CPM Final Assessment

What are 7 core values of AIM? *

What are the elements of the AIM mentoring framework? *

What does C.O.P.E. mean? *

What do good mentors do well ? *

Select 3 qualities that are important for you as a mentor *

What is the difference between mentoring and coaching? *

Which of the following are true in a mentoring relationship? *

What does it mean to be “self aware”?

What is “deep listening”?

What are the 3As of Self-Mastery?

What are the components of Self-Care?

Why is mindfulness important in mentoring?

What are some tools mentors can use to facilitate progress?

What are some Obstacles & Barriers to Mentoring?

What makes a good mentor?

Which of the following should a mentor do?

What are some critical skills for mentors?

What questions can you ask to challenge assumptions of the mentee?

What question(s) can you ask to bring greater awareness on the goals or issues the mentee would like to work on?

What the core skills for mentees?

"What are the critical skills
 for mentees "

What types of questions are learning questions?

What question(s) can you ask to elicit action on the part of the mentee?

Under which stage of the GROW phases would you typically use change perspective questions?

What are some of the reasons people fail to change?

What is the biggest impediment to change?

What are the 3 pillars supporting the Wheel of Change?

What is the key to getting someone to change?

Fill in the blank: Between stimulus and response, there is ________.

What is the AIM approach to mentoring?

What makes up the AIM Mentoring Journey?

What is the most power 2-letter word in the world?

What are the 5 steps in the AIM Mentoring Protocol?