TORAJAMELO, Aparna Bhatnagar Saxena


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Years of Mentoring Experience : 3

Years of Professional Experience : 15

Occupation : Business owner / Director

Skill : Impact enterprises, E-commerce and last mile Logistics, Women in Business

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Areas of Expertise : Career , Leadership

Short Bio : I am someone who believes that we are generally in a position to give back and pay it forward. I was a raised a feminist by feminist parents and had the privilege of equal opportunity in my childhood. That has shaped who I am and my life choices have been based on where I can take up something challenging and add value to it. This outlook towards learning has taken me to 4 countries in my working life. I am ardent supporter for causes related to women, children, education, future of food and environment. I am proud a Feminist and passionately want to make the world better for the next generation.