William Anthony



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Years of Mentoring Experience : 15

Years of Professional Experience : 43

Occupation : Business owner / Director

LinkedIN Profile : Instagram: wlworldwide

Areas of Expertise : Career , Entrepreneurship , Leadership

Areas of Interest : Accounting & Auditing , Business Development , Coaching , Communication , Counseling , Design Thinking , e-Commerce , Project Management , Teaching , Teams / Team-building , Training

Values : Achievement , Authenticity , Balance , Compassion , Continuous Learning

My Life Goals and Objectives : Globally Inspirng People In Living Privileged Lives

Short Bio : Having been inducted through conventional post-graduate education in business at the University of Newcastle, Australia & having gone thru an unorthodox enterprise education at Excellerated Business Schools, Bali, Indonesia, my personal learning curve increased exponentially. Originally trained as an Accountant moved on to work as a sales director for an Italian consortium focusing on high-end fashion. Later migrated to director sales and marketing, for a US based seminar and training company, my exposure to training and entrepreneurship excellerated and also was responsible for sales and event management in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Having over 44 years of professional experience in the fields of corporate finance, management, sales and marketing was unhappy with the job environment and making ends meet. Wealth predominantly belongs to the owner of a business, as a business is basically an asset. An asset puts money in your pocket while liability takes money out of your pocket. With this revelation, I tried building a start-up traditional business thrice but failed miserably. I knew the only way to create wealth was to build a business and in October 2002, my nephew, a practising lawyer, introduced me to an e-commerce business. I was sceptical at first but did 3 months of research while pursuing my Masters of Business that helped me clarify and understand the differences between a traditional and non-traditional business. The research I collated was mind-boggling, as I found out that the e-commerce business was a growing industry. In the process, I stumbled upon my current mentor Kankan & Samina Bhattacharya from the US, New Jersey, retired in their 30s and they have been a blessing in my life for the past 18 years, coaching and mentoring me and my team. We are now paying it forward.