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Be an AIM 24 Mentor

The AIM 24 Mentorship Program  is part of the AIM 24 Mentoring Movement ("AIM 24") to inspire  2024 people to mentor forward this year - through acts of carekindness, generosity and continue to build on it every year for the next decade as we grow the 6 (+1) Pillars of Mentoring: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Career Resilience, Parenting, Personal Well-Being, Sustainability, plus AI & Humanity.

This program is open to the public (FOC) for 3 mentoring cycles of 3 months duration (starting in January ending in November). Sign up as a Mentor today by sending your details via the form below (if you have already filled out a registration form before with us, just register through the Contact Us form instead to inform us of your renewed interest.)  We will get in touch soon with you. Thank you.