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Isuru Liyanage
Occupation : Entrepreneur
Industries : Learning & Development , Media
I’m a UK Qualified Animation graduate and social entrepreneur from Srilanka. I have completed MA, BA Computer Animation UK, Diploma in multimedia, Certificate in film, Certificate in TV Production. Apart from that I learned leadership +management, Enterprise certificate from the UK. In my spare time I have learned product design, Creative thinking, analytical thinking, project management and psychology. I have used 3D max 10 years, Adobe Photoshop 10 years, , Adobe After effects 10 years, Adobe Audition 10 years, Adobe premiere 10 years and adobe illustrator 3 years.
I have 5 years of work experience and 3 years of voluntary experience and 2 years of teaching including UKBA Animation.
I like your organization and job .So I’m positively confident that I can do it with a bit of training.
I’m ready work remote from srilanka .I got one year online working experience for UK animation.