About AIM 24

The  AIM 24 Mentoring Movement (AIM 24) is the latest initiative from AIM, to bring hope and resilience as we transition to a new normal.  Our goal is to have  2024 people mentoring forward this coming year, through  acts of generosity giving, caring and kindness,  and to continue to build on it every year for the next decade.

We have a series of Activities and Events planned throughout the new year to bring this vision to life, plus a series of  Webinars, Fireside Chats  a nd Mentorship Program as we grow the 5(+1)  Pillars of Mentoring:  Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Career Resilience, Parenting, Personal Well-Being and Sustainability. Make that 6 (+1): with the explosion onto the scene the latest generation AI technologies and the imminent encroachment of AI in just about everything that we do, we're adding AI & Humanity as a new 7th pillar this year in our mentoring conversations. So watch this space!

The AIM 24 Mentorship Program

(3 Intake Cycles: January, April, August 2024)

The AIM 24 Mentorship Program is part of the AIM initiative to propel us into a post-normal world, through the power of the mentor forward movement, to inspire and touch the hearts and lives of others. We wish to reconnect as many people as possible back to the core of humanity - the human spirit - and elevate it to new heights.  This program is open to the public.

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About The Program

  • Robust one-on-one mentoring program of 3-month duration

  • Mentoring sessions can be held online / face-to-face

  • MINIMUM time commitment of 2 hours per month / 6 hours in total

  • 3 intakes: January – April; April - July; August - November;

  • Briefing of matched Mentors and Mentees to be arranged prior to program kickoff

  • Proper tracking of the mentoring engagement and adherence to the AIM Mentorship Process

AIM 24 Mentorship Process

  • Invitation to participate (Mentors and Mentees)

  • Registration, collation and selection (Mentors and Mentees)

  • Matching of selected Mentors to Mentees and identification of Mentoring Program Manager (MPM)

  • Orientation of selected Mentors and Mentees: 

    • Onboarding, connecting, guiding principles and rules of engagement 

    • Preparation and learning : Mentoring the AIM Way

  • Start of 3-month mentoring program: 

    • 3-stage mentoring process: pre-work & kick-off, understanding of goals and actions, closing  

    • Continuing the mentoring journey - exploration, understanding and action, closing 

    • Final survey and testimonials 

  • Closure

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