Faith JS Perh

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Years of Mentoring Experience : 3

Years of Professional Experience : 9

Occupation : Professional

Skill : Public Administration, Organisation and Leadership, Team Management, Personal and Professional Coaching

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Areas of Expertise : Career , Entrepreneurship , Leadership , Life Transition , Purpose and Meaning , Relationships , Self-Discovery

Short Bio : Hi there! I'm Faith. I'm offering to support those who would like to work with a coach through difficult transitions and other personal/professional issues in these challenging times. My coaching is designed to help you see something you didn’t before, and support you in your capacity for effective action in any area of interest to you. My professional training is in ontological coaching (which takes a more holistic approach to look at who/how you are being in the situations/actions you are dealing with, which can offer more transformative results) and leadership and organisation development, while my educational and career background is in public policy, international studies, and business. Most of my working life has been in public policy with the Singapore government, though I have also had shorter stints with a medium-sized clean tech company in Hungary, an international organisation in Switzerland, and a social enterprise in Singapore. My most challenging working experience has been about transitions and unexpected changes – in organisation, industry, role, and personal life too. So those of you experiencing that now - I empathise! I have lived in the US, Hungary, and China, and call Singapore home. I love nature and exploration, sports and generally being healthy, reading all kinds of things, and seeing different perspectives. I’m very much looking forward to what we will learn together.