Financial Crisis Management for SMEs - UNACOV Crisis Management Webinar

With the current COVID-19 situation, many SMEs face an uncertain future. Global safe distancing measures and supply chain disruptions result in drastic reduction of demand from customers and slow payments. On the other hand, fixed overheads like rental, employee salaries, loan instalments and suppliers must be paid. Cash flow issues, if not resolved immediately, could lead to bankruptcy.

Fortunately, the government has shown strong support and unleashed numerous measures to help companies defer rent, loan repayment and defray wages. New lending schemes are also devised to help viable SMEs remain in business.

In this webinar, two financial experts will share with you useful insights and tips to improve your business and personal financial situation in these challenging times.

● How to tap on government support measures
● What do banks look for when lending
● How to show you are a viable business
● Personal financial management in uncertain times
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