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*If you are already a signed up mentor, just email us indicating you wish to continue to mentor in this new wave.

M.Y AIM is a collaboration between Metropolitan YMCA (MYMCA) and Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM) to bring Mentoring to youths aged 17 - 25 years. 

If you are between 17 - 25 years old and asked yourself these kind of questions: 
"I'm not sure what I'd want to do in the future, so how do I even choose what to study? 
Will doing what I enjoy pay me enough? 

Will I be happy and have a future if I pursue my passions?"

You are not alone. 

Such questions are often raised when we're keen to build a purposeful and bright future, yet ironically, these emotions leave us feeling even more stuck than before, as we look for the "right answers". You might get the impression that we live in a world of dichotomy - to either make money, or to be happy. Could there not be an in-between? 

Do you want to pursue what you love as a career and/or grow into loving the job?

Sign up fast for a 3 month Mentorship by Monday 31 January 2022 if you want to be be paired with a committed mentor to help you navigate to your next pitstop for a fulfilling future. If you know any youths who can benefit from this program, please get them to sign up.

The mentoring is designed to help you discover more about yourself and what you want to do. 

M.Y AIM Youth Mentorship Kick-off 
Date: Thursday 17 February 2022 (3 month program ending on April 2022)
Details will be emailed closer to the date.

Join us to experience:

1. The benefits of group mentoring from industry professionals 
2. And how being supported by a mentor can help ignite your passion, guide you to develop an actionable plan to flourish in your career aspiration.
3. There will be workshops where you get an opportunity for further networking with like-minded peers with similar career aspirations.

About Asia Institute of Mentoring 

Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM) is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring mentoring to the spotlight in Asia, raise the quality of mentors and the standard of mentoring, bringing mentoring to all facets of society to impact millions of lives. 

It is committed to creating an Asia-based people-powered mentoring movement to move people … to learn, to share, to believe, to give forward, to transform, to harness the deep human potential, and create social impact – bringing about a kinder, gentler, more inclusive, just and sustainable world for all.

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Date & Time

February 17, 2022

7:30 PM 8:30 PM Asia/Singapore

Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM) Ltd

+65 9628 9766

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