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Learning Resources

Learning Resources are primarily selected video recordings of past webinars, workshops and fireside chat available to all. Enjoy watching!

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12 08 M Y AIM Workshop GOLD Setting for the New Year Compressed
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Do you often find yourself setting the same New Year resolutions year after year simply because you didn't achieve them last year?

In the weeks leading to a new year, many of us optimistically set new year resolutions hoping to motivate ourselves towards new goals, routines, or habits.

However, in a short couple of weeks, we often find ourselves having trouble adhering to these resolutions. But what if you could learn a few simple tricks that could help you stick to and achieve those goals?

This is a workshop like no other where you will also learn :
- How to set effective goals
- Develop habits that stick, even in these pandemic times.
How to Speed Up Your Professional Learning and Mastery in 2021
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The speed with which business is moving is unprecedented amidst fierce competition in the marketplace. Employees, managers, and leaders are required to produce better and faster results in their respective roles at lightning speed. Professionals get overwhelmed with the amount of content, tasks, and skills to master to perform in their respective job roles.

At the same time, they have to attain mastery in an entirely new set of skills and become proficient in using never-seen-before technologies, processes, or methods quickly. In this research-based talk, you will learn distilled wisdom drawn from best-in-class organizations across 40 industries, interwoven with Dr. Raman’s two decades of experience in accelerating human learning.

This talk will:
- Prepare you for 2021 to leverage opportunities through covid and post-covid recoveries to make your mark.
- Guide you with rare secrets of learning to learn faster in any context and use that to your strategic advantage.
- Equip you with a unique thought process on how to attain mastery in any new professional skill or role quickly.

As a professional, you will learn smart strategies to speed up your professional performance and career at an accelerated rate relative to your peers. As a leader, you will understand how you can develop your teams at an accelerated rate and standout as a differentiated leader.

You will walk out with a framework to steer your learning, performance, and career differently.
All About Mentoring
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SMART Goals - Quick Overview
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When setting or establishing a new goal, consider using SMART goals. By using the acronym S.M.A.R.T. you provide structure to help ensure that a goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. The SMART method is a well-known approach that helps to increase your chances of success. FREE Online Course https://www.udemy.com/goal-setting/
Learn more at www.decisionskills.com.
Mentoring in the Workplace
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Although mentoring in the workplace has been there for a long time, the way it is structured is sometimes complicated.
Sometimes supervisors are required to be mentors and sometimes mentoring is really another word for managing performance.
What are the best ways to set up mentoring in the workplace?

-Lita Nithyananda
-Deepali Jain
Learning Circles
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Learning Circle - It Takes a Village
“It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb that is very applicable to mentoring.

Our “village” has never been more necessary than it is today. We live in a fast-paced, instant information, and pressure-packed world.
Mentees also go through different stages in life, play multiple roles, that require different types of mentors, and at times more than one mentor for different parts of their life. Different mentors, with their own unique set of skills and mentoring expertise, can work with mentees to give them a well-rounded and multi-faceted mentoring environment.

This discussion is about collaboration and partnerships you need to build as a mentor with your peers to support your mentee in the best way possible.