Cinical Counsellor - Self-Employed , Ram Narain Dubey

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Cinical Counsellor - Self-Employed , Ram Narain Dubey

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Years of Professional Experience : 8

Industries : Social Service

Occupation : Professional

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Areas of Expertise : Personal Wellbeing

Areas of Interest : Business Development , Coaching , Communications , Community-building , Counseling , Financial Investments , Health & Wellness , Project Management , Public Speaking , Spiritual Practice , Teaching , Teams / Team-building , Training , Volunteerism

Values : Authenticity , Balance , Compassion , Contentment , Continuous Learning , Contribution , Develop Others , Empathy , Forgiveness , Freedom , Generosity , Gratitude , Health , Honesty , Inclusiveness , Independence , Inspiring Others , Integrity , Justice , Kindness , Love , Making a Difference , Optimism , Passion , Relationship , Resilience , Respect , Responsibility , Spirituality , Tolerance , Trust , Wisdom

My Life Goals and Objectives : Help myself and others in a meaningful way

Short Bio : Over the last seven years Ram Dubey has transitioned to a life of Counselling and Mediation. He is a Registered Clinical Counsellor & Supervisor (Singapore Association of Counselling) and a Certified Addiction Therapist (Asia-Pacific Certification Board). He is also a Singapore International Mediation Institute Certified Mediator. He currently conducts group facilitation and counselling in private and institutional correctional rehab settings as well as serves as an Appointed Volunteer Mediator with the Singapore Community Mediation Centre and the Singapore State Courts. He often counsels and supervises graduate students pursuing post-graduate programs in Counselling and Psychotherapy as well as provides public training and motivation talks on Mental Health and Addiction. He is the author of two books: From Drunken to Driven and From Relapsed to Redeemed. Prior to this transition Ram spent 40 years in a variety of roles and senior management positions in the banking and financial technology industry and in his last position was a Regional Director (Asia-Pacific) for Banking Solutions at a Global Banking Software House.