UNACOV Webinar Replay Who Killed Creativity & How to Get it Back

We need to be creative to be innovative. But the relentless push to innovate faster is producing a toxic culture that may undermine the whole creative process. In our rush for end results fast, we could ironically be killing the very thing that will lead us to innovation: creativity. Creativity and innovation are not interchangeable words, and it’s important for effective businesses to understand why. In this session, we explore why we need both and the paradoxes behind this that can impact our work.
Innovation is key for organizational transformation - but to prepare for innovation there needs to be both a culture of creativity (at the organization level) and creative thinking mindset and skill development (at the personal level). There are no shortcuts, and this is why many companies that only focus on embracing design thinking, agile, digital, and other innovation activities & tools (such as innovation labs, hackathons, sprints, scrum, and design thinking models) often fail.

This fireside chat with Andrew Grant and Dr. Gaia Grant (the authors of several books including: “ Who killed creativity? and how can we get it back? And “The Innovation Race”) will focus on the potential psychological and neurological blocks to critical and creative thinking, and the practical process leaders can engage in with practical strategies to achieve more innovative results in themselves, their team, and their organization.

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