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Be a M.Y AIM Mentor

M.Y AIM is a Youth Mentorship Movement. It is a collaboration between Metropolitan YMCA (MYMCA) and Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM) to bring Mentoring to Youths  aged 17-25 years to help them learn, grow and achieve their fullest potential. Through M.Y AIM, we hope to see young people discover more about themselves in doing what they love, and loving what they do.  

We are looking for industry professionals  as mentors  to guide youths to discover their career aspirations, motivate them to develop a career action plan, debunk any limiting beliefs so that they are on a road to achieving their goals and aspirations. This is a 3-month mentorship journey and is facilitated via a trusted, safe, non-judgmental environment for youths to share their thoughts and opinions.

Sign up as a M.Y AIM Mentor today by sending your details via the form below. For existing registered AIM Mentors, please email us the answers to the last 2 questions. We will get in touch soon with you. Thank you. 

Registration closes  on  June 10th , 2021.

(All information shared here is kept private and confidential)

Join us 23rd June @7:30 pm for a special workshop  here   to:
1. Hear from young professionals guests speakers who navigated through challenges and social expectations to find success in what they love to do

2.    Take part in small group mentoring and demonstrate to youths what being supported by a mentor is like


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