Train-The-Mentor (TTM) Program

Why Organizations Adopt Mentoring Programs


Of Fortune 500 organizations have a formal mentoring program


Of employees say they would stay longer at a company if they were offered opportunities to learn & grow


Of CEO’s being mentored said their Mentors helped them avoid costly mistakes & become proficient in their roles


  • Access to tools to enhance mentoring performance; 

  • Recognise mentoring boundaries, barriers, challenges and pitfalls;

  • Acquire requisite skills and knowledge to better develop others; 

  • Understand  mentoring roles and responsibilities;

  • Mentor with greater confidence and purpose; 

  • Become more aware of your own intention, motivation and aspiration;

  • Maximize mentoring in play - in all aspects of life. A great way to catch your reader's attention is to tell a story. Everything you consider writing can be told as a story.

Bring mentoring to your organisation

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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the key concepts and benefits of mentoring - and why mentor?

  • Understand the differences between mentoring and coaching

  • Acquire core mentoring skills, knowledge and attitudes

  • Become more self-aware - the foundation to be a more effective leader in all aspects of life

  • Able to tap into your values, motivations and aspirations to create a more purposeful life

  • Take better care of yourself; fill your own cup so that you can better fill others' cups

  • Bring mindfulness as a daily practice in work and life - to create a more meaningful and compassionate life

  • Be more heart-centred, the home base from where you operate

  • See the big picture and develop your full potential as a human being

  • Establish a consistent sustainable mentoring ecosystem by:

    • Utilizing mentoring frameworks, models and techniques;

    • Addressing issues and challenges arising from mentoring;

    • Practice mentoring conversations.

Method of Instruction

  • This is a hands-on interactive program which uses various formats for required core skills practice:

  • Facilitation and knowledge and skills transfer through blended learning;  

  • Skills acquisition and practise;

  • Role plays, interactive group simulations, discussions and presentations;  

  • Case studies, simulations, pre-work and post-work; 

  • Post-on-the-job-assessment and grading; mentorship program assessment and evaluation.  

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