Redesign Your Life Through Clarity - UNACOV Career Webinar

“Like a diamond, the more clarity we have, the more value we bring.” - Ruth Saw

The current world is changing so rapidly that it causes one to compare, compete or even get confused. How do we navigate life effectively through change and yet step into a fulfilling, satisfying life?
Clarity is key. It is the future of ‘personal authority’. Finding clarity has become a necessity, not a good-to-have. Just like shooting an arrow, we pull back to find clarity so that we can propel forward with speed. More than ever, we need to look within to find that clarity.

COVID-19 has given us this opportunity to settle and find the clarity we need, to create the future we want. Clarity will free us from comparing ourselves with others. It will help us to move past our doubts to step into our destiny.

In this webinar, you’ll find simple exercises to understand yourself and practical insights on finding clarity that leads to action.

Discover how to:

Know yourself, your possible strengths and blind-spots

Influence others just the way you are

Uncover your why

Create a clear path of action and maximise your time

Feel liberated and find the confidence to be who you are meant to be!
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