Pivot your Business for Sustainability and Success - UNACOV Business Webinar

These are unprecedented times for small businesses, solopreneurs, and those who are displaced in this pandemic. Naturally, we are all concerned about the impact on our lives, our health, our infrastructure, and the economy. As we move towards the post-pandemic world, we cannot avoid taking our marketing online, regardless of if we are marketing ourselves, or our brand.

The downturn in the business demand-curve has made it even more clear that attracting clients and prospects online and generating a steady stream of prospects and a healthy pipeline is not only a "nice to have" but a "must-have."

In this free 90-minutes session, Build Business Results (BBR) Network Founder, Raksha Sukhia, CKM, CKEE, CIARP, PCC, a Business Growth Strategist and Founder of the Build Business Results (BBR) Network, will share with you a simple process for leveraging the principles of digital marketing and sales enablement to create a lead generation system for your business. She will take you through a quick "napkin-sketch" exercise so you can see how you might apply it in your context, and give you pointers for the critical steps to build it.

She will cover:
1. Why, particularly in a pandemic environment, it is critical to apply online direct inbound-marketing to nurture a healthy sales pipeline to your small business resilience and survival in the upturn

2. The basic tenets of magnetic marketing and how it applies to nurture leads, along a buyer’s journey, to become prospects, and then customers

3. The 8-essential steps to take towards building your inbound system that will actually convert your traffic

Participants who stay to the end will be provided a code to take advantage of a limited number of Forty-Five Minute 'Resilience Strategy' Consultation with Raksha via Zoom at special COVID relief rates.
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