AIM21-MentorshipProgramLAUNCH Wave3 Final

About AIM

AIM21-MentorshipProgram LAUNCH Wave3

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7. Getting to Know Each other

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5. For Volunteers By Volunteers

13. What is your level of Awareness ?

21. Demo Mentoring Engagement Tool

1. AIM 21 Mentorship Program Wave 3 (August 17 – October 17, 2021)

12. Mentoring is a 2 - way relationship Both mentor and mentee can grow from the interaction

22. Mentoring Resources AIM WEBPAGE - resources - 25 Website Access Link


4. Our Purpose To grow mentors and raise the quality of mentoring, expand the mentoring ecosystem while spreading the benefits of mentoring to impact millions of lives. It takes 10 years to grow a tree 100 years to grow people 十年樹木 百年樹人

2. AIM Mentorship Project Team Ayesha | Talent Management | HR Yen - Lu | Co - founder, AIM Aoife | Talent Management | HR Sze | Senior Engineer | Canon

18. Define your Goals/Objectives Take the Lead & Schedule a Meeting Share your Goals with your Mentor Create an Action Plan Update your Action Plan The AIM Mentoring Process

16. Learning Questions Commitment to outcomes Confidentiality Mutual trust and respect Willingness to learn and share Supportiveness Openness Mutual Agreement and Understanding

11. “Great Mentors Focus on the Whole Person. Not Just Their Career” Harvard Business Review Rick Woolworth August 09, 2019 ... it’s one of the beauties of mentoring and what differentiates it from coaching for skill - building or performance. Simon Sinek What does it mean to be a Mentor? January 22, 2018 11

3. AGENDA ✦ Welcome ✦ About AIM ✦ Getting to know each other ✦ About Mentoring ✦ Announcement of Mentor / Mentee Pairings ✦ AIM 21 Mentoring Process ✦ System Demonstration ✦ Q&A

15. Skills Questioning ✓ Garbage in, garbage out – answers we receive depend on the type of questions we ask ✓ Asking the right question is at the heart of effective communication ✓ Effective questions are powerful and thought provoking – how well do we ask? Learning Questions Create Awareness Change Perspective Challenge Assumptions Elicit Action

19. The AIM Mentoring Journey ✓ Build a WORKING level of Trust with the Mentee ✓ Provide Broader and Alternative Perspectives to the Mentee ‘Master Perspective’ ✓ Encourage the Mentee to Develop Proactive, Positive Course of Actions ✓ Encourage the Mentee in Taking Action, and Receiving Feedback ✓ Guide the Mentee to see the Feedback from a Growth Mindset Perspective ✓ Encourage the Mentee to Grow ✓ Guide the Mentee to find Purpose ✓ Encourage/Inspire the Mentee to Help Others ✓ Use the AIM Mentoring Process

14. Skills ❑ Make eye contact ❑ Stay Focused on Speaker ❑ Check what you heard ❑ Summarize your content ❑ Be aware of your Body Language Listening Tips ❑ Engage in “who said what” ❑ Only focus on the negatives ❑ Debate right or wrong ❑ Be defensive ❑ Create an improvement plan YET Active Listening ✓ Curious and interested in the other person ✓ Ask for clarification when necessary ✓ Being alert to what is being said and unsaid and aware of physical cues – language, posture, visual cues etc.

17. Mentoring Partnerships Mentee Mentor Deepali Jain Christine Maynes Christine OHagan Marylen Anthony Tan Lee Ming Cris Divya Lisa Do James Liu Zixin Jane Foo Mou Yan Qiao Sandra Marujo Joey Gan Susan Tay Jih - May Wayne Jnanee Krishnasamy Anupma Tiwary Joel Tan Bakchai Kevin Kan Christina Lu Maxwell Rebecca Chan Juliana Lye Ryion Pun Lim Ai Leen Dr Moses Koh Shanti Sharma Janice See Mei San Jane Foo Matthieu Pere Juliana Rahmad

20. 十年樹木 百年樹人 Milestones Check - Ins 17 - Aug Start of 1 st Month Kick - Off learn more about joint commitment to the mentoring program Rapport the pair have made contact and established communication Purpose they have set some goals and have a sense of direction Reconnecting discuss progress and challenges (not alone); share strategies Closure celebrate success, acknowledge contribution and provide a sense of closure to those who want it; feedback and end of facilitation 10 - Sept End of 1 st Month 29 - Sept Mid of 2 nd Month 16 - Nov Start of 3 rd Month ∞ Testimonial through AIS


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