AIM 21: AIM’s 2021 Action Plan
To Bring About A Kinder, Gentler, More Inclusive, Just and Sustainable World



Singapore, 14 December 2020 – Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM), the first organization in Asia to focus on growing mentors, bringing mentoring to the fore, and promoting mentoring as a life philosophy launches “The AIM Resolution 21 Challenge” (“AIM 21”), to bring hope and optimism in the New Year as we transition towards a post-pandemic world.

After a difficult 2020 for just about everyone, AIM 21 will propel us into a new decade and, through the power of the mentor forward movement, to inspire and touch the hearts and lives of others. It is our intention to reconnect as many people as possible back to the core of humanity - the human spirit - and elevate it to new heights. 

Our goal is to have 2021 people mentoring forward this coming year 2021, through acts of generosity, giving, caring and kindness, and to continue to build on it every year for the next decade. We have a series of campaigns, activities and events planned throughout the new year to bring this vision to life, and to grow the 5 Pillars of Mentoring: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Career Resilience, Parenting, and Personal Well-Being.

The power of the human spirit was on full display with the success of our recent United Against COVID-19 (UNACOV) initiative launched in May 2020, when AIM mobilized members of the community to step up and help each others going through difficult and challenging times. Under UNACOV we’ve organized 50+ online events with a total of nearly 5000 registered attendees, 5 cycles of mentorship programs with 150 successful mentoring engagements, with the community now growing to 2500 strong in over a year. The UNACOV initiative demonstrated the unifying power of mentoring-driven human connections and care for the human spirit, at the same time underscoring and proving that it is in giving that we receive.

Our mission at AIM is to create an Asia-based, people-powered mentoring movement. To give forward, to transform, and to harness the deep human potential – creating positive social impact, and bringing about a kinder, gentler, more inclusive, more just and sustainable world for all,” says Yen-Lu Chow, Executive Chairman of the Asia Institute of Mentoring. He continues, “the AIM community has grown by leaps and bounds, and is now 2500 strong. With a newly minted group of Certified Professional Mentors (CPM) leading the way, a revamped CPM program that is pandemic friendly, a new suite of services for AIM members to advance their mentoring journeys, and a reimagined tech platform to power the next generation of membership services, AIM is ready and setting the stage for mentoring in the new decade”. 

John Bittleston of Terrific Mentors International and Honorary Member of the Asia Institute of Mentoring shares, “Mentoring is a fast-growing pillar in the realm of personal and professional development, and rightly so. The volatile and challenging world we live in requires experience and wisdom at every stage. Those who are well mentored today will become the great mentors of tomorrow. Within 25 years, every manager will either have or be a mentor.” He added, “AIM is leading the way in driving a framework for mentorship, and at the same time, encouraging and fostering good mentoring in Singapore and Asia, and I am very honoured to be a part of this movement.”

AIM 21 launches virtually on 1 Jan 2021, and with this launch we are taking another step forward on this lifelong mission. A commemorating event for this worthwhile initiative is being organised for Thursday, 18 February 2021, where we will be unveiling our reimagined tech platform, revamped to support our ambitions and to power the next generation of AIM membership services.

About Asia Institute of Mentoring

Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM) is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring mentoring to the forefront in Asia, raise the quality of mentors and up the standard of mentoring, bringing mentoring to all facets of the society to impact millions of lives, and helping to bring about a kinder, gentler, more inclusive, more just and sustainable world for all.




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