Well-Being Series Fireside Chat with Authors of UNDEFEATED-Moving from Ordinary to Extraordinary

In these trying times, when the world is looking for inspiration, women leaders across the globe have come together to shine the light on how they can thrive in the face of adversity, in an engaging sharing of powerful personal experiences and anecdotes that will fill the world with optimism, resolve and the spirit of remaining.

Join 5 authors of Amazon Best-Seller “Undefeated – Moving from Ordinary to Extra-ordinary” in a virtual Fireside Chat where they share a sneak peek into their stories of grit, gumption and resilience. It is an honest conversation from real women whose lives were interrupted when they were thrown a curve ball and how they remain undefeated against all odds. Come join us for an evening of powerful stories and be inspired.

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” – Dalah Delia
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