UNACOV Webinar Replay: The COVID-19 Survival Manual and Playbook

With no definite time-frame for a COVID-19 vaccine in sight, the road ahead of us looks to be long, winding, and fraught with uncertainties, difficulties, and challenges.

Sean Tan, a lawyer by training with restructuring expertise, is the Chairman and Director of the True Group, which operates 10 fitness centers in Singapore and 14 in Taiwan under the “True Fitness”, “TFX” and “Yoga Edition” brands. The fitness business has not been spared, and in fact, has been hit hard by the crisis.

Regarded widely as a global creative and innovative thought leader in the fitness industry, Sean will share how he has steered the business through the Circuit Breaker and has restructured his team and the business to meet the challenges in the future. Grab this opportunity to take a glimpse into Sean’s playbook for survival, where Sean shares practical tips on how you as a business owner, leader or manager can prepare yourself and then your business for the challenges that lie ahead, including protecting your cash flow, cutting costs and expenses, re-purposing staff and resources, and pivoting.

How will the audience benefit from the session?

Known for his straight-talking and hands-on style of management and leadership, Sean gives practical advice without the fluff. The advice is geared towards both the individuals (whether business owners, leaders, or managers) and businesses, and one can expect to come away with something that will either inspire, motivate or cause one to think critically of another way of doing things.
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