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          The UNACOV Mentorship Program

          (Available June to Dec 2020)  - Ended 

          The UNACOV mentorship program is part of the UNACOV initiative to mobilize the mentoring community to support many who may be vulnerable, including entrepreneurs, small business owners, and in-transition PMETs. Our goal is that as a community we can emerge from the crisis stronger, more resilient and with a greater sense of purpose.

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          About The Program

          • Robust one-on-one mentoring program of 3-month duration;

          • All mentoring sessions are held virtually and online; 

          • MINIMUM time commitment of 1 hour per week / 4 hours per month;

          • First intake from June 2020 – August 2020;

          • Briefing of matched Mentors and Mentors to be arranged prior to program kickoff;

          • Proper tracking of the mentoring engagement and adherence to the UNACOV Mentorship Process

          All UNACOV mentoring services are provided free of charge. If you have benefited from this platform and from mentoring, you can show your appreciation to the mentor with a nice appreciation or testimonial on their Linkedin profile. Even better, pay it forward by becoming a volunteer mentor yourself, to help other!

          UNACOV Mentorship Process

          • Invitation to participate (Mentors and Mentees);

          • Registration, collation and finalize selections (Mentors and Mentees);

          • Matching of (selected) Mentors to Mentees and identification of Mentoring Program Manager (MPM);  

          • Orientation / First mentoring meet-up (selected Mentors and Mentees): 

            • Confirmation, understanding, guiding principles and rules of engagement 

            • Preparation and learning session: “Mentoring the Right Way” 

          • Start of 3-month mentoring program: 

            • 3-stage mentoring process: kick-off, understanding of goals and actions, closing 

            • Mid-term survey - health check (Mentors and Mentees)   

            • Continuing the mentoring process - exploration, understanding and action, closing 

            • Final survey - determine success 

          • Closure and “Graduation”.

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