Starting a Business in a Down Economy - UNACOV Crisis Management Webinar

This event is for you if you are thinking of starting a business, worrying about the unknown challenges of starting in a down economy, struggling with finding viable business ideas, thinking about scaling up your small business or just looking for inspiration and purpose.

Discover for yourself what you "don't know that you don't know"

Pick up tips and valuable advice on the business fundamentals for a successful start-up and scale-up
How to 'win with fears' mindset and scale up with the principle of People First, Always!
Learn from proven start-up processes

Karen Tok shares her struggles and successes of how she grew a 10K shoestring start-up into a thriving multi-award-winning business with a 10 million dollars valuation.

Karen start-up weathered the storm of two recessions: she first started her business during the 2001 recession post-dot-com bubble crash and was further hit by the Global Financial Crisis in 2009 during the scale-up stage. Tons of near-fatal business mistakes were made with six-figure sums spent on an expansion that went down the drain. With escalating overheads, fierce competition, high staff turnover, and unfavorable economy, they didn’t just weather the storms, they thrived.

Discover for yourself her secrets of turning her crippling fear into a significant success. How as a failure in school, with no degree, no financial backing, and no relevant industry knowledge, she was able to build a multi-award-winning biotech recruitment business.
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