Stephanie has created and managed local and regional teams with authenticity and a natural style; with a championing attitude to make life extraordinary She has studied in the areas of Interior Decor, Coaching, Law, Cyber Security and Intelligence, MBA, NLP and Spiral Dynamics. In between there is sport, family and a couple of hobbies. The most recent years are as co-founder of a successful Cyber Security Co based in Singapore