Karthik Bharadwaj


Karthik Bharadwaj

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Years of Professional Experience : 13

Industries : Engineering , Healthcare , Technology

Occupation : Senior Management

Areas of Expertise : Career , Leadership

Areas of Interest : AI / Machine Learning , Coaching , Data Analytics

Values : Authenticity , Balance , Compassion , Empathy

My Life Goals and Objectives : To have an impact on people in the time you spend on this earth. Everything else are extra benefits.

Short Bio : Karthik Bharadwaj Thirumalai is a data science leader, and dynamic speaker in the field of Artificial Intelligence. A master’s degree holder in computer science from the National University of Singapore, he boasts over 11 years’ experience as a data analytics leader, leading several analytic team strategies. His years in the field of technology are dedicated to providing innovative solutions. A highly-skilled data scientist, he is committed to developing high-end analytics that serves as a valuable asset for people with advanced knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, and advanced analytics. Recognized as a leading authority on technology trends, he is passionate about spreading knowledge for people to be informed on AI Ethics and trustable AI solutions. Through his teachings, he is inspired to help organizations to see a brighter future in their businesses with informed data analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Karthik delivered speeches on the topics of AI and its impact on the World. With a rapidly and ever-evolving tech world, he intends to simplify and clarify AI and its usage to a wider non-technical audience. Overall, Karthik is passionate about tech, its applications, and its impacts on society.