ITE, Yeoh Chai Yeow

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ITE, Yeoh Chai Yeow

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Years of Mentoring Experience : 5

Years of Professional Experience : 15

Industries : Education , Technology

Occupation : Professional

Areas of Expertise : Entrepreneurship , Leadership , Personal Wellbeing

Areas of Interest : Cyber Security , Software Development , Teaching , Training , Web Technologies

Values : Authenticity , Commitment , Inspiring Others , Integrity , Resilience

My Life Goals and Objectives : To inspire and be inspired by people around me

Short Bio : Graduated from NTU in computer engineering, I joined NCS in year 2005 as software developer since then. In 2011, i started my career in teaching at ITE, where I know I’m able to contribute more to those who in needs of guidance in their life and study. Ever since, I’ve no longer look back and knowing that I have found a place for me to continue growing yet able to inspire my students to be a lifelong learners. While I am teaching in ITE, I am still pursuing my interest to come out with trainings for kids to know coding as new literacy, for which I find it a quite fulfilling journey for myself.