Better Versions, Sandeep Khanna


Better Versions, Sandeep Khanna

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Years of Mentoring Experience : 25

Years of Professional Experience : 32

Industries : Advertising , Education , Marketing

Occupation : Business owner / Director

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Areas of Interest : Coaching , Communications , Teams / Team-building , Training

Values : Authenticity , Balance , Continuous Learning , Gratitude , Spirituality

My Life Goals and Objectives : Help People, Teams and Organizations become better versions of themselves

Short Bio : Has had a very diverse career spanning advertising, marketing, consulting, coaching and learning. He has build communications for global brands like Adidas, Dulux, FedEx, Nestle, Oral B to name a few and has driven marketing for ICI Paints, Nokia and LG in APAC. He has also been a part of digital & people transformation programs in tech savvy companies like Facebook and Grab. His differentiation is in the fact that he was a business and brand leader to begin with and uses that understanding to deliver more meaningful programs driven by behavior change and a clear business impact. Sandeep is an ENFJ on the MBTI scale and has the following strengths as his Top 5 as per Gallup– Maximizer, Strategic, Connectedness, Ideation and Relator He is a trained coach from the Neuroleadership Institute and has a few key important certifications as well. His mantra for life is captured in his blood group — Be Positive!