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6i Communication, Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt 6i Communication
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Human Resource , Services
I left my corporate job after 23 years with the same organization because my employee engagement was off the charts (to the bottom left of it). I am not alone. A quick glance at employee engagement statistics points to a crisis of epic proportions at workplaces everywhere. People performing well below their capabilities inhibiting the organization's performance and resulting in high attrition rates.

I believe people should be happy and engaged at work and have all the tools they need to perform their jobs at the highest level.

Inclusive communication is key. Most businesses struggle to communicate with their frontline workers. We close those internal communication gaps for full alignment all-around and better business results in your hands.

I am looking for a "reverse mentor", meaning someone who is from a younger generation, a digital native who grew up with IT, Social Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Online B2B-business.

I do have lots to learn in that area for my business and a mentor with some hands-on experience in those areas would be mega-beneficial to me
Programs : UNACOV 1 , CPM , AIM-21 1 , MY.AIM , AIM-21 2

Acorn training Consultancy, Lee Khen Howe, Elijah
Lee Khen Howe, Elijah Acorn training Consultancy
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Education
A life coach who is passionate to see transformation of lives and have a mind shifts and tackling different dimensions in one's life.
Programs : CPM

Authentic & Intentional Coaching, Gillian Tan
Gillian Tan Authentic & Intentional Coaching
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Food & Beverage , Sustainability
I was President of a Business unit for Bershire Hathaway - Marmon Group managing APAC with over 350 employees, 2 manufacturing and R&D in China and India. Been in corporate for both European and US companies for 30 years. Recently, consulting SME owners with strategic vision/direction and coaching/mentoring team towards structural and measurable goals and building team cohesive. In short, I am a culture transformation leader and a strong believer of collaboration. Recently, I am involved in leading a team to achieve Singapore zero waste goal by 2024. An exciting year for my own personal growth and supporting others along the way. A certified coach with clients of senior leaders and middle management on leadership, self-discovery, relationship building and career transitions.
Programs : UNACOV 3 , CPM , AIM-21 1 , AIM-21 4 , AIM-23-1 , AIM-23-2

BB Ark, Breyl Frances Yeo
Breyl Frances Yeo BB Ark
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Government , Services , Technology
Living/Working for survival? I’ve been there, it started when I was 18 years old. All thanks to wonderful Coaches/Mentors that mentored me in the University of Hard Knocks, today, I want to help people thrive not just survive. Everyone can be better tomorrow than they are today. Our life is shaped by our beliefs and mental models, not our circumstances.
Why me? A certified professional coach, I want to be a part of your journey to develop a better, more impactful, and purposeful you. With 30 years of professional corporate Business Development experience in IT, Telco and Government spanning across Singapore and Asia Pacific region, I have developed an effective networking business strategy that grows one’s personal brand and leadership skills. My sincerity, genuine interest in people and creative energy enables me in mentoring individuals to discover and maximise their fullest potential to create meaningful and happy lives. Mentoring to me means, I need to stretch if continually, to ensure that I bring the value add that the Mentees are placing in me.
As an accredited mediator, I have a personal interest in coaching parents to build self-resilience and a holistic environment for growth and development amidst this COVID pandemic.
Programs : UNACOV 4 , UNACOV 2 , CPM , MY.AIM , MY.AIM-22 , AIM-23-2

Beena Chandrakant Patel
Beena Chandrakant Patel
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Consulting , Government , Other , Technology
People-orientated professional with over 20 years consulting and multi-national corporation experience in transforming the way teams and functions operate, with a people, process and technology focused approach. Values working collaboratively across diverse teams to solve business problems and achieve positive outcomes.
Programs : CPM

C Coach Resources, Michelle Kiong
Michelle Kiong C Coach Resources
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Human Resources Executive with experiences in partnering with management and employees to build trust, align performance objectives, improve operating efficiency and lead a strong credible HR function. Demonstrated results as a HR Director for high performing US MNC companies like Sony, ITT Corporation, TRW Automotive and Fujitsu in Asia Pacific
Programs : CPM

Cinical Counsellor - Self-Employed , Ram Narain Dubey
Ram Narain Dubey Cinical Counsellor - Self-Employed
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Social Service
Over the last seven years Ram Dubey has transitioned to a life of Counselling and Mediation. He is a Registered Clinical Counsellor & Supervisor (Singapore Association of Counselling) and a Certified Addiction Therapist (Asia-Pacific Certification Board). He is also a Singapore International Mediation Institute Certified Mediator. He currently conducts group facilitation and counselling in private and institutional correctional rehab settings as well as serves as an Appointed Volunteer Mediator with the Singapore Community Mediation Centre and the Singapore State Courts. He often counsels and supervises graduate students pursuing post-graduate programs in Counselling and Psychotherapy as well as provides public training and motivation talks on Mental Health and Addiction. He is the author of two books: From Drunken to Driven and From Relapsed to Redeemed. Prior to this transition Ram spent 40 years in a variety of roles and senior management positions in the banking and financial technology industry and in his last position was a Regional Director (Asia-Pacific) for Banking Solutions at a Global Banking Software House.
Programs : CPM

Coddiwompling, Jenson Goh
Jenson Goh Coddiwompling
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Education , Learning & Development , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Technology
Dr. Jenson is CEO of Coddiwompling, a boutique transformational solutions provider that offers comprehensive services to support organizations in their transformative journey. He is a firm believer of self-caring and wake up every day at 4.30 am to do at least 4 hrs of self-caring activities. He loves learning through play and teaching and spend significant amount of time discovering ways to learn through play especially using LEGO bricks.
Programs : CPM

Danny Tan
Danny Tan
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Education , Learning & Development , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Other , Social Service
Experienced CEO & creative leader with a demonstrated history of working internationally in the creative arts, education and non-profit industry for more than 2 decades. Armed with business acumen in general management (in particular marketing & sponsorship, international relations, event management & promotion, programming & curriculum development, strategic planning & business development, and partnership & alliances with 3-P organisations. Skilled in artistic consultancy for events, training, show & media production, an award-winning professional graduated with Doctorate in Creative Industries from QUT.
Programs : CPM

Edmund Tang
Edmund Tang
A UK qualified Chartered Accountant who has worked in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. Currently holding non-executive directorships in a number of private companies in Singapore, and board member of a registered charity. Chair of the Audit Committee of a Singapore listed company from 2011 to 2015. Managing Director of a corporate services company (2003 to 2010) with 70 staff and took it through two separate sales in 2007 and 2009 with minimal loss in staff and clients. Key decision-maker in sourcing for new office premises, office applications (IT, Finance, Payroll). Organised office move and re-branding exercises, as well as recruitment, training and HR. Volunteered as VIP Usher at the 2010 inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, and Event Services Marshall at the 28th South East Asian Games held in Singapore in 2015. Teaches children and youth financial literacy, business and entrepreneurial skills through Junior Achievement Singapore. My goal is to add-value and serve others using my experience in the finance, accounting, corporate governance, and company management areas, whilst continue to enrich and upgrade myself.
Programs : CPM

EduClaas Global Pte Ltd, Dr Roland Ng
Dr Roland Ng EduClaas Global Pte Ltd
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Consulting , Education , Marketing
Has been in the manufacturing and then education industry for more than 35 years, I have been teaching and supervising students at university level including doctorate students. I have also managed SME as well as MNC at senior VP level with turnover of more than US$200 million p.a. including manufacturing operation with more than 3,000 employees.
Programs : CPM

Frederic Moraillon
Frederic Moraillon
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Marketing
Frederic is a proven business leader, innovator, and sales & marketing performance maximiser with enormous energy and vision. Currently with
Collibra as Global VP of Field Marketing, he has built
multi-million-dollar revenue streams and sales pipelines and increased the bottom lines of several software MNCs, SMEs and a few start-ups.
He’s focused on solving complex business problems and stimulating breakthrough thinking in execution. Frederic’s continuous learning,
Nonlinear and critical thinking allows him and his team to identify
and change the patterns that limit and restrict business growth.
Frederic's is fascinated by the power of clear thinking and writing
simply and has written and edited hundreds of taglines, demand
generation emails, articles, white papers and sales presentations
aimed at generating interest and closing sales. Socially active,
Frederic is a champion for anyone who wants to grow, works as a mentor with MentorsHub and has been involved with several social
organisations over the years. He also co-started Francais sans
Frontieres (FsF) to support the French community abroad, is an amateur photographer, parkour enthusiast, practices Kali & Bajiquan every week and has written more than a 1,500 quotes that he posts regularly (@teelosoph.er).
Programs : CPM

Free Lance, James Campbell-Grant
James Campbell-Grant Free Lance
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Learning & Development , Technology
James spent over 35 years pursuing a career journey that afforded him the opportunity to explore the World and follow his passion for working with People, embracing continual change and self development in support of both personal and professional values.
James fell in love with the advent of technology and how the concepts allowed both People Development and continuous improvement in supporting the Client market.
James’s next step was to venture into the technology space by joining and rising through the ranks by joining targeted Global Technology System Integrators and Software Product Companies developing a fierce devotion to both Company and Client success. Whilst Sales revenue and successful Projects were always key, this was equally balanced by the need to ensure that there were always continuous opportunities to develop People by empowering leadership and self development throughout the Organizations James lead
Following this concept, James pushed himself to continually explore his career across four continents, finally in 2001 basing himself in Asia care of Singapore.
This final segment of James’s Corporate journey has given him the opportunity to discover different Cultures by leading Teams in over 10 countries together with establishing long term relationships with MNC Clients and Government Agencies.
James identified what was important to him once leaving the corporate world. James wanted to work with Individuals on their Professional Careers Through close partnerships with numerous Mentoring Programs, James has been able to identify a number of Niche Leadership traits which he has also translated into his Coaching Practice
From 2017 James has been developing his Practice working with Organisations and the Corporates developing natural born Leaders from a growth perspective together with focus on areas such as Performance and Cultural growth. James Passion for working with all age groups has benefited his own learning and supported his beliefs that you are never too young or too old to achieve your Dreams.
Recently James has been invited to numerous Business Seminars to participate in Panel Discussions to share his passion for ensuring that Human Capital is protected in this day of continued Technology Development.
Programs : UNACOV 3 , UNACOV 1 , CPM , AIM-21 2 , AIM-22-1 , AIM-22-4 , AIM-23-1 , AIM-23-2

Health Industry Matters Pte Ltd, Dr Kate Lazarenko
Dr Kate Lazarenko Health Industry Matters Pte Ltd
Digital health consultant, lecturer, advisor, mentor
Kate spent the last 14 years working in digital health/IT space. Having worked on various IT projects and implementations in the healthcare ecosystem, she has always been passionate about utilising digital channels to deliver change and transformation from a patients’ perspective. This translated into using design thinking to enable various organisations to find efficient and cost-effective ways to transform their business, products and services in the healthcare space.
Kate is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Smart Health Leadership Centre at the National University of Singapore’s Institute of Systems Science, where she teaches digital leadership and health service transformation programmes.
Programs : CPM

Independent, David MacDonald
David MacDonald Independent
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Learning & Development
I am an accomplished influencer, business developer and people developer. I'm passionate about enabling sales and business development through developing effective business processes. I relish the opportunity to help facilitate growth in the effective leadership & people skills that are required to excel in today’s business world. I have proven skills in harnessing the combined strengths of individuals and developing high-performance teams.

Since 2001, I have had the opportunity of training, coaching, and mentoring over 3,000 business leaders and client-facing professionals across Asia, India, and The Middle East, facilitating positive behavioural change and improved business outcomes.

I am an effective and passionate business networker. I have an exceptional awareness of the need for businesses to maximise cost management while enhancing and improving tangible internal and external client value.

My entrepreneurial approach to business development can be harnessed within any organisation that has a future-focused strategy. I have a passion for seeing businesses deliver world-class buying and service experiences for their clients through their people and other contact channels.
Programs : CPM

I am appointed as a Mentor in the Institute of Technical Education; my role is to influence and support the building of leadership in vocational pedagogy for TVET through the conceptualising, designing, and implementing evidence-based methodologies and pedagogies.
Programs : CPM

ITE, Yeoh Chai Yeow
Yeoh Chai Yeow ITE
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education , Technology
Graduated from NTU in computer engineering, I joined NCS in year 2005 as software developer since then. In 2011, i started my career in teaching at ITE, where I know I’m able to contribute more to those who in needs of guidance in their life and study. Ever since, I’ve no longer look back and knowing that I have found a place for me to continue growing yet able to inspire my students to be a lifelong learners.

While I am teaching in ITE, I am still pursuing my interest to come out with trainings for kids to know coding as new literacy, for which I find it a quite fulfilling journey for myself.
Programs : CPM

ITOL (Asia) Pte Ltd, Jeremy Gwee
Jeremy Gwee ITOL (Asia) Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Consulting , Finance/Insurance , Learning & Development
My career spans thirty-eight years in the financial services industry, and in the last three years, I transitioned to a career in training and coaching. Leveraging my people and organizational management experiences, I train and coach people management skills and organizational transformation at the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) for Asia and Australia. I am also an adjunct career coach with the Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore.
Programs : CPM , AIM-22-3 , AIM-23-1

Juliana Lye
Juliana Lye
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Marketing , Technology
A senior field marketing professional with over 12+ years of experience in the IT industry. Skilled in Integrated Marketing, Account Based Marketing, Events, Corporate Communications, Management, and Lead Generation.

Experience also includes a strong understanding of ASEAN business. Worked across multiple geos in South East Asia for product launches, marketing projects, PR/events and business enablement.

Currently, responsible for Marketing in Asia Pacific for Wolters Kluwer TeamMate.
Programs : CPM , AIM-21 3

Just Cause Pte Ltd, Eddy Chong
Eddy Chong Just Cause Pte Ltd
Occupation : Professional
My experience in mentoring started in early 2000 when i was involved with the Yellow Ribbon Project in SIngapore Prisons. Specifically my job was to interview bursary applications by current and former inmates. I also worked with university and polytechnic students with the Youth For Cause program, the Youth Expedition Project and recently, the Halogen Foundation with their youth entrepreneurship program. With my experience, i hope to be of some value and worth in helping someone be better.
Programs : UNACOV 2 , CPM

Kaiser Strategic LLC, DANIEL CHUA
DANIEL CHUA Kaiser Strategic LLC
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Aviation / Space , Engineering , Learning & Development , Oil & Gas , Services
For the past 30-yrs, I have contributed to the growth and success of four global MNCs, comprising Maintenance & Repair, Aerospace, Oilfield, and Financial Information Services (Energy Markets).

A dynamic and accomplished self-starter professional with proven ability to engage and motivate a global team of Millennials (72%) and Gen Z staff (8%) based in Singapore, London, New York, Houston) to be customer-obsessed in implementing customer-success driven strategies in B2B engagements supporting new annual revenue exceeding USD 50M and ARR exceeding USD 700M in growing both core markets and new business.

Key accomplishments include the closing of a USD150M technology transfer negotiation. Driving of SLA delivery to achieve target NPS and brand position across all regions. Effective communicator in engaging with C-level, Operations Teams, CIOs, BU heads, and IT architects.
Programs : CPM , MY.AIM

Kelvin Wee
Kelvin Wee
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Food & Beverage , Logistics , Technology
I have 30+ years of experience across business, IT and voluntary social activities.

I spent 24+ yeas in a German MNC and held various appointments in business & IT. My last role was as the Head of IT for Logistics leading a team of over 240 IT Professionals across APAC. Prior to the German MNC, I spent 10 years in a Singapore GLC and left as the SBA IT Head.

I have been an active volunteer since early 2000s. In 2011, I started a mission to provide philanthropic support for the underprivileged in Cambodia which includes a children's HIV home. This mission is still running today and we have expanded our reach to Battambang, from our original base in Phnom Penh.

I have been mentoring and coaching within my company for over 20 years. These include formal mentoring assignments in our leadership development programs. In 2010, I ventured into public coaching/mentoring with adults and youths. I was a volunteer with Boys' Town's Youth at Risk program and was recognised as Mentor of the Year in 2016.

I would be keen to use my experience to assist and to enable if given the opportunity.

Credentials attained:
2012 - Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner
2014 - Timeline Therapy Practitioner
2016 - Brain Based Coaching
2017 - International Coaching Federation (ACC), Extended DISC Facilitator

Programs : CPM

Keystone Business Consulting, Isabel Scherer
Isabel Scherer Keystone Business Consulting
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Currently accountable for operations management at Keystone Business Consulting. I am holding the responsibility for interfacing with executive leaders and clients across multiple Countries, departments to build consensus and initiate productive change.
My highest educational degree is an MBA from the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Back in Switzerland I have as well Marketing and Sales Director degree from the European Marketing Association.
I am an accredited PCC (professional Coach) ICF Coach and I went through the AIM Mentor program.
In addition to that living and working over 10 years in Singapore in Sales, Marketing, Project/Program Management, HR and Operational Management.
Having many years’ experience in retail and wholesale including business development back in Switzerland and Germany (Shell Switzerland, Schiesser, AEB, TDK etc.)

A few highlights of my qualifications include the following:
• More than 10 years of diversified hands-on experience leading, training and mentoring teams (Processes, Hardware & Software) to achieve their fullest potential.
• Years of diversified hands-on experience in Sales & Marketing.
• Very strong organizational and negotiating skills.
• Problem solver and out of the box thinker.
• Leading, training, coaching and mentoring teams (Processes, Hardware & Software) to achieve their fullest potential.
• An aptitude for maintaining poise and composure in fast-paced, deadline driven environments.
• Substantial experience overseeing the implementation of the best practices by connecting and align Sales, Marketing, Recruiting and Talent retention strategies.
• Proven track as Entrepreneur, Coach as well as Program and Project Manager in APAC.
• Fluent in German and English
Programs : UNACOV 1 , CPM , AIM-21 2

Leadback Coaching & Consulting, Michael Boey
Michael Boey Leadback Coaching & Consulting
I am not writing a conventional bio which can be found in my linkedin profile but instead I am offering my thoughts on why mentoring has called me.

What do you value at work and in life?
What do you want to achieve in your career?
What do you want to be world-class in?
Our well-meaning family members, friends, colleagues have likely posed these questions to us at some point in our lives. In fact, these questions can be rather motivational as they lead us to examine internally and clarify the direction we want to take in our life.
But what do you notice about the focus of each of the above questions? They are all about "you", the individual. Instead of asking what one wants to get better at, we can use more purposeful and systemic questions along the lines of:
"What do you need to get better at to serve your employees better?"
"Do you know what your peers say about your contributions?"
"Are you creating or diminishing value for the community you are operating in?"
This shift in focus from self to beyond turns conventional wisdom on its head. One will be hard-pressed to find an organisation that does not advocate individual KPIs and support individual development plans (IDPs). The achievement of individual KPIs can no longer be an end in itself. Neither should IDPs. Who else, besides ourselves, should benefit when we deliver the KPIs and develop ourselves? Who do we need to create value for? Whose burden is lightened because of us, and not despite us?
Programs : CPM

LifeWorks Associates, Darren Tan
Darren Tan LifeWorks Associates
Occupation : Business owner / Director
"I have been involved in Coaching, Training and Conference Speaking for the last 30 years. I speak on overcoming challenges, transformational leadership, personal mastery, enriching relationships and innovative change. I am passionate about helping the individual achieve an integrated life, with their work and life in synergy, mutually reinforcing each other to achieve optimal fulfillment. My training is in Social Work, which also includes special programs in Quality in the Workplace and also Youth Work. In addition, I am also trained in counseling, family therapy and human resource management. I am a Master Practitioner of NLP and an Action Learning Coach. I am also certified in the Emergenetics and Extended DISC Profiling Tools.
I am a certified Family Coach with Focus on the Family, Singapore. I am a certified facilitator for the “Love Notes” Marriage Preparation Workshop and am a licensed marriage solemnizer with the Ministry of Social and Family Development. I have helped couples through marriage preparation and marriage counseling for 20 years. I am a Family Life Ambassador with the Ministry of Social and Family Development since 2006.
I am an active NSman, having served for the last 30 years. I hold the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and was the Commanding Officer of a NS Infantry Battalion of 800 men. I was awarded the SAF NSman of the Year in 2016 and the Pingat Perhargaan (Tentera) or the Commendation Medal on National Day 2017 by the President of Singapore. "
Programs : UNACOV 1 , CPM

Listening Ear Counselling and Consultancy Pte Ltd, Karl Desouza
Karl Desouza Listening Ear Counselling and Consultancy Pte Ltd Programs : CPM

Loh Mee Foo
Loh Mee Foo
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Engineering , Oil & Gas
Male, 59 years old. Married with 3 children. Working as a Sales manager in an instrumentation and control company for more than 20 years.
Programs : CPM

Loh Wee Lin
Loh Wee Lin
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Marketing , Media
Weelin Loh is a global marketer with more than 20 years of experience in the Entertainment and Media industry, delving into an extensive spectrum covering Streaming, Theatrical Film distribution, Exhibition, Acquisition, Production and Licensing.

She has held key leadership positions in top entertainment companies viz Warner and Netflix, overseeing the implementation of many successful marketing campaigns for a diverse slate of films, franchises and TV series. The Harry Potter series, The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, DC Universe, Strangers Things, Kingdom are some examples of marketing and publicity works where she spearheaded with her team in Asia. Responsible for team hiring, development and growth in fast paced/multicultural environments, Weelin has also worked with many Hollywood/Asian celebrities during their promotional tours and filming in Asia. These experiences enabled her to develop a wide array of inter-personal skills in handling influential personalities and build successful working teams bridging cultural boundaries, inclusivity, and trends.

Weelin is now a practicing coach and hopes to use her leadership and functional expertise to facilitate the growth and performance of individuals. Her subjects of interest are Female Leadership, Managing Change, Resilience Building, Career Transition and Celebrity Life Coaching. Despite her experience, Weelin strongly believes that learning is a lifelong career and is currently pursuing a graduate diploma in Applied Positive Psychology. It is her desire and belief that people should be empowered to embrace positive outlooks of life encompassing careers, drive, overcoming obstacles/setbacks, leadership and mental wellbeing.

Beyond her work life, Weelin enjoys traveling, photography, cycling, good food and wine. Fun fact: Weelin is a voting member with the Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Sciences (Marketing and PR Branch) and holds a professional certification in wine and spirit (WSET Level 3)
Programs : CPM , AIM-21 4 , AIM-21 4 , AIM-22-1 , AIM-22-4 , AIM-23-2

Ministry of Education , Matthew Soon Min Hian
Matthew Soon Min Hian Ministry of Education
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education
Matthew Soon has more than 2 decades of Human Resource Development experiences with both the private and public organisations in sectors such as maritime, land transport, social service and education. His expertise in HRD, both as a practitioner and in managerial roles covers the learning and development, organisational capability development, talent management and performance management. His passion is to be the enabler, one can rely upon on matters of personal development, professional growth or even to construct one’s personal meaning in life.

Areas that I could contribute in are:
i. leadership
ii. career resilience
iii. personal well-being
iv. mentees interested in human resource management (HRM) and development (HRD) related sectors/careers
v. mentees interested in training, education, counselling and coaching related careers
vi. career transition and charting career development
vii. career interests discovery & self awareness
Programs : CPM , AIM-23-1

MSD, Sherry Lee
Sherry Lee MSD Programs : CPM

NA, Brandon Pek Beng Soon
Brandon Pek Beng Soon NA
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Aviation / Space , Education , Government , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Oil & Gas , Other
His mission is clear: “Enable Individual, Team and Organizational Success”. Brandon Pek played diverse leadership roles in his former careers in public and education sectors, and across various industries in the private sector. In whichever role he performed in, his interest and focus are always about building up and developing people for success, so that they can contribute to the success of their teams and in turn, create impact for organizational success.

His career portfolio includes strategy and policy deployment, compliance and ethics, human resource, education management, and training and lecturing in various disciplines. He has mentored, coached and provided counsel in his former roles to individuals and management teams. In his last corporate roles, Brandon led the Regional Human Resource and Policy Deployment Office, and headed the Training Academy he established in 2012 before leaving for his personal sabbatical from August 2019 to July 2021.

In the transitional and continuing journey, his personal and professional mission remains the same. He seeks to help people succeed through life strategy and personal development, leadership and empowerment, and performance and career enhancement skills. In his personal space, Brandon is an Author and Editorial Writer, and Content Creator and Developer for The Boatman Christian Fellowship (TBCF).
Programs : CPM

NA, Judy Prince
Judy Prince NA
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Human Resource
I am a Senior Human Resources Leader with over 20+ years of expertise driving and providing strategic guidance to business leaders and maximizing business results. Currently, I hold a three-year Singapore Personalised Employment Pass (valid until June 2023) and held Singapore Permanent Residency from 1999 - 2009. In addition, I have also lived and worked in the United Arab Emirates (four years) and Tokyo, Japan (five years). To further support my professional experience, I bring a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and hold advanced CIPD and SHRM HR qualifications.

I would ideally like to mentor in HR if possible as I can bring 25 years of experience. It could be someone who has just started looking for a new role, or I could also work with a CEO who is just starting to expand his/her company. I'm actually quite flexible as I am keen to utilize my new learnings.
Programs : CPM

National Youth Council, Mandy Lim
Mandy Lim National Youth Council
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Government , Social Service
Mandy is currently a Manager (Somerset Belt Office) at the National Youth Council, where she works towards developing Somerset as an inclusive, vibrant youth precinct that reflects youth identity and aspirations. In her personal capacity, she enjoys learning about universal access and inclusive practices for diverse communities, particularly in museums, arts and cultural settings. Her areas of interest include the intersectionality of arts and health, including mental well-being and how the arts may positively impact the lives of people.
Programs : CPM , MY.AIM-22

NIEC, Lena Lin Hui Chee
Lena Lin Hui Chee NIEC
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Education
With a passion towards human development, I enjoy work involving networking and social interactions. Takes ownership of my professional and personal growth to seek continuous learning and self-improvement to become better versions of myself with each new experience. Believes in the concept of the "kindness boomerang" & giving your best in everything you do yet being mindful that outcomes may not be as you planned it to be... "Ichigo - Ichie".
Programs : CPM

Nisha Subramaniyan
Nisha Subramaniyan
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Consulting , Human Resource , Services , Technology
I work as a Recruitment Manager for a IT Services firm headquartered in Singapore, managing a team of 15 members across APAC both onsite and offshore. I am a natural listener and an empathetic leader. Looking to find my core in the areas of counselling, coaching and mentoring.
Programs : CPM , AIM-22-2 , AIM-22-4

Olam International, Kartik Balasubramanian
Kartik Balasubramanian Olam International
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Finance/Insurance , Food & Beverage , Sustainability
Finance leader with over 25 years experience in finance and supply chain transformation roles in large multinationals (Mondelez, Unilever, Olam) in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Particular expertise in turning around businesses through strategy refresh, driving focus on key metrics to deliver commercial outcomes and delivering disproportionate cost reduction through end-to-end value chain programs. Known for the ability to collaborate and effectively influence multiple stakeholders, underpinned by proven track record of integrating multiple diverse teams into a harmonized finance function during Kraft-Cadbury integration across Asia Pacific. Strong system design capability ranging from setting up processes for start-ups to revamping organization structure and reporting protocols for potential equity carve outs. Recognized as a collaborative leader with solid influencing skills and ability to motivate and lead teams across different countries and cultures.


Programs : CPM , AIM-22-1 , AIM-22-3

Patricia Phan
Patricia Phan
Occupation : Senior Management
Industries : Food & Beverage , Marketing , Non-Profit / Philanthropy
With a rewarding career of 15+ years in Sales & Marketing in FMCG for European fine foods, I am looking to explore new product categories and business models. Ideally, I would love to work for a company and team committed to make the world a better place through healthier, more sustainable, greener products and a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
Programs : UNACOV 1 , CPM , AIM-21 2

Program Manager, Business Operations, Rahul Mallan
Rahul Mallan Program Manager, Business Operations
Occupation : Professional
Industries : Human Resource , Learning & Development
Rahul is a program manager and community impact lead working with PayPal. he has over 8 yrs. of industry exp in HR and managing full employee life cycle programs from recruitment to exit.
Programs : CPM

Public Service Division (100 High Street, The Treasury) Billing Subbu: PMO04, Dolly Chua
Dolly Chua
Occupation : Executive
Industries : Human Resource , Learning & Development
Deeply passionate about people development, Dolly partners officers to broaden their career experiences and to grow their skillset for current and future work. She enjoys speaking to people to appreciate the world better through their stories, and will offer a good listening ear as she partners you to achieve your goals.
Programs : CPM

R&D Education and Training Services, Josephine PL Ong
Josephine PL Ong R&D Education and Training Services
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Education , Government , Human Resource , Learning & Development , Marketing , Non-Profit / Philanthropy , Retail , Services , Social Service
Josephine has had more than 28 years of private and public work experiences. Realising her need for career flexibility and dynamism, and as a full-time working mother, Josephine decided that it was the right time to start living her dream - enjoying both success and significance in her life.

Following the painful loss of her late twin son, Dylan and an unforeseen breast cancer scare, Josephine applies realistic and practical strategies, as well as effectively shares real-life stories of success with her customers.

R&D Education and Training Services was started in 2009 for that purpose - allowing people to see themselves in a positive light, building on their unique strengths and competencies while coping with day-to-day challenges at different life stages.

Josephine is trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Solution Focused Coaching, and brings about Coaching with C.A.R.E. (client, action, relationships and empathy) in her approaches to all. She strongly believes in bringing out the best and celebrates the transformation in everyone she meets.
Programs : CPM , AIM-22-1 , AIM-22-4