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Breakthrough Business Intelligence, Suresh Jayaweera
Suresh Jayaweera Breakthrough Business Intelligence
Occupation : Business owner / Director
Industries : Advertising , Consulting , Marketing , Services
Over 20 year’s communications, marketing research and brand planning experience
working in multiple markets across Sri Lanka, Canada and Bangladesh. A very
versatile and result driven professional who easily adopts to local culture and way of
Currently heading growth planning for clients at Breakthrough Business Intelligence, market research agency in Sri Lanka. Working as a consultant strategic
planner for Sarva Colombo, a leading independent communication agency in Sri
An alumnae of Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) and Sri Lankan prize
winner for Strategic Decision Making from Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).

Isuru Liyanage
Isuru Liyanage
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Learning & Development , Media
I’m a UK Qualified Animation graduate and social entrepreneur from Srilanka. I have completed MA, BA Computer Animation UK, Diploma in multimedia, Certificate in film, Certificate in TV Production. Apart from that I learned leadership +management, Enterprise certificate from the UK. In my spare time I have learned product design, Creative thinking, analytical thinking, project management and psychology. I have used 3D max 10 years, Adobe Photoshop 10 years, , Adobe After effects 10 years, Adobe Audition 10 years, Adobe premiere 10 years and adobe illustrator 3 years.
I have 5 years of work experience and 3 years of voluntary experience and 2 years of teaching including UKBA Animation.
I like your organization and job .So I’m positively confident that I can do it with a bit of training.
I’m ready work remote from srilanka .I got one year online working experience for UK animation.