UNACOV Mentorship: Mid-Term Survey and Evaluation

We hope you are benefitting, as a mentor or as a mentee, from your ongoing participation in the UNACOV Mentorship Program. Your constructive feedback, insights and opinions are of great importance and value for us, as it will help us to improve and enhance the program for future UNACOV Mentors and Mentees. 

This survey should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete. 

Please be assured that your responses will be treated in the strictest confidence, therefore please be as open and honest as possible.
THANK YOU and we look forward to receiving your responses.

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1.1 How satisfied are you with your overall experience in the mentoring program so far? *

1.2 Is the 3-month period adequate for the achievement of the intended goals for the program? *

If Too Short or Too Long, please provide your preferred length of time?

2. Please rate each of the following components: *

ExcellentVery Good GoodAverageNot that Good
Goals and Objectives of the Program
Introductory and ongoing information provided
Information provided and gathered during your interactions about your Mentoring Partner
Information about and interaction with the AIM Mentoring Program Manager
Intended regular Mentor/Mentee support process and frequency of meetings
Networking opportunities with other Mentees and Mentors on the Program

3.1 How satisfied were you with your assigned mentoring partner so far? *

3.2 How effective do you believe your mentoring partner has been so far? *

Please state the reason(s) for your above response?

3.3 How was your experience of setting goals? *

3.4 What would help you in setting better and more impactful goals? *

4 Mentoring Meetings: Rate each statement below. Please be as candid as possible. *

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDIsagreeStrongly Disagree
The meetings were arranged regularly as per scheduled
The meetings were effective and meaningful in content
There was clarity in setting the intended goals and in the process
There was learning and growth throughout the process
We remained respectful, open and honest with each other
There was good guidance and exchange of knowledge
My mentoring partner shared concerns and also raised valuable questions
The relationship also resulted in other positive outcomes and opportunities

5.1 How satisfied were you with the AIS mentoring platform used for this program? *

5.2 How would you rate the effectiveness of the UNACOV collaborative effort? *

Please state the reason(s) for your above response?

6. Would you recommend the UNACOV Mentorship Program to your colleagues and friends? *

7.1 Do you agree the UNACOV Mentorship Program has the ability to achieve its goals and objectives? *

7.2 What is the biggest benefit(s) you have received from the UNACOV Mentorship Program so far? *

7.3 What were the greatest challenge(s) you faced so far during your time on the UNACOV Mentorship Program? *

7.4 What advice do you have so far for further improvement of the UNACOV Mentorship Program?

7.5 Any other comments?