Project Boomerang: Reinvent Your Future Retirement with AIM 24

Welcome to Project Boomerang by AIM and partners, a groundbreaking initiative for Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers in their 50s and beyond. As you approach retirement, transform it into a vibrant "second act" through this mentoring program. You can avoid the pitfalls of retirement such as identity loss and social isolation by staying active, engaged, and contributing to society and future generations (university students, freshmen teachers, new parents, young professionals, entrepreneurs, SME owners, those in career and life transitions, etc) by paying it forward via mentoring, based on our 5 (+2) Pillars of Mentorship: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Career Resilience, Parenting, Personal Well-Being, Sustainability, and AI & Humanity. 

We're launching this unique program and seeking mentors in their mid-50s and beyond. As a part of our community, you'll enjoy:

  • A half-day self-discovery workshop. 

  • Monthly facilitated group learning sessions.

  • Mentor-mentee matching to kickoff your 6-month mentorship journey.

  • Mentor Circles for ongoing learning and peer support. 

  • Discounts to AIM's Certified Professional Mentor training.

Join us in this journey of renewal and lifelong learning with Project Boomerang. It's more than retirement; it's a new chapter of growth and giving back.

Become a Boomerang mentor with us and shape the future, one life at a time.

Inaugural intake: May 2024. Maximum of 12 participants, first-come-first-serve.

Boomerang Mentorship Program 

The primary objective of this program is to prepare and proactively equip you for your second act in life: what comes after your professional career. We wish to support you on this journey by helping you in leveraging the skills  and  experiences acquired during your working years while continuing your personal  development and growth - by sharing your life wisdoms with the future generations via mentoring and coaching.
What's in store for you:
- Acquire new mentoring skills & strategies;
- Learn to influence and to inspire, to power up your impact;
- Become more self-aware, see the big picture and elevate your perspectives;
- Community and networking: to
 connect, to share and expand your network with like-minded folks.

Become a Boomerang mentor with AIM, to learn, to share, to connect, to engage and contribute meaningfully to society.

                Program Overview
                • Introduction to Mentoring (month 1)
                  • Self-discovery workshop (half-day)
                  • Introduction to Mentor Circles (1 hour)
                • Mentorship Journey (months 2-7)
                  • Mentor Circles (monthly facilitated group learning)
                  • Mentoring partnership journey
                • Program fee: $200
                Graduates of Project Boomerang who subsequently sign up for our Certified Professional Mentor (CPM) Course are eligible for a special discounted fee of $500 (vs. regular course fee of $700).  
                Odoo • Text and Image
                Odoo • Image and Text

                Topics Covered in the 7 Months Boomerang Journey

                • Overview of mentoring and what it entails
                • Introduction to self-mentoring
                • Practicing mentoring conversations
                • Learning from peers about specific mentoring challenges
                • Understanding support systems and escalation processes
                • Evaluating your own mentorship journey and what the partnerships have taught you                           
                At the end of the program, mentors will get to update their mentoring hours at AIM and mentees will evaluate their experiences with mentor and also do a self reflection. 

                Boomerang Mentorship Process

                • Invitation to participate (Mentors)

                • Registration, collation and selection (Mentors)

                • Matching of selected Mentors to Mentees

                • Onboarding of selected Mentors & Mentees:

                  • Orientation, connecting, guiding principles 

                  • Preparation and learning: Mentoring the AIM Way

                • Start of 6-month program: 

                  • 3-stage mentoring process: pre-work & kick-off, understanding of goals and actions, closing    

                  • Continuing the mentoring journey - exploration, understanding and action, closing 

                  • Monthly learning sessions and peer support

                  • Final survey and testimonials 

                • Closure

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