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1. Asia Institute of Mentoring Blk 71 A yer Rajah Crescent #06 - 04 Singapore 139951 a sia instituteofmentoring. com P a g e | 1 Questions for Mentors to Use Great mentors know that offering the right question is even more important than having the right answer. The following questions engage the mentee by inviting open - ended responses rather than “yes” or “no” answers. You may find it helpful to use these ques tions to get a mentoring conversation started and to prompt free - flowing communication from your mentee. Open - Ended Questions for Mentors : • What has developed since our last conversation? • What is top of mind for you today? • How would you like to focus our conversation today? • Have you ever faced a situation like this before? What did you do? • If you could change something about this situation, what would it be? • How do you think that I can help you with this? • What would be most helpful from me today? • Wha t can you influence/control about this situation? Which aspects are beyond your control? • Who are your allies/supporters? • How might you be getting in your own way here? • What else do I need to know about the situation or about you in order to be most help ful? • What worries you most about this? • What gives you some confidence about this? • What is at stake for you in this situation? What risks do you feel? • If you handled it perfectly (or achieved an ideal outcome), what would that look like? • What’s the best thing that could happen here? What’s the worst thing that could happen? • What do you need to ask for in order to be set up for success? Who can you ask? • What would you like to do about this situation? What are you willing to do? • As you leave our conversation, what will you take with you? Are there any actions that you’d like to commit to? • What was most helpful for you about our conversation today?


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