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30. My Recommendation


6. Job Seekers and Employees

10. Create “Self Inventory”

19. Find the ‘Bridge Person’

8. Continue sending resumes alone does not enhance success

26. Concluding Remarks

27. No. You’re not the problem

12. Create a Self Inventory

13. Knowledge, Interests, Subjects Self Inventory

7. Poor Performers Values alignment Talent pipeline

28. Unemployment is an interruption in most of lives

17. Favourite Skills (Data, People or Things) Self Inventory:

22. Networking Platforms IntrovertsNetwork.Asia A.I.M HRFC

21. me Employers Networking Find the ‘Bridge Person’

15. People - Environment Self Inventory:

3. DREAM JOB! QUESTION What are some key element of a ‘Dream Job’?

14. Knowledge, subjects or interests I have acquired in my life 1. What I have picked up from my previous jobs? 2. What I have picked up outside of work? 3. What fields, industries or careers sound interesting to me?

20. NETWORKING POLL QUESTION Rate the effectiveness of networking in your career search

24. me Employers Personal branding Your “New Resume” “Google you”

25. Rethink approach in job search Find the ‘bridge person’ Create Self - Inventory

2. Job Seekers Gainfully Employed Career Crossroad

11. PASSION! POLL QUESTION Rate the importance of having the passion in one’s job

23. Promote yourself in becoming the person at the other side of the ‘Bridge’ me Employers Personal branding Are you the one employers are looking for?

31. HENRI TAN 98170008 henri henri - tan

1. Create Changing Employment Opportunities to Build Career Resilience 1 July 2020, 5:00pm – 6:00pm Henri Tan Facilitator, HR Consultant and Coach

16. Company that I’ve worked in Types of People I prefer not to work with Types of People I love to work with Current 1 2 3 4

18. Create a Self Inventory Favorite Skills Preferred People Environment Favorite Knowledge, Interest, Subjects


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