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Sidrapex Pte Ltd, Salman Bokhari
Salman Bokhari Sidrapex Pte Ltd
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Hands-on facilitation in building profitable, sustainable business units, speeding development, and navigating evolving market situations. Identifies opportunities, exploits key business drivers, and introduces solutions to deliver competitive advantage and shareholder value. Leverages established network and negotiations skills to access 3rd party resources.
-Passionately creates competitive advantage and market share gains for internationally-driven & regional companies in startup, turnaround, and growth environments. Proven expertise in formulating lean operations and executing market-winning strategies
- Drives above-average growth and profitability by re-positioning businesses, establishing strategic alliances and licensing agreements, building high-performance teams. Reorganizes distribution channels
- International Manager & Strong Networker combining Eastern cultural sensitivity with Western business practices to accelerate growth while ensuring integrity. Extensive background in fast-growing Asian and Middle Eastern markets
- Fundraising, turnarounds & transformations
- Languages: Fluent English, German/Swiss German, and Hindi/Urdu; elementary French and Bahasa Indonesia