CPM Program User Manual

The key focus of mentoring is to help another individual improve performance and productivity, enhance learning and growth, to achieve deep human potential. The AIM Certified-Professional-Mentor (CPM) program is part of a broader strategy to raise the quality and standards in mentoring, and bring mentoring to the forefront of personal growth and career development through a formalized training and certification process. Cultivating a community of qualified mentors allows for scalable positive impact and outcomes in the community at large. Through the CPM program, we aim to develop such a community based on: a consistent learning and sharing platform, a dynamic curriculum and program with robust foundational units and specialized electives tailored for specific mentoring outcomes. The CPM Program is AIM’s flagship 4-day 6-module (with between-class work) intensive holistic mentor training program to provide a solid foundation in the art and science of mentoring and practical knowledge in advanced mentoring skills steeped in Mentoring: The AIM Way. The outcome is certification as an AIM Certified-Professional-Mentor.