Hinrich Foundation, Phuong Lan Nguyen

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Hinrich Foundation, Phuong Lan Nguyen

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Years of Mentoring Experience : 8

Years of Professional Experience : 16

Industries : Food & Beverage

Occupation : Business owner / Director

LinkedIN Profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/nguyenphuonglan2512/

Areas of Expertise : Parenting

Areas of Interest : Counseling

Values : Commitment , Compassion , Creativity , Family , Health

My Life Goals and Objectives : Be Good - Do Good - Feel Good'

Short Bio : Lan is the Marketing Director at New Retail CPG, a Vietnamese consumer goods company distributing coffee and tea brands including The Coffee House and Tearoma. She leads the marketing and branding strategy of both brands and is responsible for growing both business segments. In addition to her role at New Retail CPG, Lan is also a Marketing Consultant at DataBrain, a Vietnamese startup specializing in big data and AI technology.