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Andy Schmidt 6i Communication
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Human Resource , Services
I left my corporate job after 23 years with the same organization because my employee engagement was off the charts (to the bottom left of it). I am not alone. A quick glance at employee engagement statistics points to a crisis of epic proportions at workplaces everywhere. People performing well below their capabilities inhibiting the organization's performance and resulting in high attrition rates.

I believe people should be happy and engaged at work and have all the tools they need to perform their jobs at the highest level.

Inclusive communication is key. Most businesses struggle to communicate with their frontline workers. We close those internal communication gaps for full alignment all-around and better business results in your hands.

I am looking for a "reverse mentor", meaning someone who is from a younger generation, a digital native who grew up with IT, Social Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Online B2B-business.

I do have lots to learn in that area for my business and a mentor with some hands-on experience in those areas would be mega-beneficial to me
Programs : UNACOV 1 , CPM , AIM-21 1

Gillian Tan Authentic & Intentional Coaching
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Food & Beverage , Sustainability
I was President of a Business unit for Bershire Hathaway - Marmon Group managing APAC with over 350 employees, 2 manufacturing and R&D in China and India. Been in corporate for both European and US companies for 30 years. Recently, consulting SME owners with strategic vision/direction and coaching/mentoring team towards structural and measurable goals and building team cohesive. In short, I am a culture transformation leader and a strong believer of collaboration. Recently, I am involved in leading a team to achieve Singapore zero waste goal by 2024. An exciting year for my own personal growth and supporting others along the way. A certified coach with clients of senior leaders and middle management on leadership, self-discovery, relationship building and career transitions.
Programs : UNACOV 3 , CPM , AIM-21 1

Edmund Tang
A UK qualified Chartered Accountant who has worked in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. Currently holding non-executive directorships in a number of private companies in Singapore, and board member of a registered charity. Chair of the Audit Committee of a Singapore listed company from 2011 to 2015. Managing Director of a corporate services company (2003 to 2010) with 70 staff and took it through two separate sales in 2007 and 2009 with minimal loss in staff and clients. Key decision-maker in sourcing for new office premises, office applications (IT, Finance, Payroll). Organised office move and re-branding exercises, as well as recruitment, training and HR. Volunteered as VIP Usher at the 2010 inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, and Event Services Marshall at the 28th South East Asian Games held in Singapore in 2015. Teaches children and youth financial literacy, business and entrepreneurial skills through Junior Achievement Singapore. My goal is to add-value and serve others using my experience in the finance, accounting, corporate governance, and company management areas, whilst continue to enrich and upgrade myself.
Programs : CPM

James Campbell-Grant Free Lance
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Learning & Development , Technology
James spent over 35 years pursuing a career journey that afforded him the opportunity to explore the World and follow his passion for working with People, embracing continual change and self development in support of both personal and professional values.
James fell in love with the advent of technology and how the concepts allowed both People Development and continuous improvement in supporting the Client market.
James’s next step was to venture into the technology space by joining and rising through the ranks by joining targeted Global Technology System Integrators and Software Product Companies developing a fierce devotion to both Company and Client success. Whilst Sales revenue and successful Projects were always key, this was equally balanced by the need to ensure that there were always continuous opportunities to develop People by empowering leadership and self development throughout the Organizations James lead
Following this concept, James pushed himself to continually explore his career across four continents, finally in 2001 basing himself in Asia care of Singapore.
This final segment of James’s Corporate journey has given him the opportunity to discover different Cultures by leading Teams in over 10 countries together with establishing long term relationships with MNC Clients and Government Agencies.
James identified what was important to him once leaving the corporate world. James wanted to work with Individuals on their Professional Careers Through close partnerships with numerous Mentoring Programs, James has been able to identify a number of Niche Leadership traits which he has also translated into his Coaching Practice
From 2017 James has been developing his Practice working with Organisations and the Corporates developing natural born Leaders from a growth perspective together with focus on areas such as Performance and Cultural growth. James Passion for working with all age groups has benefited his own learning and supported his beliefs that you are never too young or too old to achieve your Dreams.
Recently James has been invited to numerous Business Seminars to participate in Panel Discussions to share his passion for ensuring that Human Capital is protected in this day of continued Technology Development.
Programs : UNACOV 3 , UNACOV 1 , CPM

Dr Kate Lazarenko Health Industry Matters Pte Ltd
Digital health consultant, lecturer, advisor, mentor
Kate spent the last 14 years working in digital health/IT space. Having worked on various IT projects and implementations in the healthcare ecosystem, she has always been passionate about utilising digital channels to deliver change and transformation from a patients’ perspective. This translated into using design thinking to enable various organisations to find efficient and cost-effective ways to transform their business, products and services in the healthcare space.
Kate is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Smart Health Leadership Centre at the National University of Singapore’s Institute of Systems Science, where she teaches digital leadership and health service transformation programmes.
Programs : CPM

I am appointed as a Mentor in the Institute of Technical Education; my role is to influence and support the building of leadership in vocational pedagogy for TVET through the conceptualising, designing, and implementing evidence-based methodologies and pedagogies.
Programs : CPM

Eddy Chong Just Cause Pte Ltd
Occupation : Professional
My experience in mentoring started in early 2000 when i was involved with the Yellow Ribbon Project in SIngapore Prisons. Specifically my job was to interview bursary applications by current and former inmates. I also worked with university and polytechnic students with the Youth For Cause program, the Youth Expedition Project and recently, the Halogen Foundation with their youth entrepreneurship program. With my experience, i hope to be of some value and worth in helping someone be better.
Programs : UNACOV 2 , CPM

Isabel Scherer Keystone Business Consulting
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Currently accountable for operations management at Keystone Business Consulting. I am holding the responsibility for interfacing with executive leaders and clients across multiple Countries, departments to build consensus and initiate productive change.
My highest educational degree is an MBA from the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Back in Switzerland I have as well Marketing and Sales Director degree from the European Marketing Association.
I am an accredited PCC (professional Coach) ICF Coach and I went through the AIM Mentor program.
In addition to that living and working over 10 years in Singapore in Sales, Marketing, Project/Program Management, HR and Operational Management.
Having many years’ experience in retail and wholesale including business development back in Switzerland and Germany (Shell Switzerland, Schiesser, AEB, TDK etc.)

A few highlights of my qualifications include the following:
• More than 10 years of diversified hands-on experience leading, training and mentoring teams (Processes, Hardware & Software) to achieve their fullest potential.
• Years of diversified hands-on experience in Sales & Marketing.
• Very strong organizational and negotiating skills.
• Problem solver and out of the box thinker.
• Leading, training, coaching and mentoring teams (Processes, Hardware & Software) to achieve their fullest potential.
• An aptitude for maintaining poise and composure in fast-paced, deadline driven environments.
• Substantial experience overseeing the implementation of the best practices by connecting and align Sales, Marketing, Recruiting and Talent retention strategies.
• Proven track as Entrepreneur, Coach as well as Program and Project Manager in APAC.
• Fluent in German and English
Programs : UNACOV 1 , CPM

Michael Boey Leadback Coaching & Consulting
I am not writing a conventional bio which can be found in my linkedin profile but instead I am offering my thoughts on why mentoring has called me.

What do you value at work and in life?
What do you want to achieve in your career?
What do you want to be world-class in?
Our well-meaning family members, friends, colleagues have likely posed these questions to us at some point in our lives. In fact, these questions can be rather motivational as they lead us to examine internally and clarify the direction we want to take in our life.
But what do you notice about the focus of each of the above questions? They are all about "you", the individual. Instead of asking what one wants to get better at, we can use more purposeful and systemic questions along the lines of:
"What do you need to get better at to serve your employees better?"
"Do you know what your peers say about your contributions?"
"Are you creating or diminishing value for the community you are operating in?"
This shift in focus from self to beyond turns conventional wisdom on its head. One will be hard-pressed to find an organisation that does not advocate individual KPIs and support individual development plans (IDPs). The achievement of individual KPIs can no longer be an end in itself. Neither should IDPs. Who else, besides ourselves, should benefit when we deliver the KPIs and develop ourselves? Who do we need to create value for? Whose burden is lightened because of us, and not despite us?
Programs : CPM

Patricia Phan
Occupation : Senior Management
With a rewarding career of 15+ years in Sales & Marketing in FMCG for European fine foods, I am looking to explore new product categories and business models. Ideally, I would love to work for a company and team committed to make the world a better place through healthier, more sustainable, greener products and a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
Programs : UNACOV 1 , CPM

Sandeep Chanana
Sandeep comes with extensive experience in HR M&A, Transformation & Change Management, Business Partner & Leadership roles.

Sandeep is a constant learner with Interests & Certifications in AI, Future of Work & Digital Transformation & is currently based in Singapore.
Programs : CPM

Jasper Lim Schneider Electric
Occupation : Professional
My passion is all about helping individuals and teams achieve their personal growth and delivering business results through enhancing competencies as well as transforming tools and processes maturity. I love switching on light bulbs with people - facilitating those "aha moments" that change mindsets and open up new possibilities.
Programs : CPM

Chen Weixiang Kenny Three Guys Event Solutions PTE. LTD.
I believe the best way to grow is to grow together with people around you. I have had the opportunity to be mentored by several individuals which helped nurture me into who I am today. As an advocate of paying it forward, I am looking to pass on the kindness and sharing to others through mentoring.

I am a graduating electrical engineering student from the National University of Singapore who is absolutely thrilled to begin my journey towards fulfilling my aspiration of becoming an engineering leader in the power and energy industry.

My dream role is to be a solution provider as well as a team leader who with a global reach, providing both technical and commercial expertise.

When I think about my love for engineering, I think of it as the past, the present, and the future. I see the work that engineers before me have put into the various creations around us. I also see how people and communities benefits now, as a result of our past work. Last but not least, I see the opportunities for growth and the betterment of our future as an aspiring engineering leader.
Programs : CPM


Doug Peris Adztream
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Learning & Development , Technology
I am a business leader with over 20+ years’ leadership experience in the telecommunications and IT industries in Asia. I bring a business-grounded management style and a valuable combination of corporate leadership and entrepreneurial experience. I am also a career mentor and start-up coach.
Programs : UNACOV 5

Yen-Lu Chow (AIM) AIM
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education , Media
In a fast-paced world where the only constant is change, I believe there is an urgent need for us to draw on our strengths and creative potential as human beings, to connect with our higher self and our deeper purpose to contribute towards humanity in a positive and impactful way. As an entrepreneur, social change-maker, angel investor, venture catalyst, and a seeker of Truth, I enjoy building ecosystems and mobilising the community to create positive social change. As an early pioneer in AI, I also have a strong base in the tech space. I spend much of my time and energy these days working on my family foundation, the WholeTree Foundation, building the foundation for the Asia Institute of Mentoring and the Deep Human Movement in order to impact a million lives, to help bring about a kinder, gentler, more inclusive, more just and sustainable world for all.

Daniel Yeo Alive Consultancy Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Daniel Yeo has 26 years of extensive corporate experiences in the medical technology businesses in American and German multi-national companies in the Asia Pacific region. Trained as an engineer and later moved into the areas of: a) Business development, channel management, sales performance enablement training.
a) Working with middle and senior managers in Asia and Europe to develop their people skills, growth mindsets and competencies to accelerate and sustain their level of performance.
He is currently the Director (Asia Pacific) of EQ Asia and founder of the Mindful LeadershipTM Program at Alive Consultancy (Pte. Ltd) with strategic partners in Indonesia and China. Daniel work with individuals and leaders in Asia to develop their resilient/growth mindsets in order to adapt and thrive in this ever- changing world. Some of his clients included, Dyson, DELL, Telenor Group, Agilent Technologies, Singapore Ministry of Education, Keppel Land China, Geely Auto, School of Management, Fudan University (Shanghai).
Daniel is active in International key note speaking, change consultancy and facilitating workshops in Asia and Germany. He has spoken at several high-level Human Resources summits in China and at the Fudan University, School of Management in China. Daniel is also a mentor at the Asia Institute of Mentoring.
He is also deeply concern with the high level of stress teenagers are experiencing today. Therefore, he partners International Schools and Singapore Ministry of Education in helping children and teens to build their resilience muscles through the “Resilience for Teens Program”. Link to student testimony of Daniel’s “Resilience for Teens Program”
Programs : UNACOV 2

Nicholas Smalle Apis Partners
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Technology
Nicholas Smalle is a Partner at Apis Partners. Apis Partners is a private equity firm focused on investments in the Financial Services (FS) sector, including Credit, Insurance, Payments, Asset Management and FS-Focused BPO’s. We invest growth equity in the range of US$20-70m in companies looking to expand into new geographies, complementary product verticals or across their value chain.

Prior to joining Apis, I was at Old Mutual (JSE:OMU) were I was responsible for their Strategic Investment Fund, an on-balance sheet investment vehicle that focused on the expansion of Old Mutual's operations into key Emerging Markets via controlling and minority investments in the Financial Services sector. Preceding OMU I was an Associate Director at Standard Chartered (LON:STAN) and part of the Wholesale Banking Strategy team based in Singapore. The majority of my projects covered the development of SCB's Emerging Market franchise through both organic and inorganic means.

I started my career with McKinsey and Company in London as a Business Analyst. Over the course of the two-year program, I worked largely for Mckinsey's Finance practice. Projects covered the breadth of financial services, as well as spanning clients across four continents.

Finally, I completed my MBA at INSEAD, and was a Shell Scholar at Cambridge University. I am a Belgian & South African citizen.

Lisa Lee A-Scent Beauty
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Healthcare

Keith Kee Asian Resources
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Engineering , Government , Healthcare , Marketing , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
More than 20 years of regional business, operational and management responsibilities.
Have taken on various regional and country roles as senior manager, and also engineering role
Worked across multiple industry sectors
Previously traveled extensively and oversea postings
Started entrepreneurial business
Contributed in committees for in a number of industrial associations, alumni groups, grassroots and work groups
Served as mentor and judges, webinar speaker for start-ups and entrepreneur
Programs : AIM-21 1

Dimitri PIMBERT Atnahs Pharma UK
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Healthcare
Born in France, but grew up in Guadeloupe Island, French Guyana, Reunion Island, Australia, Spain, I have been in Singapore for 10 years now and married with a Chinese Singaporean, we have been together for 7 years.
Studied Pharmacy in France and worked in the Healthcare industry for 18 years, in many different commercial roles from sales, marketing, SFE, BD and building and managing teams. My specialty is business set-up and turn around. I did my MBA at IE business school in Madrid, specialized in BD and entrepreneurship.
When managing teams, I always focus on helping the members take control of their thinking to properly analyze the challenge and come up to me with solutions, not problem.
I am currently working as GM for APAC for Pharmaceutical company; my mission is to optimize the current commercial platform and to drive inorganic growth via in-licensing and M&A for the whole APAC region.
My nature is quite introvert, so I had to work harder to get out of my shell. I value integrity, hard and smart work, and resilience.
What I enjoy the most in building businesses, is the process of transforming an idea into a tangible reality thanks to the effort of a team of minds and personalities.
The reason why I entered the corporate world is to understand and learn how businesses run and are built, to be able to build and run my own very soon.
I am looking for mentor to help me move the next level of my Managerial and Strategic thinking skills to outperform in my new job.
And I am also looking for a mentor to help me prepare the transition to having my own businesses.
Programs : AIM-21 1

David Ng Authentic Solutions LLP
Occupation : Business owner / Director

David’s startup and mentoring work has spanned multiple industries, notably MiRXES and ASLAN Pharma in Singapore, Global Brands Group and multiple other startups where he continues to work closely with Founders in SaaS, PaaS and biotech. He is a Chartered Accountant, PhD in Management, ICF affiliated coach and an experienced early stage investor and mentor.
David brings 30+ years of broad industry and international exposure, gained through working in challenging start-ups and respected MNCs as a finance professional in leadership roles as a CFO and as a Consultant. His experience has covered global and regional positions, based out of Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Sydney. This background gives him a strong basis to work with Entrepreneurs and Executives, with a focus on corporate development, financial performance, intellectual property and creating growth for Companies and Individuals, underpinned by a Coached and cross-domain approach to knowledge commercialization.

His corporate experience provides a further basis for mentoring roles at various business accelerators and lecturing at business and commerce degrees at the undergraduate and post graduate level, where he enjoys combining current industry practice with academic literature.
Programs : UNACOV 2

Chng Hwang Yang Banta Global Turnkey
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Manufacturing
Currently works with a US MNC as the General Manager and has been with the company for over 20 years.

Previous work portfolios with other companies include Engineering Manager, Product Manager, Operations Manager and HR Manager. It is in HR Management that provided the most exposure to the wide network of business and personal contacts from all walks of life.

My experiences provided me the opportunity to build a company based on the solid business principles and ethos of mutual respect, trust and compassionate actions.

I graduated with a B. Engineering degree from the National University of Singapore in 1983. Companies I worked with are Philips, Siemens and Apple Computer prior to my current tenure.

I am currently mentoring an undergraduate from the NUS under the NUS Society's mentoring programme.

On a personal front I co-organize recent social cohesion projects likeThe UP Concert In The Park Picnic in 2016 for the general public at the Botanic Gardens, the charity drive to collect funds and food for the Transient Migrant Workers in 2017, the "I Belanja You" project as a reminder for all of us to share, in 2019.

I am married and we have 3 children.

Breyl Frances Yeo BB Ark
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Government , Services , Technology
Living/Working for survival? I’ve been there, it started when I was 18 years old. All thanks to wonderful Coaches/Mentors that mentored me in the University of Hard Knocks, today, I want to help people thrive not just survive. Everyone can be better tomorrow than they are today. Our life is shaped by our beliefs and mental models, not our circumstances.
Why me? A certified professional coach, I want to be a part of your journey to develop a better, more impactful, and purposeful you. With 30 years of professional corporate Business Development experience in IT, Telco and Government spanning across Singapore and Asia Pacific region, I have developed an effective networking business strategy that grows one’s personal brand and leadership skills. My sincerity, genuine interest in people and creative energy enables me in mentoring individuals to discover and maximise their fullest potential to create meaningful and happy lives. Mentoring to me means, I need to stretch if continually, to ensure that I bring the value add that the Mentees are placing in me.
As an accredited mediator, I have a personal interest in coaching parents to build self-resilience and a holistic environment for growth and development amidst this COVID pandemic.
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 2 , CPM , AIM CPM Practicum 2021 Jan

Isabel Markwitz Bonora Consulting
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Isabel Markwitz is the founder and CEO of Bonora Consulting. As a mentor to startups she coaches the founding teams in developing the right focus on shaping the product - market fit of their entrepreneurial endeavors. In the past, she built, designed and ran successfully the Acceleration Program of the German Accelerator for the Southeast Asian region, graduating the first and second cohort. Then she took on various mentoring roles with local universities and overseas acceleration programs.
Isabel has over 25 years experience in project management, strategy development, branding and product marketing across Europe and Asia, both in the startup environment and in MNC’s. She has advised startups on organisational management, growth opportunity creation and market entry preparations. 
As a communication specialist, she loves to engage in an open conversation to challenge others in their growth and change aspirations. Her love for nature and movement made her the outdoor sport passionate she is today, actively practicing mountaineering, mountain biking and any form of skating.
Programs : UNACOV 1

Carrie Leung
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Advertising , Marketing , Technology
A passionate business leader with over 20 years integrated marketing expertise in technology (HRtech, Fintech, Adtech), marketing and advertising industries. Holding a proven track record in driving business growth strategy, omnichannel campaigns, marketing returns, organizational leadership and transformation. Experienced leading multicultural, cross-country teams in Asia Pacific (APAC) across global leading companies and digital mobile startups, with in-market experience in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Programs : AIM-21 1

Dilip is the founder of Centre of Gravity – a human-centered strategy consulting firm. He helps clients address complex business and social issues by keeping the human being at the center of enquiry.

An entrepreneur with two and a half decades of experience in advertising, marketing, research and brand consulting. He works with top management of organizations across categories in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chandra Sekar
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Education , Government , Logistics , Manufacturing , Technology
My name is Chandra Sekar. Accomplished SCM consultant and result-oriented professional with track record for leading, directing and managing import, export and trade compliance activities to secure awareness, vigilance and strict compliance to the applicable laws and regulations in Asia Pacific and USA. Enjoy travelling, watching sc-fi movies/korean movies with my wife and daughter. Avid golfer registered with SGA as a golf referee.
Programs : UNACOV 5

Patricia Tan Charterhouse
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Human Resource , Learning & Development
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing | Digital & Design | Data & Analytics

Patricia embarked on a career in recruitment with a global recruitment firm primarily recruiting for Sales & Marketing professionals upon graduation. With good solid years of recruitment experience under her belt, she joined Charterhouse in February 2013.

In her years of experience, Patricia has recruited across mid-to-senior level positions and built long-term relationships across a variety of industry verticals including banking & financial Services, FMCG, Information Provider as well as Travel & Hospitality. She has successfully partnered with several financial services companies in understanding business goals and vision with the right individuals to steer the organization into new frontiers.

Patricia has a passion for music, having spent more than 12 years doing freelance wedding performance.
Programs : UNACOV 5

Claire Cheong
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Education
Passionate about helping people - young and old, helping young entrepreneurs kickstart their journey, develop them, connect them to right contacts. Keen to mentor and coach people on entrepreneurship, leadership, career!
Programs : AIM-21 1

Waksman Julien Coach Point
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Logistics , Manufacturing , Sports
Since 2001, I have led and curated high performing teams in Supply Chain at a food industry multinational. For over a decade, I have coached collaborators and team members.

In 2018, a bad mountain accident left me with a paralyzed arm and multiple injuries. Since that time, I have strong pains days and nights. With the right strategies and the right support, I overcame the adversity, rebuilding myself bit by bit.

Willing to inspire and make others benefit from my experience, I decided to transition to full time Coaching and deepen my skills aiming the International Coaching Federation accreditation.
Programs : UNACOV 5

Anamika Kansal Conservation International
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Non-Profit / Philanthropy
I believe in empowerment of women as a society can grow only when women grow! Being a ‘feminist’ to me means being gender equal where there is no criteria of gender before choices are made while providing opportunities. Apart from this I always am concerned about “what world we would want to leave for our future generations - be it values, beliefs, culture or environment. I strive to make small contributions to make this world a better place in my own way.

In my current role as a global leader operations for 27 countries across central and Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Africa with Conservation International, I empower and influence cross-cultural teams to translate organizational effectiveness and operations excellence into actions by spearheading the development and implementation of a operations strategy that provides effective on-the-ground support. I have consistently demonstrated moving the organizational needle from ‘status quo’ to ‘building and driving high performing teams which has enabled the organization to maximize its social and environmental impact.

Earlier in my career, I pivoted from for-profit and consulting organizations to multinational not-for-profit organizations, which not only brought me more personal fulfilment but also empowered me to better human well-being around the world.

My exposure to a variety of cultures has allowed me to closely observe and understand them through their different values and beliefs. I intend to share these insights through my work, interactions, public speaking, and coaching.

More broadly, one of my core values as a professional and a person is giving. This could be giving through my finances, my experience, my time or through my actions. I truly believe that I am blessed to be in a position to give. I bring this giving philosophy into action not just through an impact-driven organization but also by sharing my learning, wisdom and experience with individuals, leaders, and executives through coaching.

My work keeps me on my toes, but I love decompressing with a glass of wine, a great book or long walks in nature.
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 3 , AIM-21 1

Arun Kaimal Danaher Water Quality Platform
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Human Resource , Learning & Development , Social Service
Arun is a well-rounded HR professional with experience in full Employee Life Cycle HR operations in different geographies for over 13 years now. . Arun is passionate about nurturing young talent and is actively involved in mentoring upcoming HR Professionals.

Danny Tan
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Education , Learning & Development , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Other , Social Service
Experienced CEO & creative leader with a demonstrated history of working internationally in the creative arts, education and non-profit industry for more than 2 decades. Armed with business acumen in general management (in particular marketing & sponsorship, international relations, event management & promotion, programming & curriculum development, strategic planning & business development, and partnership & alliances with 3-P organisations. Skilled in artistic consultancy for events, training, show & media production, an award-winning professional graduated with Doctorate in Creative Industries from QUT.
Programs : CPM

Daryl Lim
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Technology , Venture Capital / Private Equity
Daryl is the corporate innovation and partnership lead at Padang & Co. With over 4 years of enterprise sales experience ranging from health tech to artificial intelligence, he has seen first hand on how corporates struggle to implement innovative solutions. Prior to joining Padang & Co, Daryl was the Head of Sales at Botbot.ai. A leading artificial intelligence company that specializes in business process automation and worked with a range of MNCs, such as Singtel, Dun & Bradstreet, P&G and DBS.

Daryl handles corporate innovation projects ranging from startup scouting, hackathons, innovation challenges, accelerators, innovation labs to tech hiring. He has been involved in partnerships engagement and corporate sponsorship matters. His practice includes startup advisory, digital transformation strategy and general consulting.
Programs : UNACOV 3

Deric Karunesudas
Cyber Security Leader with a proven track record of driving profitable growth story for global clients. He comes with a rich technology sales, pre sales and consulting experience of 14+ yrs of selling Cloud Security, GRC, Privacy, Security Analytics and Managed Services business globally.

Desiree Tung
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Government , Oil & Gas , Other
Desiree is passionate about people and mentoring. She believes in empowering people to find that inner spark that will awaken their greatness within. With core strengths in external relations, stakeholder engagement and communications, Desiree has over 18 years of experience as a senior leader in the private and public sector. The common thread throughout her career has been developing high-performing individuals and teams. Having lived and worked in over 7 countries, she
draws on her international experience to bring versatility and dynamism into her mentoring.
Programs : AIM-21 1

Dr Moses Koh
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Education , Finance/Insurance , Learning & Development
Dr Koh joined academia in 2006 to pursue his lifelong passion in education at the height of a lucrative career in regional direct investments. He rose quickly from an adjunct university lecturer to Head of Banking & Finance with direct responsibility over 600 learners and 20 academic staff, and finally as senior management of an Institute of Higher learning with over 15,000 learners in Singapore.

He understands Singapore’s Education system extremely well and has completed his secondary and tertiary education, including his Bachelor, MBA and PhD, entirely on full scholarships. Notably, he completed his PhD with Singapore Management University in a record time of 2.5 years part-time. Accordingly, Dr Koh often mentor his students in their education pathways and career choices.

Dr Koh volunteers as an accredited mediator at the Consumer Association of Singapore and Community Mediation Centre, and has won the Excellent Service Award (STAR) in 2016 and Excellent Service Award (SILVER) in 2013 and 2015 from then SPRING Singapore.
Programs : AIM-21 1

Dr Raman K Attri
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Education , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Technology
Dr. Raman K Attri is a performance scientist, an author, and an expert on speeding up expertise and performance. One among few global experts, he specializes in competitive strategies to accelerate time to proficiency of employees. he teaches and coaches on a range of models, strategies, and techniques for personal, professional and organizational performance improvement. He has over 25 years of experience in several cross-functional & interdisciplinary areas like systems engineering, management, and training. As a corporate learning leader at a $30bn corporation, he is managing a hall fo the fame training organization, named as Top 10 training organizations in the world. An accomplished practice researcher, he holds two doctorates in human performance and learning. A strong believer in continuous learning, he has earned over a century of international and educational credentials to his name. A prolific author, he has authored over 20 multi-genre books and several publications in different genres. Permanently physically disabled since childhood, he speaks on the power of resilience, learning, and self-discovery to excel oneself.

Dr Smita
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Construction , Education , Learning & Development , Sustainability
Dr Smita worked as lecturer but a writer by choice . An educationist with accomplishments
Programs : UNACOV 5

Elise Tan
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Finance/Insurance
Elise Tan is VP of investor relations and partnership at LongHash Ventures, a blockchain-focused accelerator and US$15m investment fund, backed by Fenbushi Capital and Hashkey capital and Enterprise Singapore.

Prior to that she has been head of funding at Entrepreneur first, $115m venture capital fund, from London. She helped over 50 startups raise seed round of between S$500k to S$5m in since 2015.
Programs : AIM-21 1