Chandra Sekar

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Years of Professional Experience : 32

Industries : Education , Government , Logistics , Manufacturing , Technology

Occupation : Senior Management

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Areas of Expertise : Career , Caregiving , Leadership

Areas of Interest : Design Thinking , Supply Chain Management , Training

Values : Commitment , Compassion , Continuous Learning , Making a Difference , Passion

My Life Goals and Objectives : Guide people to find fulfillment mentally and of course financially. Do what I do BEST that has value and get paid for it.

Short Bio : My name is Chandra Sekar. Accomplished SCM consultant and result-oriented professional with track record for leading, directing and managing import, export and trade compliance activities to secure awareness, vigilance and strict compliance to the applicable laws and regulations in Asia Pacific and USA. Enjoy travelling, watching sc-fi movies/korean movies with my wife and daughter. Avid golfer registered with SGA as a golf referee.