Mind Matters: Reimagining & Reigniting Mental Well-Being - Fireside Chat | Well-Being Series

Mind Matters: Reimagining & Reigniting Mental Well-Being - Fireside Chat | Well-Being Series
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Mind Matters: Reimagining & Reigniting Mental Well-Being - Fireside Chat
Well-Being Series

                              Date: Saturday, 9th October 2021 

                              Time: 10:30 - 12:00 SGT (GMT+8)

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                              “Mental health is at the core of our humanity.” - António Guterres, UN Secretary General

                              October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Mental health is a clear and urgent issue - it is the next major epidemic. Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression have become the defining health issues of our time – with an increasing prevalence of neurological conditions such as autism and ADHD – in addition to cancer, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune among other chronic diseases that plague modern society. Stress – especially chronic stress – has been identified to be a significant contributing factor to most of not all of these chronic illnesses. It is an epidemic that plagues many professionals – which adversely impacts not just productivity but quality of life and long-term mental wellbeing. For many, life increasingly feels like a treadmill that they can’t get off, while others experience a growing sense of loneliness, isolation and disconnect despite living in an age of digital super-connectivity.

                              Research from publicly available data, private sources and personal experiences clearly demonstrate some clear and present gaps and pain-points in the mental health scene here in Singapore: insufficient available resources and an overloaded public mental healthcare system, a general lack of awareness on the importance of stress management and priorities for self-care and mental wellness (although this is slowly changing), a lack of available tools and channels for timely identification and pre-emptive diagnosis, data-poor islands of point-based care, and a sore lack of a personal life wellness strategy in the public discourse that makes prevention a priority (over intervention) and mental wellness a life priority.

                              With the ongoing pandemic that is still raging on in many parts of the world, the situation has become dramatically more dire. It is high time that we rethink and reimagine a new strategy for our mental health and wellbeing, individually and collectively. 

                              Come and join our panel of practitioners and champions of mental well-being, to explore what new possibilities exist, how we can reimagine and reignite mental well-being!

                              Anita Sadasivan is the Chief Well-Being Officer at MindFi; a Mental Health and Wellbeing Solution Provider for Corporate Asia. She is also a US-trained Psychologist and Counsellor with experience working in hospital, non-profit and EAP settings. She has active interests in positive psychology, dance therapy and preventative mental health in the workplace.

                              Dr Christopher Cheok is a Senior Consultant with the Department of Forensic Psychiatry at the Institute of Mental Health, Visiting Consultant with the Singapore Armed Forces and a member of the Medical Board of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. He is also Chairman of the Board of Clarity Singapore, a Catholic charity that provides services to persons with mental health conditions to live meaningful lives through support, therapy, acceptance and recovery

                              His exposure to peacekeeping missions in East Timor and humanitarian relief during the Asian Tsunami gives him credible experience in the field of psychological medicine and helps us keep a pulse on national mental health issues as well as our work as a charitable Social Service Agency.

                              Kavita Thulasidas is the Art Of Living Foundation’s (AOLF) Country Coordinator for Singapore and is responsible for the teaching faculty and programmes that are organised locally. She has served as a volunteer and faculty with the organization for over 30 years. AOLF is a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization and is present in over 156 countries.

                              Kavita is the owner and creative director of Stylemart; a well-known Singapore fashion house. She combines her passion for fashion and her desire to serve the community by organising various community projects that have impacted many lives. A mother of two, she is invested in the mental well-being of youth and aspires to cultivate and create more stress-free minds in the community.

                              Moonlake Lee has a diverse educational and professional background – she worked in media, law, healthcare, real estate and technology. Besides being an angel investor and mentor to several start-ups, Moonlake has been actively involved in Entrepreneurs’ Organization (both Singapore and Asia Pacific Region) for the past 10 years. She fully embraces the out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving that comes with ADHD.

                              She recently launched Unlocking ADHD; an initiative to empower ADHDers and their families to live life to the fullest. Moonlake believes in a strengths-based approach to managing ADHD. With the right mix of guidance and support, anything is possible for an individual with ADHD.

                              Suman Balani is an Executive Coach with 25+ years leadership experience in the Payments, Technology and Healthcare Services sectors. She has brought the benefits of coaching to organizations by helping leaders build capacity for sustainable performance whilst displaying emotionally intelligent conduct. Suman truly believes in the transformative power of coaching and mindfulness practices in facilitating growth, well-being and positive change in humans. 

                              Suman holds an Executive Masters in Coaching and Consulting for Change from INSEAD Business School. She served as President of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Singapore Chapter in 2019 and serves on the Executive Committee of Over-the-Rainbow, an organization that fosters youth mental wellness. A mother of a 29-year old son and aunt to 5 nephews and one niece, she cherishes them for the richness and growth they have brought in her life.

                              Yen-Lu Chow is the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, WholeTree Foundation and Over-The-Rainbow, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Asia Institute of Mentoring, Executive Mentor of YSI SEA and Founder of the Deep Human Movement. Yen-Lu’s career spans 40+ years in the Tech, Media, Venture Capital and more recently Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy. 

                              In a fast-paced world where the only constant is change, he believes there is an urgent need for each of us to draw on our strengths and creative potential as human beings, to connect with our higher self and our deeper purpose to contribute towards humanity in a positive and impactful way. Yen-Lu devotes his time serving both society and the nation in his various capacities. He is on a life mission to help bring about a kinder, gentler, more inclusive, more just and sustainable world.

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